Libertarian Dollars Matter

Libertarian donation votes-per-dollar comparison, 2022 (link)

Libertarian donors in Georgia harvested over ten votes per dollar donated to Libertarian candidate Chase Oliver. That’s the tall blue bar in the graph. The Almighty Dollar invested in a Libertarian candidate gave a return in votes two hundred times larger (yep, 200x) than for a similar dollar wasted on one of God’s Own Prohibitionist candidates. Our votes return was almost 700 times as large as the vote gain wrought by tossing a dollar at the Democratic Party, which since Sherman’s March across Georgia has increasingly learned the value of protecting individual rights of women.(link)

Georgia is the State that gave its 12 electoral votes to George Wallace in 1968.(link) Thanks to the Libertarian Party, the parties of Wallace, Nixon and Agnew just saw two black candidates roundly beaten in the votes-per-dollar category by an armed and gay libertarian.(link) Looking at the graph you’d have to agree with George Wallace that–in terms of votes per dollar–“there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties.” And on the graph you can hardly tell them apart. So how do the numbers stack up?

There’s the table. One thin dime buys a Libertarian donor a vote. Girl-bullying prohibitionists had to shell out $20 for every vote endorsing increased coercion and stock market crashes. Dems had to shell out roughly $64 per vote for higher taxes and restoring the individual rights women once gained via the Libertarian Party platform in 1973.

We’ve already seen how leveraged Libertarian spoiler votes help voters get rid of the most obnoxious and detestable looter candidates–and toss their abhorrent platform planks out after them.(link) We’ll be looking at more examples of how sending money to pro-choice Libertarian party candidates can more than offset Republican infiltrator attempts to make the LP into a smaller, harder, angrier version of National Socialist Republicanism.(link) Stay tuned, but remember, this is about the economics of winning back rights.(link)

By the way, independent latino voters mostly voted Libertarian in the Georgia election.

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