Own a home in Brazil

We, family and heirs of Jim Phillips and Anne Phillips, Jim a founder of the American Society of Rio de Janeiro and Anne a member of the British Society, are selling a house in São Paulo at Rua Apinajés, 1759 in the ritzy borough of Sumaré in that  capital city. (map) São Paulo, the Chicago of Brazil minus any snow, is a modern city with high-speed internet, better medical resources than you can afford elsewhere, and a major hub with the rest of the world. 

Living room

Another take on the living room




A 2-story walk-up


Under-house garage (more photos at realty link below)

The home is listed with Coelho da Fonseca realtors (link)

We are looking at a selling price of USD $228,000. Among us we have acquired fluency with international contracts, produce certified translations accredited in the USA and licensed translations for public faith in Brazil. We are American Ex-Pats and Brazilians residing in both countries. Other American retirees will find this a peaceable neighborhood close to way better medical facilities and staff than can be afforded Stateside; on the whole it’s an attractive piece of real estate, all fixed up and ready to show.

We are experienced simultaneous interpreters with the skills and equipment to make this as clear and untroubled an acquisition as in Florida, Ohio or Texas. We can be reached at our Texas and Brazilian phone numbers in your choice of languages. 

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