The Reluctant Cannibal Ploy

Let women decide birth control? Let people choose plant leaves? Legalize nuclear energy? Quit robbing us? RIDICULOUS!

God’s Own Prohibitionists cannot fathom how anyone could respond–other than with moist-eyed gratitude–to having their dog shot, the door kicked in and everything they own taken before being frog-marched to prison. The other half of the Kleptocracy, is likewise baffled that anyone can fail to understand that 2+2= not 4 but Global Warmunism and that freezing in the dark is goood, nuclear energy baaad. After all, anonymous sockpuppet scientist-impersonators tell them the alternative to banning electricity is to burn in Hell forever, just like the nuns and teetotalers taught them in third grade. So how do you sell these superstitions? (link)

A government bureaucracy? Fake or tamper with temperature records? RIDICULOUS! (link)

Men with guns were the choice of German national and Russian international socialists. Those, together with endless repetition and defining any alternative hypothesis as ipso facto Thoughtcrime, worked just fine for them. These techniques worked for the Catholic Inquisition, Mohammedan jihads and Lutheran Jew-burning crusades for centuries, following millennia of similar traditions. But the fallacy of equivocation and disjunctive fallacy do the heavy lifting for pyramids of severed heads in China and France and mass graves in the more Reformist régimes. Yet only in 1955 did the Solomon Asch experiment reveal that the social pressure of fake unanimity induces more error than torture or brainwashing. (link)

Ask an econazi to look at the NASA graph above, or ask a MAGA girl-bullier how any people died of LSD or marijuana overdoses, and you get the same answer: squirming evasion as doublethink kicks in, then glossolalia. The reproducible result is projectile spewing of half-digested lies–never the true and simple answer, which is zero. Try it: paste in the question and see.

Here’s another: “How many people have died from civilian utility reactor accidents?” Paste that in and the screen fills up with 6M pages of military deadly weapon accidents, communist government accidents, rumored possible maybes, what-ifs and “let’s suppose” fairy-tales, when the objectively true answer, again, is zero. Yet search engines are overwhelmed with both varieties of fake bullsh!t, just as schools and newspapers are overwhelmed. Anyone who gives the correct Emperor-is-naked answer is ignored, vilified and attacked in that order until they themselves become zero to the dupes. When surrounded by similarly-duped victims of fictional garbage, parroting is not only permitted but mandatory. Yet freedom to speak exists when surrounded mainly by people who have personal knowledge of the actual facts surrounding either question. Social pressure then is not the determining factor.

Nobody at a convention of electrical engineers will bat an eyelash at hearing that power utility reactor accidents have never killed anybody. Nobody at a Grateful Dead concert or anesthetists convention is the least bit surprised to hear that nobody has ever been killed by marijuana or LSD. But repeating “the wrong” one of these true statements at a Girl-Bullying MAGA rally or a screeching mob of ANTIFA anarchists can literally get you killed. These hysterical creeps cram Google full of 17 million pages of evasive drivel and doubletalk, not a true answer. They also elect force-initiating simians to both houses of Congress, who then name unquestionable fanatics to the courts. How? By getting you to vote against their enemies instead of for your friends.

The only way out is to look at what they target. Mystical bigots use political power to harm people they hate–jews, hippies, blacks, foreigners–whatever. Brainwashed anarcho-communists seek to weaken and disarm mystical bigot governments so they can be easily attacked or overthrown. Nothing attracts a following like blind hatred, so pressure groups with different agendas are attracted by the number of votes both hate groups can muster. People who do not want to be weakened, attacked and taken over by collectivist parasites (electrical engineers, bankers, corporate management, real estate moguls) gravitate around the powerful xenophobes to benefit from their voting followers. People who do not want to be forced to reproduce, or be shot, robbed and jailed over plant leaves or the wrong books gravitate toward the anarcho-communists–whom they correctly identify as just as violent as their competiors. Legitimate, factual knowledge counts for nothing as long as blindly ignorant hatred is what drives the ballot counts. Both tribes will tell any lie, silence any truth, abet any murderers to get the votes it takes to direct the men with guns to push their agenda. But for that they need those votes.

In answer to both the Libertarian party formed in 1971, successfully competed in the 1972 election and early in 1973 got the courts to overturn most bullying Comstockist legislation and put a stop to conscription.(link) Libertarians are not terrified by electrical power plants or plant leaves or non-poisonous drugs. Libertarians look for ways to replace rapine, disorder and “the violence of law” with voluntary commerce, security and opulence. It therefore follows, as night follows day, the LP has since 1973 been the target of mystical fascists and parasitical anarcho-communists alike, so eternal vigilance is still necessary. Americans have that third alternative, and even the fourth–of not voting at all–available to only a few citizens of the freest democracies. How will you exercise that choice?
* * *

Good Reading: An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, by Adam Smith (link) An interesting exercise is to read the 42 sentences in which the author uses the word “violence.” Then ask yourself if this is not, like coercion, an antonym of freedom.

More Good Reading: The Volstead Act. This law was passed to enforce the 18th Amendment to the Constitution, which was gotten by the persistence of a small but intensely bigoted party earning 1.4% of the popular vote o average over the course of 11 electoral campaigns. Online at LIBtranslator:

Fun cartoons: Tatsuya Ishida alternates making fun of both halves of The Kleptocracy. See also Eyebeam:


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