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No border, no government, legal slavery!

“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nazi war criminals were being tried and hanged at Nuremberg, with the impromptu panel of judges unable to agree on the meaning of “Aggressive war.” Yet all agreed the term applied accurately to war the enemy government waged. Ayn Rand at 40 was concerned with definitions and meaning: “Men do not even agree on their interpretation of natural laws, let alone the much more difficult moral laws.”

In an informal letter to a friend, Ayn Rand was worrying over the definition of individualism, the subject of her gushing 1934 letter to H.L. Mencken. Her off-the cuff improvisation went like this:

For a practical definition, if men merely agree that no man or number of men have the right to initiate the use of force against any human being (and that includes the forcible seizure of his property), that they have no such right for any purpose whatsoever, at any time whatsoever—that would be all we need, that would achieve a perfect Utopia on earth, that would include all the moral code we need.
I hope this will be helpful to you. I could write volumes on the subject (and intend to some day), but I can’t do it in a letter. As it is, this is just a hasty statement, without revisions.

Rand criticised German National Socialism and the entire gamut of nearly identical mystical altruist collectivism nurtured in America by the Prohibition Party, WCTU, Klan, Republican Party, Christian Front, Silver Shirts, German-American Bund plus all the other Trojan horse, fifth column, spies, saboteurs and traitors remarked on by President Roosevelt–and even FDR’s own policies. Previously aired in The Fountainhead, her portrayals were gaining sharp focus in the tenth chapter of her work-in-progress “The Strike,” when she dashed off a letter to her friend Linda.

A year later, with Otto Rasch and Adolph Ott in the dock for Nazi war crimes, she took to task one of Hitler’s fellow Austrians then being courted by Republican Party champions of mystical altruist collectivism, Ludwig Von Mises. Gone was the toothbrush mustache and Austrian citizenship. Emigré Von Mises now presumed to lecture Americans on [get this!] economics. His assertions that Crashes were caused by “destructionism,” and not by Republican laws redefining vices, production and trade as crimes were received by “former” Klan, Silvershirt, Bund, Coughlinite and Christian Front activists with whoops of joy!(link)

Eager for relief from blame for crashing the economy by poisoning alcohol and waging moralistic jihads against enjoyable drugs in 1907, 1914, 1929, 1931 and 1933, Republicans had found their champion. Mises, they imagined, could help them distance themselves from Hitler’s Positive Christianity, God’s Own dictator Franco and the Duce’s treaty putting catechism into government schools. Like “apolitical” import Wernher von Braun on rocket-bombs, von Mises depicted the exchange of values as abstract and amoral. His Jewish ancestry could even shield tender conservative feelings from unkind references to their former role models and ideals.

Like Adam Smith before her, Ayn Rand understood that economics–the science of values–could not be separated from ethical, and political principles. When Atlas Shrugged hit the stands nine years later, God’s Own Prohibitionists were horrified. Rand’s explanation of panics, crashes and depressions had predictive value, testable against the facts of reality soon to unfold in 1972(link). Nixon’s weaponizing of border crossings in prohibitionism against plant leaves caused a recession as Rand’s admirers formed a political party based on her non-aggression principle.(link) As soon as the votes were counted, Comstock’s cruel laws forcing women into involuntary labor of reproduction were overturned.(link)

Yet infiltration by violent communists and mystical fascists had begun as in 1921, 1928 and 1933. The admitted sloppiness of her facile prescription these looters equivocated, countering with assertions that to stop someone from sneaking into the national border or jimmying open your back windows was the initiation of force. Rand’s reaction was to turn against libertarians dumb enough to be so easily gulled by spurious consistency and back the Nixon regime instead. Later she recognized in Reagan the same superstitious instinct for enslaving the fair sex that Harriett Beecher Stowe had exposed in her support for the Ninth (and later Thirteenth and Fourteenth) Amendments the Prohibition and Republican parties sought to violate in their efforts to force women at gunpoint to reproduce like chattel dams.(link)

That is how mystical belief in assertions led the Red Republicans full circle into actually advocating the return of the slavery they once opposed.


