Two solutions to ABBYY highlighting

Ever use ABBYY to convert a document composed by someone not very literate–like a clueless defendant or respondent? It takes forever if you let ABBYY agonize over every letter, but the program ignores settings telling it not to smear light blue highlighting everywhere. So how do you clean the exported Word doc of unwanted highlighting that is unresponsive to normal removal of highlighting?

Method 1 by Steven Marzuola:
To fix this shading in Microsoft Word

Ctrl-A to select the entire document (or just the pertinent text)
Open the Borders and Shading box. Simplest is Alt-O, B
Go to the Shading tab.
Take note of the setting in the “Apply to:” box. It’s probably “Paragraph”
Under Fill, click “No Color”. (Even though the window already says “No Color”)
Click OK.
Make sure that the correct text is still selected.
Open the Borders and Shading box again (Alt-O, B)
In the “Apply to:” box, change to “Text”
Under Fill, click “No Color”
Click OK.

BTW, the Alt-O, B keyboard shortcut is a holdover from pre-1997 versions of Word. There was a pull-down menu called “Format”, which used Alt-O instead of Alt-F because that was already used for the “File” pull-down.
Since 1997, the official way to bring up the Borders and Shading dialog box using the ribbon interface is:

Click the Home tab.
In the Paragraph group, click the triangle by the Borders button.
Choose the Borders and Shading command.
Method 2 by Hank Phillips:
Open the document in Open Office
Select everything
Use the highlighting tool to specify no highlighting.
Save the file in the same Word format.

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