Republican National Socialism

Truman denazified Germany

Truman and Trump stand at opposite ends of the approval spectrum

The most popular president ever at the 100-day mark was Harry Truman, who continued Roosevelt’s policy of keeping beer safe and legal.

Truman also presided the denazification of National Socialist Germany, a State Herbert Hoover had nurtured as Food Czar in 1919, and strengthened militarily with his Moratorium on Brains stopping collection of war reparations in 1931. Truman was sworn in on April 12, 1945. Two years later, while National Socialists were still being tried and hanged in Nuremberg, Ayn Rand wrote the Non-Aggression Principle whereby people should:

“…agree that no man or number of men have the right to initiate the use of force against any human being (and that includes the forcible seizure of his property)”

 But according to Scott Adams over at Dilbert, Trump is under-appreciated. According to Scott, the major accomplishment was:

“Trump erased the “Trump is Hitler” hallucination that the Clinton side spray-painted onto him during the election.”

Is this true? Shortly before anti-dog-eat-dog religious conservative Hoover was drummed out of office, religious conservative Adolf Hitler took office in Germany. Here are some of Adolf Hitler’s 25 National Socialist planks:

7. We demand that the state pledge itself to assure the productivity and livelihood of citizens above all others.  If it is not possible to support the entire population, members of foreign nations (non citizens) are to be expelled.

8. Any further immigration of non-Germans Americans is to be prevented.  We demand that all non-Germans… be forced to leave the Reich immediately.

We see immediately that tough nativist deportation policies are a big draw for both the NSDAP and GOP. The Dems and GOP also declared War on Drugs that cannot surrender, and have thrice wrecked the economy via prohibitionist asset forfeiture policies:

12. … personal enrichment because of war has to be seen as a crime against the people.  We therefore demand complete confiscation of all war profits.

And the current Republican president swears that eminent domain coercion is necessary and good for our country. Compare:

17. We demand land reform suited to our national needs, creation of a law providing for expropriation without compensation of land for common purposes, abolition of taxes on land and prevention of all speculation.

Trump’s Attorney-General, like Republican president Bush and Republican Newt Gingrich, called for the death sentence for marijuana dealers.** Germany outlawed marijuana in 1929, when Hoover was president and the NSDAP was a rising political force “over there.” Compare:

18. We demand a ruthless fight against those whose activities harm the common good.  Traitors, usurers, profiteers, and so forth, are to be punished with death, regardless of church and race.

Republicans, like National Socialists, worry about fake news…

23. We demand legal measures against the conscious political lie and its propagation through the press.

And the Republican Party is outraged at things at which many religious extremists take umbrage, favors a coercive Christian Nation, and, like the NSDAP, endorses altruism writ large. Check this out:

24. We demand freedom for all religious denominations within the state as long as they do not endanger the state or violate the ethical and moral feelings of the Germanic race.
The party as such subscribes to a positive Christianity without binding itself to a specific denomination. It opposes the Jewish materialistic spirit within and around us and is convinced that a lasting recovery can only come about from within based on the principle: THE COMMON GOOD BEFORE THE INDIVIDUAL GOOD.

All of these things, basically a nazification of These United States, are being pushed by Republican members of the House and Senate. The president is simply pushing the unpopular GOP platform he was elected to push. Republicans were elected by default because of the Democratic Party’s platform plank aimed at crippling the US economy for econazi carbon-tax pseudoscience. The plank banning reliable power generation was the only deliverable difference among the 71,000 words the two major parties published as their nearly indistinguishable platforms. Americans simply voted to keep electricity safe and legal. The oppression of fertile women, anti-semitic religious warfare entanglements, and jailing and shooting of youths over plant cultivars were package deals added to the GOP platform by mystical bigots.

Four million voters, equal to the voting population of Virginia, voted libertarian, causing the Republican candidate to lose in the popular vote count. The Libertarian platform offered to finish the work of repeal begun by the Democrats in 1932, and release millions of victims of victimless crime enactments–and keep electricity safe and legal.

If you understood this interpretation, it might be because I interpret for engineers, courts and attorneys.

** Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams in April 2019 declared in favor of the death sentence for plant-product kingpins and queenpins on Periscope.

