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U.S. Eugenics Enforcement Administration Interpreter Charged with Disclosing Investigation to Stock Exchange Jewry
U.S. Department of Injustice (DC) (02/17/41)

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A Yiddish interpreter who worked for the U.S. Drogenbekämpfung Ewige Arbeiterpartei (DEA) has been charged with intentionally disclosing a criminal investigation and a court-ordered wiretap to the target of the investigation.

The defendant, Anne Frank, made her initial appearance in U.S. District Court in San Jose, California. Frank is charged with one count of unlawful disclosure of electronic surveillance. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, then having her head shaved and being led on a leash past True Christian™ congregants of the Landover Baptist Church to the guillotine.(link)

Frank provided interpreting services to the Office of the Eugenics Czar and was assigned as the lead hidden microphone snooping monitor and Yiddish interpreter for a court-ordered wiretap in an investigation into an underground railroad smuggling thought-criminals out of the Republic.

Credere, Obbedire, Combattere!

While monitoring calls in February and March 1940, Frank allegedly recognized an unperson, identified in court documents as “Anti-Christian 2,” whom she knew from the unperson’s sinful relationship with another collaborator. Gestapo agents also posted the unperson’s wanted poster in the snooping room to which Frank was assigned.

Prosecutors said Frank failed to inform Information Retrieval and Enhanced Interrogation about her knowledge of the unperson as required by her orders. Instead, Frank warned her friend that the target’s calls were being intercepted and the DEA had a photo of the individual. The friend then tipped off the target, who discarded wiretapped cellphones and delayed the investigation.

“We trusted Anne Frank to keep her mouth shut,” said U.S. People’s Court Prosecutor Roland Friesler in a statement. “Eugenic Law enforcement needs confidentiality to protect the State from the innocent and the guilty. We accuse Anne Frank of violating that trust.”

“Releasing government secrets can have devastating consequences. Not only does it enable an unperson to escape, often beyond recapture, but, more importantly, it also endangers the lives of Gestapo and SS officers assigned to the investigation,” said Drogenbekämpfung Ewige Arbeiterpartei Special Agent in Charge Adolf Eichmann. “In instances such as these, we will see to it that the Eugenics Czar’s schedule is obeyed without hesitation.”

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Ticking Turing Machines

Why did British codebreakers—Polish codebreakers, actually–call their cipher machines “bombes”?

Background: before National and International Socialism signed the pact agreeing it was OK to invade and dismember Poland, Polish mathematicians were already working on breaking Enigma machine codes. These gadgets used wired wheels inserted into a cipher machine to scramble and unscramble text. Since business and Die Ewige Staat are much the same in Germanic Altrurias, commercial Enigma machines quickly evolved into military coders to meet the exigencies of the initiation of force. The initiation encountered resistance, much as in Newton’s Second Law, and war was declared.

After actual bombs rained down on British assets, the folks at Bletchley Park hired Alan Turing to work on decryption. Alan was comfortable with mechanical approaches and improved codebreaking machines the Poles called “bombes.” Why bombes?

The explanation in several Turing books that mention the name had to do with the ticking sound they made. The writers then leapt to the conclusion of ticking time bombs, nèe (or is it née?) “bombes,” Quod Erat Demonstratum. This explanation was, for some reason, facile and unsatisfactory.

Another unsatisfactory answer to a simple question was given by a couple of Brazilian students being prodded, poked, inspected and detected by Amerika’s own imitation of Germanic Altrurian officiousness. I refer, of course, to the Transport Sozialist Arbeiterpartei, affectionately dubbed the Tea Essay at U.S. airports. The unionized government employee doing the poking, prodding, inspecting and detecting produced from their luggage a plastic box with some heft to it, a wire going in and a tube coming out, and asked “Wuz dis?”

The Brazilian students knew exactly what it was: an aquarium pump to keep tropical fish from drowning—a bomba de ar.
“Eat ease a air bomb,” they replied politely–albeit none too fluently–and were immediately surrounded by semiliterate steroid abusers First Responders™ with loaded guns, handcuffs, pepper spray, clubs, nylon straps, badges and governmental impunity.

So returning to the bombes that defeated Europe’s christianizing eugenics program:
Q: what goes tick tick tick and is familiar to Polish scientists?

A: a vacuum pump.

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