Faraway Targets



Irish bookies are betting 2.2 to 1 the Republican Party loses this election, as it has lost all other elections since the Bush Asset-Forfeiture Crash and Depression. This is one of the two parties that bombed civilians in places like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, including Aleppo.

The Libertarian Party is proud to our support for peace and non-aggression, and we do not hang stuffed trophy heads of Semitic or Asian victims on the walls or carve celebratory notches into weapons. The USA was not a Christian National Socialist nation until the Eisenhower-Nixon Administration and Congress violated the First Amendment to mystify our currency, postal monopoly stamps, the Bellamy Pledge of Allegiance and government buildings, imitating the example set by Germany’s Third Reich.

This reversed 1797 treaty assurances given to Mohammedan nations that the US was NOT a religious State. That transformation also frightened the Soviet communist religious dictatorship (yes, communism is a religion) with the notion that Christian National Socialism had again taken over These States as during the Herbert Hoover Administration, which subsidized the rise of the NSDAP in Germany through the Moratorium on war debts and reparations in 1931.

Today we see daily reminders that that religious dictatorships on the other side of the planet, much like what is proposed in the GOP platform despite Supreme Court rulings and the urgings of nonfanatical clergy and lay associations, are museums of medieval superstition, torture, assassination, genocide, prohibitionism, financial collapse and war.

We want no part of the Crusades versus Jihad mentality that motivates God’s Own Prohibitionists and the Islamic State alike, and we are happy to recommend innocuous desuetude and avoid all entanglements there.

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Gary and Willie, Terry and Frankie

druggan-lake_balladThe New Galahad, by HL Mencken, 1924

My agents in attendance upon the so-called moving pictures tell me that persons who frequent such shows begin to tire of Western films … It can’t be that movie censorship is to blame, for the same thing is visible in the field of belles lettres…. What is needed, obviously, is a new hero for the infantry of the land, for if one is not quickly supplied there is some danger that the boys will begin admiring Y.M.C.A. secretaries, crooked members of the Cabinet and lecturers on sex hygiene. In this emergency I nominate the bootlegger not, of course, the abject scoundrel who peddles bogus Scotch in clubs and office buildings, but the dashing, romantic, defiant fellow who brings the stuff up from Bimini. He is the true heir, not only of the old-time Indian fighters and train-robbers, but also of the tough and barnacled deep-water sailors, now no more. He faces the perils of the high seas in a puny shallop, and navigates the worst coast in the world in contempt of the wind and storm. Think of him lying out there on wild nights in winter, with the waves piling mountain-high and the gale standing his crazy little craft on her beam! Think of him creeping in in his motorboat on Christmas Eve, risking his life that the greatest of Christian festivals may be celebrated in a Christian and respectable manner! Think of him soaked and freezing, facing his exile and its hardships uncomplainingly, saving his money that his old mother may escape the poor-farm, that his wife may have her operation for gall-stones, that his little children may be decently fed and clad, and go to school regularly, and learn the principles of Americanism!

This brave lad is not only the heir of Jesse James and Ned Buntline; he is also the heir of John Hancock and all of the other heroes who throttled the accursed Hun in 1776. All the most gallant among them were smugglers, and in their fragile craft they brought in not only rum but also liberty. The Revolution was not only against the person of the Potsdam tyrant, George III; it was also, and especially, against harsh and intolerable laws the worst of them the abhorrent Stamp Act. But was the Stamp Act worse than Prohibition? I leave it to any fair man. Prohibition, in fact, is a hundred times as foul, false, oppressive and tyrannical. If the Stamp Act was worth a Revolution, then Prohibition is worth a massacre and an earthquake. Well it has already bred its Hancocks, and soon or late, no doubt, it will breed its Molly Pitchers, Paul Reveres and Mad Anthony Waynes. Liberty, driven from the land by the Methodist White Terror, has been given a refuge by the hardy boys of the Rum Fleet. In their bleak and lonely exile they cherish her and keep her alive. Some day, let us hope, they will storm the coast, slit the gullets of her enemies, and restore her to her dominion. The lubbers of the land have limber necks; their blood runs pale and yellow. But on the roaring deep there are still men who are colossally he, and when the bugle calls they will not fail.

Here are the heroes gallant, lawless, picturesque, adventurous, noble. Let the youth of the land be taught to venerate them. They make the cowboys who linger in the movies look like puny Christian Endeavorers; they are the only Olympians left in a decayed and flabby land, or in the seas that hedge it ’round. Who will be the first poet to sing them?