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Climate Change & Nonaggression Pact

National Socialist–Soviet Socialist Pact, (August 23, 1939)–Paris “Agreement” November 4, 2016… a comparison

The National Socialist–Soviet Socialist pact is also called the Hitler-Stalin Pact, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, the Nazi–Soviet Pact and the German–Soviet Non-aggression Pact and Russo-German Pact.** In much the way Global Cooling morphed into Anthropomorphic Global Warming, then (to cover all bases) Climate Change (which was everywhere long before mankind).  All of this is old hat. Externally, the socialist “non-aggression” treaty was short and flowery, with phrases like:

In any event both Governments will resolve this (Poland) question by means of a friendly agreement.”


“Should disputes or conflicts arise between the High Contracting Parties over problems of one kind or another, both parties shall settle these disputes or conflicts exclusively through friendly exchange of opinion or, if necessary, through the establishment of arbitration commissions.”

The treaty closed with a nondisclosure agreement that masked the existence of additional deals, but the thing was outwardly cute and fuzzy, as one might expect from neighboring altruistic People’s States. The fact remained that the preceding war had been largely a dispute over heroin markets in which to sell Papaver somniferum products grown in the Balkan States. Those markets and competition still existed in 1939.  The secret additional deals amounted to a divvying-up of the opium-producing Balkan States.

When the Democratic Party gained power after the George Waffen Bush asset-forfeiture crash and depression, it preserved existing domestic prohibition, high-taxes, asset forfeiture looting and other victimless “crime” legislation. However, stung by the Y2K election results in which the Green Party weighed in with enough spoiler votes to block Democrats from jobs, boodle and pelf, the Democratic platform committee hewed as close to the Republican line as possible–except for the part about trying to ban reliable power generation.

Bans on reliable power generation have been enacted in the People’s State of Australia (which replaced voluntary democracy with mandatory voting), and the Democratic People’s Republic of Germany. In both cases, utility bills skyrocketed and rolling blackouts and brownouts became familiar features of the environment. These provide pretexts for additional regulatory meddling. The result of curtailment of power generation anywhere is a net increase in the mortality rate in those places–in other words, a health hazard.

This latest Paris pact aimed at lowering life expectancy is couched in the most florid prose imaginable:

(c) Making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development

Translation: (c) Robbing taxpayers and monopoly victims to subsidize unreliable energy experiments

Propaganda expert George Orwell commented on totalitarian persuasion:

It is important to notice that the cult of power tends to be mixed up with a love of cruelty and wickedness FOR THEIR OWN SAKES. A tyrant is all the more admired if he happens to be a bloodstained crook as well, and ‘the end justifies the means’ often becomes, in effect, ‘the means justify themselves provided they are dirty enough’. This idea colours the outlook of all sympathizers with totalitarianism, and accounts, for instance, for the positive delight with which many English intellectuals greeted the Nazi-Soviet pact. (George Orwell)

Russo-German Pact of 1939. [Note 1, below] And when news of the Pact broke, the most wildly divergent explanations were of it were given, and predictions were made which were falsified almost immediately, being based in nearly every case not on a study of probabilities but on a desire to make the U.S.S.R. seem good or bad, strong or weak. (Orwell)

-issues like Poland, the Spanish civil war, the Russo-German pact, and so forth, are debarred from serious discussion, and that if you possess information that conflicts with the prevailing orthodoxy you are expected to either distort it or keep quiet about it–(Orwell)

If this sounds like 2017, welcome to the world of alternative facts.

** [Note 1: An example is the Russo-German Pact, which is being effaced as quickly as possible from public memory. A Russian correspondent informs me that mention of the Pact is already being omitted from Russian year-books which table recent political events. (George Orwell)]

There is a genuine non-aggression principle that socialists struggle to evade:

“I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals.”

This is the pledge required to join or donate to the Libertarian Party.

Star Wars and Climate Change


Soviet propagandists made a major strategic blunder nicknaming America’s Strategic Defense Initiative “Star Wars.” True, there were easily triggered, sensitive, concerned & aware children on campus convinced the Lucasfilm blockbuster was there “to condition the people into fighting a nuclear war.” (Sample here).

