Brennt Paris?

France, of course, surrenders to German National Socialism at every opportunity. This 1940 French Translation of Mein Kampf (as Mon Combat–My Struggle) appears in the first 5 minutes of the 1966 movie Brennt Paris? The movie shows Parisians mostly riding bicycles, with the wealthy saving gas driving those horse-drawn Hoovercarts used in America during Prohibition After the Crash. The Occupation of Paris was Ecological National Socialism in black & white.

But France’s own media set them up for permanent obloquy in the Fawlty Towers Pantheon of Pathetic Poltroons. Seen this French hagiography of the current International Socialist Chanceller of Germany? It’s not all that different from Time Magazine thrice putting another nationalistic, Socialist German Chancellor on its cover a few decades ago. At least two such Chancellors made Time’s Person of the Year. Back in 1938 the Chancellor’s crowds shouted Raus juden! Today it’s Keine Atomkraftwerks!

If votes count for anything, America still prefers to keep electric power safe, legal and abundant. No Nukes, Nuclear Disarmament, Surrender to Soviet, Ban Coal, Ban Fracking, and other Gaian collectivist shibboleths notwithstanding.

But the Democratic party digs itself deeper and deeper into the pseudoscience of ecological national socialism. This cost them the votes of many who also want an end to the Republican régime of prohibitory televangelist pseudoscience, mass incarceration, cops shooting children and asset-forfeiture looting. The Democratic Party platform committee made the bed those loser politicians and their frustrated supporters get to lie in. They lie awake hearing God’s Own Prohibitionists Make Amerika Grate Again.

This appeals hugely to Libertarians. Unlike the socialist-prohibitionist DemoGOP, our platform says to relegalize self-medication, free the victimless-yet-persecuted from prisons and expunge their records. We seek to ABOLISH most taxes & regulations and all wars soon. Every Libertarian vote forces looter politicians to repeal or modify at least 6 times as many rights-destroying usurpations now masquerading as laws–or lose their seats.  Libertarian spoiler votes cover the gap between the main looter parties, and currently swing 90 electoral votes in major elections.

So Democrats, why not heat up some tar, cut open a few pillowcases and throw an outdoor party for your former platform committeemembers? Teach their replacements to spell R-E-P-E-A-L. Who knows? Maybe you can get jobs for some of your ward heelers and a hand in the till to boot? Failing that, try voting Libertarian instead: the other parties offer you warmunists, bureaucrats and politicians, we offer you freedom.

Did this help clarify why the US  need not sacrifice taxpayer earnings on the altar of pseudoscience?  Clarity is what many people want in their translations. This is why I have repeat customers. I look out for their pocketbooks.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Tapping your phone, reading your email

Both the Inner Party and Outer Party politicians see every person in the United States as owing them money because of the individual income tax enforced as of 1914. In order to better seize your goods and assets, any competent thief appreciates the advantage of “casing the joint” before breaking in and stealing. As long as the motive is not selfish, but altruistic–such as to contribute to the support of the national government–stealing and snooping are good because altruism is good by definition. So long as the law sends men with guns to rob you, this is a kleptocracy in which individuals have no right to property or privacy any more than you can cave your cake and let your neighbor eat it too. There is exactly one (01) political party committed to repealing the individual income tax.

I vote for the Libertarian Party and against all others. Before 1914 people had no experience with communo-fascist socialism and small parties forced the large parties to adopt the tax by running candidates and getting votes. Now that we know about Auschwitz, Treblinka, Ukraine, East Germany, Cambodia’s Killing Fields, the IRS, etc… we can reverse the damage by voting. Knowing the difference now makes it ethically important to act to preserve the rights individuals so clearly require as a matter of survival. The closer to socialism (personal income tax + government ownership of production and control of trade), the more murder, torture, starvation, genocide, suicide and refugees struggling to escape. This is a smooth function. Moving away from socialism does not mean accepting a mercantilist mixed economy. It is the simple rejection of the initiation of force.

There is a healthy libertarian party in Holland, which along with the rest of The Netherlands, was occupied by German National Socialists. The invaders wanted to protect Christianity against selfishness (by which they meant Jews and free-trading liberals), and communism (by which they meant all socialists not in the thrall of dogmatic christian altruism). Dutchmen, however, valued freedom and not coercion, and the Netherlands became a dangerous place to send SS Protection Squadron officers. The symbol of De Libertarische Partij, Netherlands, is an open birdcage and a free bird. Where had I seen anything like that before?

The University of Texas at Austin hosts art exhibits, among which I found an SS propaganda poster titled KULTUR TERROR or LIBERATORS depending on the version, intended to make nationalsocialism popular in Holland. The US juggernaut depicted had as its thorax a birdcage containing a jitterbugging couple. A nearby European collaborator, appalled at the apparition with its Ku-Klux head and ungainly appendages, pronounces it a threat to European values. No doubt the same mentality is muttering similar comments–nowadays about the Libertarische Partij.

You can see this poster by googling  “Dutch SS poster” and using the images option. There you will also see inspirational posters of nationalsocialism protecting christianity against godless communism. France was invaded and occupied by those same superstitious fanatics. If French reaction to Uber apps and mohammedan infiltration is any indication, Laval’s heirs show little evidence of having learned much from the experience. The Dutch, however, can easily understand German, and thus felt on their hides exactly what philosophical errors motivate the enemies of freedom. The error is blind acceptance of predatory altruism and superstitious nonsense as good by definition.   It makes one almost optimistic about the future of Europe.