With apologies to Terence Druggan and Frankie Lake, whose March, 1928 indictments by income tax looters caused a major stock market flash crash. Follow their exploits in the Chicago Tribune online.

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Many words and many lies


prohibitionfailedThe American Declaration of Independence took 1400 words.
The Libertarian Party platform for 2016 contains 2700 words.
The entire US Constitution, signatures, amendments and all, runs into 7590 words.

Today’s Republican party platform consumes nearly 36000 words spread over 50 pages soaked in paranoia and hatred.

The Democratic party platform prints out nearly 27000 words on 51 pages, likewise paranoid, greedy and meddlesome. Both parties are Hell-bent on meddling with deadly force in the internal affairs of sovereignties on the other side of the planet, and with similar force in the peaceful and private affairs of individuals within US borders.

Luckily for us, all 101 pages are lies, distortions and misrepresentation intended solely to secure government paychecks and handouts for party members as described in “Plunkitt of Tammany Hall.” The only promises either gang has ever kept are those that involve taking money from the public and sending men with guns to kick in people’s doors.

When economic collapse results, the disaster is blamed on overspeculation (1929), fear of Democrats (1932), tax hike and trade deficit (1987) subprime mortgage-rate swaps (2007). In fact, every one of those crashes and recessions was triggered by using tax and asset forfeiture laws to enforce prohibition laws.

Remember Terry Druggan and Al Capone? State bankers do, and that is why States are lining up to repeal the prohibition on hemp. Marijuana was known to be harmless in 1998, but it took the Crash and Depression of 2007-12 to recall the lessons of prohibition and begin the scramble for repeal and libertarian policies.

A vote given to either soft machine is a mandate to increase their power to rob us all and murder innocents abroad. But there is a way to gradually decrease their power and reverse the trend put in motion by the Communist Manifesto and Prohibition Party platform.

Vote for Libertarian Party candidates and YOU win, regardless of which nearly identical looter party gets the most jobs. The more spoiler votes Libertarian candidates earn, the quicker those machine politicians will hustle to repeal idiotic laws and cut taxes and spending.

Spoiler votes from small but persistent and committed parties were the source of the 13th, 14th, 16th, 18th and 21st Amendments to the Constitution. Those voters got what they wanted by changing the laws and jurisprudence without a thought for how many politicians would have to be tarred-and-feathered to achieve it.

Every Libertarian spoiler vote is worth 36 looter party votes. THAT is winning! Everything else is losing. This is your chance to win through integrity!

Next time you need an interpreter to untangle political and financial Newspeak into plain economic horse-sense, remember this post.

Republican Party Wall: 1923

Rake, roué, tippler, hepcat and bon-vivant Republican President Warren Gamaliel Harding addressed the people of Canada in Stanley Park, Vancouver:

“Nationality continues to be a supreme factor in modern existence. Make no mistake about that. But the day of the Chinese wall, enclosing a hermit nation, has passed forever. (…) I stretch forth both my arms in fraternal greeting, with gratefulness for your splendid welcome in my heart, and from my lips the whispered prayer of our fame to Rip van Winkle: “May you all live long and prosper!” (Dawson Daily News, August 11, 1923 7)

This was the Republican Party not yet taken over by Prohibition Party infiltrators or ideologues, the Republican Party that refused to transfer American sovereignty to the crowned ruffians of Europe and so spurned the Treaty of Versailles. Nevertheless it was a meddlesome and imperial party high on taxes and tariffs, that would soon yield to the seductive allure of officious theocracy and involvement in Holy Wars and Jihads.

Brazil’s new antiabortion dictator

foratemer0816Yes Dilma Roussef’s party likes taxes and populism–exactly like the other 32 looter parties voters are forced to support. But she signed a bill giving women access to DNA forensics and pregnancy prophylaxis. This brought a prohibitionist US Ambassador experienced in overthrowing young democracies rushing to Brazil during the runoffs, in which Dilma nevertheless handily defeated an antichoice male buddy of former CIA chief Bush.

After the shock waves from the US asset-forfeiture Crash spread across South America, things got rough. Staged demonstrations broke out with police looking the other way. Actors set fires and destroyed property while “golpista” mobs shrieked for the reelected president’s head on a pole. Nobody of any substance, especially not Moraes, did more than tsk-tsk the perps for excessive zeal and indignation at what–to them and their US-backed mentors and legislative advisors–was an obvious error on the part of the Great Unwashed.