Communist intellectuals instantly snapped this up as the magic meme to counter Reagan’s project for neutralizing incoming ballistic missiles and developing traction for the Surrender Movement. It backfired miserably, and the Prez even commented the “Star Wars” monicker hadn’t been a successful move. Turco, Toon Ackerman Pollock and Sagan produced the TTAPS report.  One computer meddler nobody mentions claimed that no computer code could ever possibly track incoming ICBMs. Edward Teller commented that “Highly speculative theories of worldwide destruction—even the end of life on Earth—used as a call for a particular kind of political action serve neither the good reputation of science nor dispassionate political thought.”  Now, fast forward past the Berlin Wall and Soviet collapse…

The exact same ideology resurrected by many of the same players and NERF-herders is again upon us. Nuclear Winter gave way to the new nickname of Global Warming. The movement was organized in 1992, precisely as the Soviet empire was collapsing like a World Trade Center tower. (e.g. Science Vol 262 pp 1252-1255) The idea this time was to convince Americans that reliable electric power generation was bad–not because it complicated a Soviet nuclear attack–but because human slavery was more natural, eco-friendly and nobly altruistic than those yucky Buckminster Fuller “energy slaves” that converted horsepower into empowerment for a flourishing standard of living. Soviet socialism would be attained at last, but by conditioning and brainwashing, not nuclear brinkmanship. The alternative? Everybody dies!

The watermelon Green party formed and spewed forecasts of national socialist happiness and the spurning of material greed–a chorus picked up by the Union of Communist Scientists and and imitated everywhere totalitarianism had become entrenched in the 1920s through 1992. Toppling the recalcitrant Democratic party (and girl-groper) via spoiler votes in the y2k election opened the floodgates, but instead of becoming warmer as the Prophets of the New Millerite apocalypse predicted with absolute certainty, temperatures remained constant within measurement error bars.

The prophesy was falsified by physical measurements, and satellite temperatures diverged from tamperable data as of the Y2K election. After 4 years of this the false prophets changed the narrative and began falsifying data to make the past colder and the present warmer. But EVERY momentary shift of ANY kind has since been exploited as a Sign from Heaven as curbside observations,  apocrypha and hearsay increasingly impersonate science.

The 2000 government bureaucrats infesting the IPCC were swamped by over 30,000 real scientists listed with actual degrees whose STOPPED ratification of the Kyoto Protocol by the U.S. Senate. Like Millerites after The Great Disappointment, ecological nationalsocialists rebooted. They changed their icon from the Global Warming non-starter to Climate Change. This was the subject of Dr. Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear.”  Just as No Nukes! had shape-shifted to Stop Star Wars!, so Global Warming underwent a makeover into Climate Change.

But as Geologist Ian Plimer of Australia, nonmystical author of Heaven and Earth testifies: “Climate always changes, always has, and always will.”

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Fiscal Conservative?

bushmonkeyGeorge W Bush was the last Republican president. He issued Executive Orders such as…
13279: …Consistent with the Free Exercise Clause and the Free Speech Clause of the Constitution, faith-based organizations should be eligible to compete for Federal financial assistance used to support social service programs and to participate fully in the social service programs supported with Federal financial assistance without impairing their independence, autonomy, expression, or religious character. (…)
Specified agency heads shall, in coordination with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI), review and evaluate existing policies that have implications for faith-based and community organizations in order to assess the consistency of such policies with the fundamental principles and policymaking criteria articulated in section 2 of this order.

So who are we talking about in this Executive Order, issued amid total financial collapse?

Sec. 8. Functions of Heads of Departments Concerned and Additional Functions of the Director of National Intelligence.

(a) To the extent permitted by law, the DNI and the heads of departments concerned shall provide such information and assistance as the PIAB and the IOB may need to perform functions under this order.

(b) The heads of departments concerned shall:

(i) ensure that the DNI receives:

(A) copies of reports submitted to the IOB pursuant to section 1.7(d) of Executive Order 12333, or a corresponding provision of any successor order; and

(B) such information and assistance as the DNI may need to perform functions under this order; and

(ii) designate the offices within their respective organizations that shall submit reports to the IOB required by Executive Order and inform the DNI and the IOB of such designations; and

(iii) ensure that departments concerned comply with instructions issued by the DNI under subsection 7(a)(ii) of this order.

(c) The head of a department concerned who does not implement a recommendation to that head of department from the PIAB under subsection 4(b) of this order or from the IOB under subsections 6(c) or 6(d) of this order shall promptly report through the DNI to the Board that made the recommendation, or to the President, the reasons for not implementing the recommendation.

(d) The DNI shall ensure that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency performs the functions with respect to the Central Intelligence Agency under this order that a head of a department concerned performs with respect to organizations within the intelligence community that are part of that department.

