Before the Libertarian Convention

Before the Libertarian Convention of 2020 planned for Austin, Texas, some sort of Red Chinese bio-weapon release began a global pandemic. Financial Action Task Force looters soon met in Paris under that shadowy outfit’s Chinese president and a financial crash promptly hit securities markets and banking systems. The LP convention in Austin was scrubbed, no big deal, right? Another convention could be planned. (link)

The Libertarian Party had way more than tripled its vote share in the middle of a bare-knuckles fistfight between Grabbers Of Pussy and East German-style Democrats. The GOP priority–ever since that single Libertarian spoiler vote for a woman led the Suprema Corte to protect women’s individual rights against Christian National Socialist efforts to bring back involuntary servitude and forced labor in 1973–was to bring back Comstockism and deprive women of individual rights. Against this was former First Lady Clinton seeking to protect that jurisprudence while still allowing shoot-first prohibitionism against plant leaves, no-knock Stasi searches and asset-forfeiture looting. Only women and a few libertarians noticed a clear distinction between the two Kleptocracy halves in America, or were aware of parallels between the Republican platform and those of Christian National Socialist Germany. (link)

Those similarities were noticed–with whoops of joy–by other Christian racial collectivists, notably in Germany. Barely four years old, the Alternative für Deutschland popped up on radar as the AfD, whose regional chair for Nuremberg–of all places–was outed for circulating a photo of Adolf Hitler captioned to beg for his return. This was in February, 2017. By September of that year, the party had metastasized into a nuisance rabble shouting slogans at competing party rallies.

The Wall Street Journal reported that a 2018 poll showed 71% of U.S. voters were happy with the Roe v Wade curb on selective coercion of women by the several states. By then the Germanic version of the “pro-life” movement–financed in part by gold chiseled out of Jewish teeth–had doubled down on its 2017 platform calling for female loss of individual rights the minute fertilization of an ovum occurs. By November the party’s racial collectivism, xenophobia and mystical fascination with the “race-suicide” theories TR had discussed with the Kaiser had replaced all ties with the facts of reality. The AfD meanwhile became a major party in Germany. The AfD was fined several times for campaign finance irregularities and in 2019 added a “Jugend” wing.

German government agencies in war paint began circling the AfD, which sensibly shifted emphasis to the relegalization of energy conversion, exposing warmunist fraud, and maybe looking for an escape route. Libertarian Wes Benedict reacted defensively to AfD criticism of Saracen hordes moving into Germany, preaching toleration. Yet cracks again began to form in the LP. At our convention in Orlando, Florida, anarcho-communist infiltrators put one of their own on the top ticket. That, the uninspected entry plank amendment and the vigilante extrajudicial killings plank sufficed to reverse our 328% gain in votes and kick us off the ballot in half the states. The LP was ripe for a hostile takeover by some hostile foreign ideologues. Already Donald Trump had shown how effective it was to feign appreciation of the love-starved Libertarian Party and get a foot in the political door. Could Nazi-financed foreign ideologues experienced in infiltrating American politics and smuggling their agenda succeed the way Trump had succeeded?

Stay tuned. The next blog entry will make more sense if you read Nazi Billionaires: The Dark History of Germany’s Wealthiest Dynasties, by David Jong. Also helpful is Hitler in Los Angeles: How Jews and Their Spies Foiled Nazi Plots Against Hollywood and America. Both are available on Amazon Kindle.

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Republican policies cause major crashes

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Tagged: leveraged, libertarian, mimesis, parasitism, political economy and ethical values, Spoiler clout, individual rights, winning

Tagged: leveraged, libertarian, mimesis, parasitism, political economy and ethical values, Spoiler clout, individual rights, winning


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