Women’s duty to the Nazi Party

Race-suicide laws 78 years after National Socialism

Germany’s leader addressed the Nazi Womanhood organization after rallying the Hitler Youth movement at Nuremberg Stadium, September 8, 1934. Adolf Hitler assured his listeners that “The National Socialist Movement has not only seen but also found in woman its most loyal assistant from the time of its conception onwards.” Thirty-nine years later, “Stockholm Syndrome” would be coined to describe how Swedish bank robbery hostages cringed fawningly and Patti Hearst genuflected and robbed a bank to please captors. The appetizer was flattery:

“That which perhaps only few philosophically gifted intellects are capable of analyzing scientifically can be sensed by the nature of an unspoiled human being with instinctive certainty. The feeling and, above all, the nature of woman has always acted throughout the ages as a supplement to the intellect of man.” This he followed up with thanks to Providence, and a few unkind words on the side to Christianity’s competitors: “The catchword “Women’s Liberation” is merely a phrase invented by the Jewish intellect, and its contents are marked by the same spirit.” The entrée was a rehash of Teddy Roosevelt’s Republican Party eugenics.(link) Hitler called on “woman to devote her life to maintaining and multiplying this important cell” and summoned “the willingness of the man to safeguard life.” Then came The Sting.

“Every child to which she gives birth is a battle which she wages in her Volk’s fateful question of to be or not to be.” Here, as in Roosevelt’s letters of 1902 and 1907, was the assignment of guilt, the blame for race suicide would fall on shirkers disdainful of God, hence easy prey for intellectuals!

“We will stand up against an intellectualism of the most depraved sort which would tear asunder what God hath joined. Because woman originates in the most basic root of all, she is also the most stable element in the preservation of a people. Ultimately, she has the most infallible sense for whatever is necessary to prevent a race from ceasing to be, for her children would bear the major brunt of all the suffering.” Hitler then made it clear that Collectivism and Duty are the true values, and sneered at “rights,” bragging:

“…we have gained, in millions of women, the most loyal and zealous fellow fighters. Female fighters for a life together in the service of together preserving our life. Fighters who fix their gaze not upon the rights which a Jewish intellectualism pretends to offer them, but upon the obligations Nature has burdened us with.”

The reader’s honesty will discern the similarities among these mystical variants of communo-fascist totalitarianism, and newspapers record how popular the German version of eugenic collectivism was among American Silver Shirts, Klansmen, Bundists and Radio Evangelists supportive of Herbert Hoover and Adolf Hitler and totally enraged by Franklin Delano Roosevelt–seen as a “traitor to his class” and totally unsupportive of his fifth cousin Teddy’s legacy. (link)

Certainly those Republicans never expected the Anschluss, death camps or genocidal war. Even today many are genuinely surprised to learn of Army of God devotées blowing up parks in Atlanta, machine-gunning police and civilians at a women’s clinic in Colorado or methodically murdering physicians out of passionate zeal for their “pro-life” movement. Like Christian National Socialism before them, God’s Own Prohibitionists are dedicated to three propositions: 1. women must be stripped of individual rights when pregnant 2. the Political State must send men with guns to coerce females to reproduce by involuntary labor as before the 13th Amendment was ratified, and 3. leaders who seek to back these propositions with what Adam Smith called “the violence of law” are ethical Christian leaders who–though they walk, talk and sound like Adolf Hitler, are nothing at all like Hitler, or Mussolini, or Franco, or Vargas, or Ceausescu or Dave Smith.

Good reading: The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear, by Petr Beckmann.


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