Sec. 9. References and Transition. (a) References in Executive Orders other than this order, or in any other presidential guidance, to the “President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board” shall be deemed to be references to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board established by this order.

(b) Individuals who are members of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Executive Order 12863 of September 13, 1993, as amended, immediately prior to the signing of this order shall be members of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board immediately upon the signing of this order, to serve as such consistent with this order until the date that is 15 months following the date of this order.

(c) Individuals who are members of the Intelligence Oversight Board under Executive Order 12863 immediately prior to the signing of this order shall be members of the Intelligence Oversight Board under this order, to serve as such consistent with this order until the date that is 15 months following the date of this order.

(d) The individual serving as Executive Director of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board immediately prior to the signing of this order shall serve as the Executive Director of the PIAB until such person resigns, dies, or is removed, or upon appointment of a successor under this order and shall serve as the Executive Director of the IOB until an Executive Director of the IOB is appointed or designated under this order.

Um… wasn’t Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, a fiscally responsible elected official for two terms as governor of New Mexico?

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Herbert Hooverville Economics, 2007

In God We Trust--Our Brothers' Keepers

Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover, 1960

The Republicans lost the presidential election even before 2007 by ramping up the faith-based asset-forfeiture looting “intended” to enforce prohibition laws creating victimless crimes. Herbert Hoover enforced nearly identical laws using policies and Executive Orders with exactly the same intentions and exactly the same results.

After Hoover’s GOP destroyed the nation’s equity and shut down every bank before FDR’s Inauguration Day, two decades would pass before religious hatemongers got another chance to crush the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 9th Amendments through the coercive enactment of superstitious nonsense.
But enact they did once the Prohibition-Republican coalition again gained the bully pulpit. The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written by Christian National Socialist Francis Bellamy back when the Populist Party was getting nearly 9% of the vote. Francis, a preacher, was brother to Edward Bellamy, whose recasting of communist theology into such novels as Looking Backward (full text) and Equality (full text) re-exported looter dogma back to Europe in American packaging, with Christian homilies added. The original godless Pledge of Allegiance was written before income tax laws imported from the communist manifesto stuck and clung in America. To Bellamy’s pledge, Republicans added “under God” the way Nationalsocialists minted “Gott Mitt Uns” onto their coins and belt buckles.

Equality (the book) is seldom mentionedespecially in conservative circles–for with its clerical trappings it later served handily as support for the National Socialist Workers Party platform just as A Traveler From Altruria (full text) promoted socialism during the Panic of 1893–and even provided a sociological foundation  for  Soviet Socialism. Eisenhower, the Germanic General to whom Germany had surrendered, was unwittingly the entering wedge for a resurgence of precisely the sort of shotgun marriage of faith to the forcible restraint of men that had produced the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Empire, Nationalsocialist Germany, and finally the Military-Industrial Complex dictating all that Americans may eat, drink, think and do.

McCarthyism and the John Birch Society politically revived Nixon, whose Moral Majority made slaughter and imprisonment the icons in America they’d previously been in Germany until May, 1945, and whose revival of prohibitionism guaranteed a repeat of the Hoovervilles depression of the 1930s. The Liberal Party repeal platform of 1930 was adopted by the Democratic Party to escape defeat by spoiler votes and end the depression. This chain of events is repeating itself today.


Repeal the Depression Party, 1933

Many State governors such as Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have understood since 1929 that prohibitionist looting by unproductive hands ruins a nation’s economy. Hence the current wave of libertarian-enabled repeal campaigns in the several States in the wake of the George Bush asset-forfeiture Crash and Depression.

Both entrenched parties cling to prohibitionism and asset-forfeiture looting, and will until your vote tells them to change by making them lose–even if to each other–for being less libertarian.

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Subsidized Classroom Elisions

opium06jan1857When the First Opium War became inevitable in 1837, the good ship Orwell was plying the routes between China and Australia. British capital invested was drained out of the United States and poured into the preparations for the Opium War which overrode China’s prohibition against the dumping of narcotics at her ports.