Good reading: The Letters of Ayn Rand (link)


Republican policies cause major crashes

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Why Anarchists Infiltrate

If legalized murder and anarchism were my goal I would work against the Libertarian Party by removing 1972 choice planks and replacing them with invitations for anarchists and religious fanatics to again institutionalize extrajudicial killings–as occurred everywhere before WWI, and in These States from 1920 to 1933 under National Prohibition. Recent changes to the platform amount to exactly such an invitation.(link)

Spend some time with anarchists who pose as libertarians and one thing becomes clear. Defense of individual rights by objectively-defined laws is what anarchists do NOT want. Instead of Milton Friedman or Ayn Rand–whom they promptly turned against us, beginning in 1973 these miscreants follow a boring economist with a German accent and Hitler mustache and press NOW for rule by vigilante lynch mobs. They meanwhile alienate voters by loudly calling themselves “libertarians.”(link) Continue reading

With Friends like Anarchists…

Legalize rape, murder, lynching, war

A state without borders is a State of War

The only thing holding back the Libertarian party is a pack of communist anarchists claiming Ayn Rand’s 1947 non-aggression principle requires the abolition of a State that protects individual rights by enforcing objectively-defined laws against theft, fraud and violence. (link) For full context, understand that a free laissez-faire government with no individual income tax that protects individual rights from theft, fraud and violence is what no-borders anarchists do NOT want. (link) It therefore follows that all anarcho-communist infiltrators laying siege to the LP since 1973 act to stop the LP from accomplishing what we set out to do in 1972.


So they infiltrate our party, drive away voters, and invite the looter media to depict THEM as champions of libertarianism. Big Tent straddlers are left scratching their heads wondering why the voters are running away. By sabotaging laissez-faire democracy these cuckoos prevent the only sort of government that would hesitate to deport or guillotine the lot of them.

Arnychists, suicide-vest berserkers, amok murderers

Anarchists, epileptics, beggars–Anarchist Exclusion Act of 1903 (link)

To flush out the sources of this pollution, the Libertarian party set up a donations/votes auction to democratically see how popular the legalization of murder and importation of hoof-and-mouth disease is among libertarians who join, pay dues, volunteer and vote. One communist plus some sockpuppets evidently voted ANCAPISTAN as the amok berserker image of libertarians they wanted to project to the public.  And why not? Look at how effectively portraying Charles Manson as representative of sixties hippie culture worked to popularize Dick Nixon and George Wallace.

That initiative was badly beaten by TANSTAAFL, from the Robert Heinlein novel published shortly before the founding of the LP (link) and endorsed by Milton Friedman–the man who pointed out to us how small party spoiler votes change the laws and amend the Constitution.  This result convinced me the LP is still healthy and worth working for, even if we have to send a few undesirables back to CPUSA.

Communist anarchist red terror loses! Luna AGORA!

Más vale solo que mal acompañado Better off by yourself than in bad company

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Populist anarchism, 1894

anarchists ruin the party

You can find the originals at Google News Archives

Two years earlier a communist manifesto People’s Party won 9% of the vote in These States, including 22 electoral votes and almost enough popular votes to THRICE cover the gap between hired and fired parties. That was clout enough to breathe new life into European communo-fascist socialist collectives that multiplied like mice in a monarchy.

Monarchies were on their way out, substituted by democracies in tight correlation with the Fisher-Pry sigmoid curve that maps the rate at which one product or political party replaces another. The graph above is on semi-log axes convenient before cheap computers replaced adding machines and slide rules. When both axes are linear these replacement curves are an S-shape to which newcomers, like cellphones or the Libertarian Party, enter at 0% of market share, accelerate to 50%, then taper up asymptotic to the 100% mark until replaced by something better. Below is how law-changing LP spoiler vote clout is growing now, with no anarchist planks to make us look bad.

 So you see that the game is played by gradual replacement that accelerates if the new product offering is better than the competition’s. Just such a hockey stick increase in 1892 caused the entrenched parties to adopt socialist planks so as to not lose the votes they needed to replace each other. Most problems resulted from those socialist and religious fanatic Comstock, prohibition, sumptuary, blue, Sunday, tax and tariff laws containing social engineering agendas. The Libertarian Party is simply reversing that trend by replacing coercion with freedom using the law-changing clout of spoiler votes.

If the kleptocracy could get rid of us by packing our platform committee with anarchists, girl-bullying zealots or child molesters, they’d do it in a heartbeat to keep the bait planks that attract single-issue fanatics. But we’re still here, and still vigilant after 48 years of finally learning to use spoiler votes to play the looters till they repeal the cruelest laws.

To understand how the Liberal Party unseated the economy-destroying Republicans using these tactics in 1931, see Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929. For the cost of a pint you will understand how cruel fanaticism destroys economies. Live on Amazon Kindle.

Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle in 2 languages

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