Return of Dong

Whatever happened to Faye Wray? What about the ERA? Victoria Woodhull?

A LOW-TECH LYNCHING is what befell Reconstruction after the Civil War. The setting for the event was the largest building in the United States Customs Union, the New Orleans Custom House. The War to Preserve the Customs Union was quick to subdue the tariff-revenue-generating port city of New Orleans. Bluejackets rushed to occupy the Confederate State whose star-spangled patch of blue–so eerily resembling the Current Flag of Europe–flew briefly over that Palace of Protectionism housing the Federal court. Southern Confederate Democrats claimed “we wuz robbed” after the Civil Rights act and Reconstruction amendments allowed black voters to elect officials and politicians. White Supremacists formed the Ku Klux Klan, Wide-Awake Clubs, Innocents Clubs, Knights of the White Camelia, White League and Silver whatnots to rob and murder black voters and elected officials. In the Ku Klux Klan trials, Democrat defense lawyers argued the 13th and 14th Amendments offered all persons born no privileges and immunities from State governments or from extrajudicial violence committed by non-state actors eager to keep them down on the farm. Those “rights” Amendments, the Dems argued, only protected some people from federal manacles.

But federal monopoly replaced and outlawed Lysander Spooner’s post offices, so Northern post-Bellum fanatical bigots became suddenly eager to burn books, not shanties. They banned ALL forms of birth control, including information on abstinence sent through the mail from mothers to daughters–neither of whom had the vote in 1873.(link) Anthony Comstock’s law banned movement of birth control drugs as well, just weeks before a mob of Louisiana racial collectivists invaded the Grant Parish courthouse. Federal marshals found 59 black corpses, most of them shot in the back of the head, while only two white men were injured.(link)

Comstock laws in the North and Klan trials in the South eroded support for Grant’s Republican party. So the DOJ got a proslavery circuit judge to make the 13th and 14th Amendments completely meaningless and the Supreme Court let that stand. Sound familiar? Republicans kept the high tariff they won in the Civil War and in exchange let collectivist Southern Dems recover the rape and slavery they’d surrendered. Today’s 13th Amendment enslaves conscripts of all colors and lets States force women to reproduce. The 14th Amendment now lets Texas rednecks hunt pregnant women to kidnap into involuntary servitude–actual forced labor to suit racial collectivist rapists.(link) Genuine Libertarians opposed these things.(link)

Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Waffen Bushie–and Trump–methodically packed the courts with coercive mystical fanatics. Meanwhile the Democrats truckled to dictators instead of securing the individual rights the Libertarian Party had conquered for women in fewer than 100 days beginning November 1972.(link) Now the Dred Scott fugitive slave-catching apparatus of Article IV, Section 2, Clause 3–which infatuated fools imagined had been wiped out by the Reconstruction Amendments–is baaack.(link)

Remember Phyllis Schlafly?

Don’t count on the Libertarian Party to again enforce individual rights for women. The LP has been infiltrated by the same brand of Christian National Populists that helped the Klan infiltrate the Republican Party in 1928.(link) Their organizational input comes from Alabama, possibly with funding from (literally!) Nazi billionaires donating to Germany’s pronatalist AfD. That party has been fined heavily for campaign irregularities since 2016, with heavy fines and–since April 2022–federal surveillance. Schadenfreude describes the feeling of watching hostile infiltrators get a taste of their own medicine.


Good reading: The Day Freedom DiedThe Colfax Massacre, The Supreme Court and the Betrayal of Reconstruction, by Charles Lane. (Link) See also, Sherman’s Memoirs (link) After 40 years in the House, Senate and Cabinet, a politician confesses the law-altering importance of small-party spoiler votes.


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