Mystical Criminals

dearshooter Things have been tough for mystical fanatics lately. Take Robert Lewis Dear, the Colorado shooter who attacked a Planned Parenthood clinic with police-style weapons, killing three people. After Dear explained he was on a “pro-life” mission from God as a “warrior for the babies.” Dear has since been given free room and board as a taxpayee–possibly for life.

cunhaBrazilian Congressman Eduardo Cunha, the fanatical protestant who finagled impeachment charges against lady President Dilma Roussef, is also under several federal felony indictments. Cunha spiritually led the disorderly mobs demanding her ouster after the twice-elected lady President signed a bill allowing rape victims to have the morning-after-pill as prophylaxis against pregnancy. This is routine in countries civilized enough to have laws against rape and beatings, yet backward enough to have devout manly types going about raping girls–as in Europe. Cunha is most famous for his Swiss bank accounts containing large multiples of congressional earnings and nearly 300 priestly internet URLs, 175 of which tout “Jesus” in their character strings.

The politician (who finally resigned) and his wife–also charged with money laundering and commercial bribery–are both still at large.

But what about Buddhists? They’re healthy and peaceful, right? Well… the Aum cult–whose mystics put nerve gas in Tokyo subways 21 years ago–has turned up recently in Russia and Montenegro, but without the bags of liquid sarin. From here it looks as though biologist Richard Dawkins still has plenty of work ahead of him before the world becomes a safe place for reason, science and non-aggression.

Translations from Spanish or Portuguese?

Same Story, Different Government

newtonsilva010615 Liliana Ayalde is probably still a complete unknown to Brazilian voters baffled by media showdowns between their twice-elected president and the lynch mob of televangelist politicians that assembled screaming for her impeachment following her reelection.

Indeed, the same sort of thing happened in Paraguay after that same American official had served as US ambassador there, shortly after her expulsion from Bolivia. From Paraguay, Ms. Ayalde went to the Caribbean to work for USAID, an American agency concerned primarily with sending prohibitionists with guns to exacerbate the frightening levels of “drug-fueled” crime and associated violence. These are things that never existed in the Caribbean before fanatical American Christians began shooting up the place.  In January of 1931, Puerto Rico was demanding an end to American prohibition. The Supreme Court there refused to prosecute rum smugglers, and Republican President Herbert Hoover elected to personally travel to the island to bully justices into enforcing that alien law causing alcohol-fueled crime to skyrocket as the island economy collapsed. This, under the First Amendment, is the “free exercise” of religious intolerance and the violence of law.

The recent 800% increase in Caribbean homicide rates accompanying stepped-up U.S.-imposed prohibition enforcement and civil asset forfeiture is as completely surprising to our representative for CICAD, GAFISUD, OPDAT, MERLDAT, INL, FinCEN and GMPL mentors as their attendant financial panics and depressions are to government agencies and their gun-toting agents. Nevertheless, she was promptly named US ambassador to Brazil as financial collapse and Occupy Wall Street protesters dominated the headlines in These States.

By truly amazing coincidence, unconvincing nationwide protests followed her arrival in Brazil, as Brazil’s President, other politicians and many industrialists discovered, to their horror, that the NSA had been tapping their telephones, and that many were suddenly under indictment on charges filed by local Federal Police. Brazilian evangelical politicians who support all United States efforts to have prohibitionist enlightenment  raise drug prices for the childish-minded inhabitants of the banana republics were delighted to change the subject.

Where headlines once blared news of their own private airfields and helicopter-loads of cocaine, impeachment proceedings against the second-term president and boodling politicos and contractors from all 32 subsidized parties became the hot news items. That the prez is herself a former activist against the US-backed dictatorship and not at all popular among religious right-wing extremists is another one of those baffling coincidences so endemic to asset-forfeiture politics in the Western Hemisphere.

So, Mr. Newton Silva’s cartoon translates pretty directly from the Brazilian situation back to the American situation, as it stood before that particular prohibition-enforcement crisis was exported to the rest of the world. Grateful thanks.

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