Nazi takeovers

USA 1945 or Reno, May, 2022?

Genuine political parties, however right or wrong their ideas, rise up, publish a platform and compete for votes. The threshold for successfully changing the laws this way is well below three percent (roughly the difference between Kleptocracy halves) so the effort pays off, for a dissenting voice cancels out the social pressure generated by a large majority. Parasites and angry madmen–the nuts that unbolt the workings of a political machine–customarily sabotage small parties to cause election results to favor an entrenched faction. Other times they take over the assets of some existing group and exploit it to benefit an outside party. The New German Reich was very put out when Americans organized a boycott of German goods. There had to be a way to nullify such efforts before they became a nuisance.

On October 13, 1933, a small group of German National Socialist agitators had enough members infiltrated to take over a traditional German-American Association in Los Angeles. The takeover was planned by the Friends of New Germany and the target was the German-American Alliance, a traditional grouping of ex-pats and immigrant families, with money in the bank, real estate and good standing in a community that included Hollywood. The Nazis showed up in force, elected their candidate to run the association by a one-vote majority, and began working on coalitions with nativist, Jew-hating Christian collectivists nostalgic for Herbert Hoover’s “new race” with its vice-squad prohibitionism and economy-wrecking enforcement.

Republican financial crises began with the banning of alcohol and weaponizing of substance prohibition. By 1923 there were thrice as many communists with party cards for a short while. After the 1929 Crash, communist party membership increased sevenfold. Republicans, convinced that making production a crime was good for the economy, blamed FDR for the 4-year Depression he inherited and worried that communists would soon have Christians arrested and shot. Hitler’s every platform, book, speech and pamphlet promised to protect Christianity against communism and Jewish selfishness. That message worked in America–not as well as in Germany–but well enough for purposes of rearmament and takeovers. Czechoslovakia and Austria were soon gobbled up like the Los Angeles German-American Association.

Jewish companies and banks were “Aryanized” and Jews together with other “non-Germans” enslaved and worked to death. Shrewd operators who’d helped the Nazis became fabulously wealthy cartel captains. After May, 1945, Americans noticed the Soviet socialists were not very different from Hitler’s Christian variety. Denazification efforts withered and a select few moguls emerged with fabulous fortunes intact and inuring to the benefit of their heirs and assigns as East Germany was communized and Cold War replaced artillery battles and actinic flashes.

Fast forward to 2016, when Libertarian party presidential candidates got 4 million votes yet spoiled only the popular vote for mixed-economy mogul Donald Trump. Televangelists latched onto the Don as radio priests had swooned for the Fuhrer 3/4 of a century earlier. Was Christian National Socialism making a comeback? Jewish Judge Ruth Ginsburg died, replaced by a blonde, coercive-natalist Mutterkreuz-qualified Christian populist. Brazil elected a fanatical girl-bullying Christian military strongman and the snowball gathered. By May of 2019 a young billionaire heiress of a Nazi slaver cartel bragged “I am a Capitalist!” The influencer was not Ayn Rand, but Germany’s Ludwig von Mises Institute, purveyors of “Austrian” economics eager to end meddlesome government intrusions–such as America’s 13th and 14th Amendments. How did this happen? How would it affect the anarchist-infiltrated Libertarian Party of America?

Good reading: Hitler in Los Angeles (link)

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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