Shooter Gender Discrimination

Stalkers, multiple shooters, 97% male

The new Austrian Teabertarian party has an opportunity to right a wrong. Libertarians formerly repealed laws declaring some women to be non-individuals,(link) roughly equivalent to “other persons” in Constitutional language or “former persons” in Soviet Socialist usage.(link) But that language was dropped from the platform. However, the recently added “We oppose the administration of the death penalty by the state” is clearly a bid to stop the hanging and electrocution of communist and fascist anarchists convicted of murder, and/or to legalize the hunting of humans as trophy game. That stayed in!

Tatsuya Ishida Sinfest art.(link)

Murder is a hot topic among girl-bulliers, so much so that Texas–the first State to take up arms against the Union and the last to stop hunting down fugitive slaves–has relegalized the payment of bounties for hunting down women suspected of seeking to escape the involuntary labor of forced reproduction.(link) The Mystical Supreme Court majority seems inclined to view this as neither a bill of attainder nor a violation of the 14th or 9th Amendment. The Supreme Court already declared the hunting down of males of reproductive age as involuntary killers and cannon-fodder in foreign wars NOT a violation of the antislavery Amendment.(link) There is precedent for Supreme-court-approved gender discrimination and naked coercion, just like in the days of Dred.(link)

Only the Democratic party still regards pregnant women as rights-holding individuals, yet is troubled by extrajudicial collective shootings–especially in government schools–and 97.5% of the shooters are guys. There is open talk of “scheduling” unhinged whack jobs like Missouri Republican Senate candidate Eric Greitens (link) into the class of “other persons” denied gun rights before Lincoln’s version of the Emancipation Proclamation made them into armed voters.(link) In this heated atmosphere, a modest proposal comes to mind…

How about a Roe v Berserker law banning state governments from infringing the right of the women to keep and bear arms. By arms I mean fully-automatic, extended-clip handguns with laser aiming, mace sprays enriched with dyes, odorants, sarin or bio-weapons, body armor, attack dogs and carte blanche to assign qualified immunity reprisal rights to bodyguards so even successful assailants are readily dispatched. This would also cover adolescent girls in and out of school. Those kind of Second-Amendment-with-teeth laws could easily do away with school shooters AND those girl-bullying rednecks with green teeth chasing women across state lines.(link)


Good reading: Wayward World by Jon Roland.(link) Jon was Austin’s premiere constitutional scholar eve before he founded the Constitution Society. I never expected him to have a good grasp of geodesic geometry, cartography, physics, finance and the military side of history, but it’s all there.

Republican policies cause major crashes

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Brazilian blog

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