Unequal treaties, signed at gunpoint, banned local cultivation and left China at the mercy of dope exports from India managed by FDR’s grandpa Warren Delano, among others. Converts to Christianity were meanwhile waging a civil war against China from within. Missionaries, admitted under the Treaty of Nanking, provided a handy pretext for military action against Chinese passive resistance. One French Catholic missionary was killed in 1856 for telling the Chinese their religion was heathen superstition, and Catholics and Protestants from opium-peddling countries took time out from killing each other to gang up on the Chinese–even as US Minister Townsend Harris was negotiating treaties with the terrified Japanese. News of renewed aggression against China reached United States newspapers on January 6, 1857. Richard Walmesley Blair, whose son Eric would adopt the pen name George Orwell, was born the following day.

The opium wars not only drained capital from These States, but the resulting glut wreaked financial havoc in India, where by May 1857, Europeans and Christian converts were being hacked to bits in those manifestations of popular displeasure referred to as the “mutiny.” By August, financial panic shuddered across America. By September there were runs on New York banks and government revenues were greatly decreased. No mention of the opium wars sparking the mutiny–or the two developments affecting American finances–appear anywhere in British or American accounts masquerading as history. Yet George Orwell’s father’s job title in India was Assistant Sub-Deputy Opium Agent, third grade. He was part of an organization that oversaw a sixth of the revenue needed to subjugate, dominate, control and overpower all of India and Pakistan at the time.

It is simply assumed that the three three things coexisted by the sheerest coincidence. In much the same manner, the Roosevelt Administration’s Pure Food and Drug Law of 1906, which affected whiskey, glucose and drugs beginning in 1907, simply coincided with the wave of prohibitionism shutting down saloons and ice houses that served beer. Likewise the Hoover Administration’s enforcement of prohibition with light beer a felony and tax liens and bank account seizures as the mechanism simply happened–according to what the historians have published these past 87 years–to coincide with the collapse of the banking system and the Great Depression.

That the Roosevelt family fortune arose out of this transportation of opium into China was probably known to TR and to Herbert Hoover. Hoover was present and under fire in China during the Boxer Rebellion, but kept quiet about his political adversary’s grandpa’s misdeeds while pretending to struggle against the morphine trade that had led to World War I. Yet his Moratorium and fanatical persecution of beer as the Avatar of Satanic Possession did more to promote Adolf Hitler to Chancellor than anything else in the world.

Only after the Republican Party’s prohibitionism, crash and depression had kept them out of the White House for two full decades, did Republican propagandists dare to leak the stories of Warren Delano’s involvement in the opium traffic. Eisenhower was elected, the United States declared a Christian nation, and the word “God” inserted into the Pledge of Allegiance, printed on coins and currency and chiseled into the walls of government buildings in Washington DC. Fear of “atheistic” communist congregants nurtured the flourishing of a powerful military industrial complex whose lobbyists–to Ike’s discomfiture–quickly dominated the United States government and ordered us into Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, Brazil, Columbia, Grenada and Panama, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Finally the remake Bush Administration created the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI) within the Executive Office of the President. The asset-forfeiture fanaticism inevitably resulting from such a move, again crushed the economy into rubble.

With any luck the Libertarian Party will replace God’s Own Prohibitionists, and These States and a Post-Brexit Pepperland will resume their colorful careers.

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Golpe e Embaixada

Pouca gente reparou no que Roberto Requião do Paraná disse sobre os motivos do golpe que derrubou Dilma. Ele perguntou:

Por que cargas d’água estão pedindo o impedimento da Presidente? Será que é para atender às embaixadas dos grandes países, o interesse da banca e a miserável fisiologia que domina o Congresso Nacional?

Vejamos o cronograma:

