Kaiser Wilhelm & Teddy Roosevelt

Led us to National Socialism

All I know is what I read in the papers. Here is a news article about self-censoring media in the Great Depression that followed the Panic of 1907–a depression brought on by Pure Food and Drug law enforcement of that year. The Kaiser of Germany spoke too freely and two governments joined forces to cover it up for 26 years. The Atlantic published the interview in 1934. That was the year Herbert Hoover’s Narcotics Limitation Convention of 1931 made the essential principles of a planned economy into law and frightened German pharma into backing the Nazis. See the article: (link)

See for yourself (link)

The famous “lost interview” is presented in the May issue of the Atlantic monthly magazine by William Harlan Hale, son of the man to whom Emperor William II, of Germany, spoke so freely and so indiscreetly. This is the gist of the views expressed by the Kaiser: The inevitable world crisis was a clash between Japan and Occidental nations: East and West must meet, and the West must conquer. Great Britain was guilty of a sort of political miscegenation and allying herself with Japan. [Japan quietly made British Indian opium into morphine for sale to China. Eventually Formosa (now Taiwan) began farming opium and coca].

War Held Necessary. War was necessary. War was Christian. Theodore Roosevelt, then president of the United States, was his hero – a dominating, militaristic leader he hoped he himself was. Thus the Kaiser spoke. It was in July, 1908, that he consented to the interview by Hale, close friend of Theodore Roosevelt. The meeting was on the Imperial yacht, Hohenzollern, at anchor in the fjord of Bergen. In the Atlantic Monthly, Hale writes that the Emperor voiced “the most amazingly indiscreet statements ever uttered by the head of a great nation.” (…)

World Situation Dangerous.
The world situation was precarious at that time. The first-rate powers were in a fine state of balance – like a mixture of chemicals, ready to explode. The Russo-Japanese war was three years past. Germany was carrying on a naval race with Great Britain, a military race with France. The Algeciras conference, had left Germany somewhat of an Ishmael among nations. So, the German foreign office evidently believed that the Kaiser had spoken too freely. The Hale interview was to appear in The Century magazine, December 1908. (…)

“In a world of practical facts,” the Kaiser said, “we have to fight, even for righteousness’ sake. The Bible is full of fights – jolly good fights some of them were. It is a mistaken idea that Christianity has no countenance for war.” He contended that the sword should clear the way for the missionary. With the assertion that the world’s greatest warriors had been Christians, the Kaiser turned to the Japanese. The trouble with them,” he said, “is that they don’t want any religion.

Asiatic Situation. The Asiatic situation was the Emperor’s chief theme. “Everybody knows what must come to pass between Asia and the West, the yellow race and the white,” he said. [This is nearly a decade after the Monteiro Lobato book, English title America’s Black President, predicted France would succumb to the yellow peril.(link) It was also a couple of years before socialist orator Jack London produced “The Unparalleled Invasion,” featuring genocidal destruction of the entire Chinese race.] (link)

“We know this much about him” (the Japanese) the Kaiser declared. “He hates the white man worse than the white man hates the devil. The Japanese are devils, that’s a simple fact. They are devils.” (…)

Religion was the next subject. Hale makes this comment: “clearly, he esteems himself a Lord with spiritual as well as temporal responsibility.”
The future belongs to the white race, never fear,” the Emperor exclaimed. “It belongs to the Anglo-Teuton, the man who came from northern Europe – where you to whom America belongs, came from – the home of the German ***.”
“It belongs to the fair-skinned man, and it belongs to Christianity and to Protestantism. We are the only people who can save it. There is not power in any other civilization or any other religion that can save humanity; and the future – belongs – to us!”


[This is where I find these ominous parallels between TR’s Comstockist race-suicide theories, Kaiser Wilhelm’s Christianizing racial jihads for “the fair-skinned man,” Adolf Hitler’s Christian enlistment of National Socialist Womanhood into dams for breeding altruist Hitlerjugend, and today’s Trump Trilbys. All are bullies seeking to use the violence of law to AGAIN impose these lamentable superstitions on the defenseless.]

Good reading: WAHOO. The Patrols of America’s most famous WW2 Submarine. (link)


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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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