Fora! Out! Raus! Andale!

Jailed Ex-Speaker enabling collaborationist VP

By contrast in the Olympic Games under the coup junta, anyone so much as wearing the wrong T-shirt is accosted, mugged and ejected with all available violence of law. The 75-year-old kleptocrat usurper cared not a whit for constitutional rights until the high court ruined the fun by ordering the goon squads to stand down and allow a modicum of freedom of expression.

The Senate, more than half of whom face charges, with many under indictment, now forms a star chamber to oust the old gal on the flimsiest of trumped-up charges with no basis whatsoever in intelligible language. The Speaker of the House, shown installing the usurper, was relieved of duties and is under indictment on felony charges that are easy to understand. To DemoGOP prohibitionists, this only shows what comes of primitive banana republics not knuckling under to benevolent foreign expectations. The CIA, FATF, AML, TF, CFT, DNFBP, IRS-CID, INL, ICRG, GIABA, GAFISUD, FSRB, FIU, FinCEN, EAG and their in-country “mentors” are willing to help overthrow governments until somebody “we” like can be elected.

But hey… don’t blame me–I pay dues and vote Libertarian!

Liberal Party of America, 1931

LIBERALPARTYCOVERA proto-Libertarian Party was organized in 1930

This first approach to a Libertarian Party was organized in 1930 to repeal prohibition, the 18th Amendment and block intrusive religious laws–blue laws, Sunday closing laws, baseball bans on Sundays. It is hard for anyone today to imagine we had something like Sharia law during Prohibition in America. Once this Liberal Party published its 1931 platform, the Democratic Party had little choice but to adopt a prohibition repeal plank. Otherwise, frustrated beer drinkers would vote their conscience and those lost spoiler votes would cost the Democrats the 1932 election. The Liberal Party was non-protectionist, non-militaristic, anti-war, forgiving of war debts, opposed to communism and the dole, church/state separatist, favored normal election of senators, legal no-fault divorce, wanted removal of censorship and curbs on employment and abolition of useless federal bureaus. Its existence and positive influence, like the causal connection between Prohibition and the Depression are a well-kept secret.

So, why do the Republican, Prohibition, Consta-to-shun and Tea parties hate “liberals” as much as German National Socialists did in 1932? Here are a few tidbits…

At a meeting held in New York City on February 4, 1930, which was attended by about one hundred representative men from every section of the United States, a proposal was made to create a national political organization to be called the Liberal Party. (…) The discussion developed the general agreement that America is being held tight in a strangling grip by powerful groups of men and women, narrow and fanatical of mind, who had constituted themselves an ecclesiastical union, guided by a fatuous intention of making our people virtuous, according to the peculiar tenets and creeds of each group, by legislative enactments… 

Would people have moral courage enough to break away from the lifelong ties of political fealty? Above all, would the young men and the young women of the nation behold the light and promise of a new day, and would they give their allegiance and support to a movement which aimed to restore to them the vanished liberties which their fathers had established?



Does that fanatical strangling grip of 85 years ago remind you of anyone?  Here we are 44 years after the Libertarian Party formed to press for many of the same policy changes, and so far only 3% of the voters have gathered the courage to cast law-changing spoiler votes. Granted, this mid-term election result is a 300% increase over the sort of totals we got before the Asset Forfeiture Crash of 2008, and in a way it makes sense.

National markets collapsed in 1929 in expectation of Herbert Hoover’s Republican Administration wrecking the economy by ramping up prohibitionist asset forfeiture. By 1932 the situation was intolerable and the nation’s honest media made it clear that prohibition and the income tax were the jaws of the pliers crushing the nation’s economy.

The Liberal Party made the historic first move and one of the entrenched looter parties followed their lead. The dactyl that made beer a felony was broken off but replaced by prohibition of other enjoyable drugs, and the income tax propodus remained to cause economic recessions in 1937-38, 1988-92, and the recent 2007-09 asset-forfeiture recession. After 1929 it took Americans three years to come to their senses and vote for repeal. In the nine years since the 2007 ramp-up in asset forfeiture several states have moved to repeal prohibition and need more libertarian spoiler votes to bolster and reinforce this sound policy. Votes for any other party send the wrong message and are wasted.

Are you surprised to learn how the repeal of prohibition began? A simultaneous interpreter has to think outside the box in order to mediate between cultures, concept and languages. Get in touch for translation or interpreting.