  1. Em 2005 a agente americana Liliana Ayalde foi expulsa da Bolívia por espionagem.
  2. Em maio de 2010 Bradley Manning vaza no Wikileaks informações sobre como os americanos usam a ONU para exportar o mesmo proibicionismo saqueador de ativos que demoliu a economia americana em 2007.
  3. Em 31 de outubro de 2010 a presidenta Dilma foi eleita, com posse em 2011.
  4. Em junho de 2012 o presidente Fernando Lugo do Paraguai foi deposto por impeachment.
  5. Em 20 de maio de 2013 Edward Snowden revela que espiões americanos escutam as chamadas telefônicas dos cartolas e políticos brasileiros, entre outros.
  6. Em junho de 2013 eclodiram as manifestações americanizadas no Brasil.
  7. Em 1º de agosto de 2013, Dilma assinou a Lei 12485 que inclui profilaxia contra gravidez e perícia de DNA para identificar estupradores ou pais biológicos–mesmo se importantes e abastados–donos de trustes ou contas bancárias na Suíça.
  8. Nesse mesmo dia 1º de agosto de 2013 o senado do grande país americano, dominado pelo partido republicano evangélico e antiaborto, confirmou Liliana Ayalde como embaixadora dos EUA para o Brasil!
  9. Ayalde chegou ao Brasil no dia 16 de setembro de 2013, mas apesar dessa Exterminadora, a presidenta derrotou o Aécio Helipóptero, amiguinho do ex-diretor da CIA, George Bush pai, e foi reeleita.
  10. A Portaria 415 implementando as proteções tipo profilaxia contra gravidez e perícia de DNA foi aprovada 21 de maio de 2014. Como nos EUA, os fanáticos enlouqueceram…
  11. A Portaria 415 foi revogada a mando do Eduardo Cunha em 28 maio de 2014! Em 4 dias o Bispo do Nacional Socialismo arrastou o Brasil de volta à Idade das Trevas, para acompanhar as ditaduras maometanas–antes de ser expulso do Congresso.
  12. Consta que Ayalde foi embora com o golpe em andamento, mas voltou, quiçá para tentar salvar o Cunha.
  13. Em 29 de agosto Roberto requião discursa: “Esta crise que nós vivemos não é uma crise só do Brasil. Ela começa na Europa, com a reação do Estado social que surge contra o nazismo. Estado social do direito das mulheres, dos trabalhadores.”
  14. A presidenta eleita por maioria em 3 eleições foi golpeada em 30 de agosto de 2016 pelos aliados do Cunha.

cunhaPois é… Vai que foi tudo coincidência.

Partido Libertário dos EUA 2016 –4–Conclusão


Español no

Seção 4, página 7. Esta é a conclusão do programa de 2016 do Libertarian Party, EUA. Se cometi erro na tradução, faça um comentário. Eu votei assim nas últimas 13 eleições no Texas e já ganhamos 3% do voto popular em 2014. 

3.6 Governo representativo

Apoiamos os sistemas eleitorais que melhor representam o eleitorado em nível federal, estadual e local. Na qualidade de associações particulares e voluntárias, cabe aos partidos políticos estabelecerem livremente regras próprias para os seus processos de nomeação, sua eleições primárias e sua convenções. Queremos acabar com os subsídios, com dinheiro público arrecadado mediante impostos, a candidatos ou partidos, e revogar as leis que coíbem o financiamento voluntário das campanhas eleitorais. Somos contrários às leis que atrapalham os partidos e candidatos alternativos, que os excluem da cédula, que distorcem os contornos dos seus distritos ou negam aos eleitores o direito de considerar as alternativas legítimas. Defendemos a iniciativa popular, os referendos e a cassação e revogação democráticas como limitações populares dos poderes dos governos.

3.7 Da autodeterminação

Sempre que alguma forma de governo se tornar destruidora da liberdade individual, é direito do povo alterá-la ou aboli-la e concordar com a nova governança que ao povo pareça ser a mais adequada para assegurar a sua liberdade.


4.0 Omissões

Nosso silêncio sobre determinada lei, governo, regulamento, portaria, instrução, decreto, norma, órgão regulamentar, atividade ou maquinação não deve ser interpretado como sinal de aprovação.


Tradução gratuita de  jhpdotcom Volunteers of America.

Basta você votar com integridade naquilo que você acredita (desde que os juízes apadrinhados permitam) para mudar as leis, e elas mudam

A Plataforma 2016 do Libertarian Party é isso ái em sete folhas. Esse programa gasta menos de 3000 palavras (20 minutos para ler, e pretendemos gravar em mp3). Os partidos fósseis da Kleptocracia entrincheirada produziram programas de 50 páginas cada com bem mais de 10 vezes esse número de palavras, prometendo invadir, enjaular, proibir, bedelhar, matar, cobrar imposto… 

Partido Libertário dos EUA 2016 –3b


Espanhol no

Seção 3, páginas 6-7.

3.4 Do livre comércio e da migração

Preconizamos a remoção dos obstáculos governamentais ao livre comércio. A liberdade política e o livramento da tirania requerem que as pessoas não sofram restrições arbitrárias pelas mãos dos governos na travessia de fronteiras políticas. A liberdade econômica exige o movimento irrestrito das pessoas humanas e do capital financeiro através das fronteiras nacionais. No entanto, apoiamos o controle da entrada, no nosso país, de estrangeiros que realmente apresentam alguma ameaça à segurança, à saúde ou à propriedade.

3.5 Dos direitos e da discriminação

Nós libertários defendemos o conceito de que as pessoas nascem com certos direitos inerentes. Não aceitamos a ideia de que um direito natural pode impor uma obrigação aos outros para cumprir esse “direito”. Condenamos o preconceito como irracional e repugnante. Nenhum governo deve negar ou cercear o direito de pessoa alguma com base no seu sexo, riqueza, etnia, credo, idade, origem nacional, hábitos pessoais, preferência política ou orientação sexual. Os membros de organizações privadas preservam o direito de definir os requisitos de associação que considerarem adequados, reservada a todos a liberdade de reagir com ostracismo, boicotes e os demais remédios inerentes ao mercado livre.

Basta você votar com integridade naquilo que você acredita (desde que os juízes apadrinhados permitam) para mudar as leis, e elas mudam

A Plataforma 2016 do Libertarian Party vai concluir com a Parte 4–Governo representativo e autodeterminação… Não perca! Esse plataforma possui menos de 3000 palavras (20 minutos para ler) em 8 folhas. Os partidos fósseis da Kleptocracia entrincheirada produziram programas de 50 páginas cada com bem mais de 10 vezes esse número de palavras. 

Sou intérprete nos tribunais da migra e tradutor certified de documentos jurídicos para os EUA e Canadá.

Veja o meu livro sobre o Crash da bolsa e a crise econômica em formato Kindle da Amazon


Partido Libertário dos EUA 2016 –3a


Espanhol no

Seção 3, página 6.

3.0 Da proteção da liberdade

A proteção dos direitos individuais é a única função própria dos governos. Os governos são constitucionalmente limitados justamente para prevenir o cerceamento dos direitos individuais. O princípio da não-agressão deve nortear as relações entre governos.**

3.1 Da defesa nacional

Apoiamos a manutenção de forças militares suficientes para defender os Estados Unidos contra a agressão. Os Estados Unidos devem evitar de se enrascar em alianças, e abandonar a prática de tentar policiar o planeta. Somos contrários a toda espécie de serviço nacional compulsório.

3.2 Segurança interna e direitos individuais

A defesa do país exige que tenhamos inteligência o suficiente para detectar e ir de encontro às ameaças à segurança interna. Este requisito não pode ser priorizado acima da defesa das liberdades civis dos cidadãos. Será vedada a suspensão da constituição ou da declaração de direitos, mesmo em tempos de guerra. As agências de inteligência legitimamente encarregadas de preservar a segurança da nação devem ser sujeitas à supervisão e transparência. Somos contrários ao uso pelo governo das classificações em graus de sigilo para bloquear do público o acesso às informações que lhe cabe, sobretudo as provas de que o próprio governo tenha incorrido na lei.

3.3 Assuntos internacionais

A política externa dos EUA deve assegurar que os EUA estejam em paz com o mundo. A nossa política externa primará pela defesa contra eventuais atentados oriundos do exterior, de forma a aumentar as chances da paz evitando as intrigas alheias. Acabaríamos com a atual política intervencionista do governo americano, inclusive toda a ajuda militar e econômica no estrangeiro. Reconhecemos o direito universal de resistir à tirania, da legítima defesa e da preservação dos direitos de cada pessoa. Condenamos o uso da força — e sobretudo do terrorismo — contra os inocentes, independentemente de tais atos serem cometidos por governos ou por grupos políticos ou revolucionários.

** O Princípio da Não Agressão, termo que eu assino para pagar o anuário como membro do partido libertário e para fazer toda e qualquer doação, diz: “Eu me recuso a lançar mão da coação e não defendo iniciar a agressão com intuito político ou social.” Este princípio, o cerne do partido, foi elaborado pela escritora russa-americana Ayn Rand em 1947, enquanto Nacional Socialistas alemães eram enforcados por genocídio em Nuremberg. O eleitor que quer votar pelo nosso partido não precisa de assinar esse ou nenhum outro termo de adesão. Basta você votar com integridade no que você acredita para mudar as leis, e elas mudam

A Plataforma do Libertarian Party vai continuar com a Parte 3b–Imigração, direitos e discriminação, governo representativo, autodeterminação… Não perca!