Dry Killers, 2020


FEDERAL Prosecutor initiates deadly force against wife, self. (link)

Dry Killers was the term The Chicago Tribune used to describe government agents and their hangers-on who routinely killed unarmed boys and men in the 1920s and 30s. Anyone who thinks this is a prohibition phenomenon that’s over and done with might care to explain today’s news–or news of the past century.

Federal Prohibition and Second Amendment Kristallnacht infringement mouthpiece Timothy Delgado turned up dead just north of Folsom Prison in California, where police say he apparently killed his wife, then himself. Whether the reporting is accurate or not, it is typical of fanatical prohibitionism–which after the complete economic collapse of 1929-1933 shifted from beer, wine and Demon Rum to coercion over plant leaves and their extracts. The other big change is that big shots at the Chicago Tribune had a lot invested in alcohol precursor chemicals during national prohibition. They evidently have no such stake in Post-Nixon avatars of Satan. Fanatics infiltrating federal agencies, on the other hand, most certainly have a serious stake in the initiation of deadly force.(link)

Tribune reporters back then tracked down and reported on every storeowner, housewife and boat operator murdered in cold blood by prohibition agents. Nowadays such events are typically reported only by Reason Magazine writers. Prohibition killings are masked as “resisting arrest” and other such euphemistic camouflage, and a way is in every case found to minimize their impact on public perception. But America was not always so like a Christian National Socialist Democracy.(link)

Chicago was then and is now home to the largest glucose corn sugar plant on planet Earth. Yeast and sugar companies bankrolled bootleggers who installed refinery-grade continuous stills in bankrupt three-story mansions after The Crash. These outfits could afford to repay the political State in its own coin. This actually happened twice. In 1921-22 civilian posse comitatus‘ hunted down killers with badges as the economy collapsed, then a truce was established. The economic effect can be seen in this graph for hops, a precursor plant used to brew Beelzebub’s beer.(link

Nullification of felony beer prohibition laws

The 1923 Gentleman’s Agreement shifted enforcement away from beer until March 2, 1929, after which the economy lasted another 6 months

The truce broke down when the Klan defected from the Dems in 1928 and helped elect Herbert Clark Hoover. Prohibition related murders–including the killing of federal agents–immediately filled all the papers, and tell-all éxposé books appeared right after the Crash–itself caused by withdrawals of money from fractional-reserve banks to avoid federal asset-forfeiture confiscation. That is a little-appreciated aspect of a fractional-reserve banking system after a looter takeover. Here is an excerpt from Before and After Prohibition, a 1930 compendium by Maryland Senator Millard Tydings:

ONE of the most shocking results of the ten years of effort to enforce national prohibition is the long record of killings by prohibition and other Federal law enforcement agents. Even among some of the strongest advocates of the “noble experiment,” there have been widespread expressions of revolt at this bloody spectacle. Information regarding many of these killings has occupied much space in the public press, and editorial comment upon them has been most denunciatory. Yet they continue—apparently an almost inevitable accompaniment of the enforcement of this law.

Senator Tydings managed to uncover some 1300 suppressed killings committed by prohibition agents that were kept out of the papers and seldom discussed–including cases of federal gangs gunning down each other! Here’s a fratricidal example from Tydings’ collection: 

George Ball and William Porter, State agents, killed in battle with Federal Revenue officers at Camp Creek, West Virginia, June 20, 1925. (Each band of dry raiders thought the others were bootleggers, and they opened fire simultaneously.)

So this pattern of superstition, pseudoscience and political asset-forfeiture looting requires the initiation of force. This in turn requires killing people so that the law is taken seriously. Who advocates these murders? The answer is politicians who, like Germany’s NSDAP, represent Christian altruism–except for the part about how “thou shalt not kill.”(link

Thus, mystical collectivist cheapening of gratuitous murder stimulates demand for revenge and counterexamples, and the sort of agents and prosecutors attracted to this line of work do not even value their own lives, much less those of others. Remember this when next you hear one of God’s Own Prohibitionists seeking to pervert the Constitution and coerce women for “the unborn.” Just as Republican and Democrat prohibition fanatics cannot see “thou shalt not kill” in a book that does not condemn enjoyable substances, just so they cannot grasp “All Persons born” in the U.S. Constitution, or the absence, nay, denial of any federal authority for enactment of sumptuary laws.(link)

Incidentally, Millard Tydings was reelected over and over and served 44 years in the Senate.

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Dividing Private Property

Franco, caudillo de Dios, Mussolini, Lateran treaties

Fascism is socialism cut with christian altruism. All socialists are fascists today in that none seek to nationalize everything

The four squares on the Nolan Chart are the result of grasping the fact that altruist ideologues seek to destroy freedom by attacking individual rights with a meat cleaver.  Two 2-position switches yield four possible combinations or states for two light bulbs. Looters are horrified at the naked way this representation depicts their darling coercion, so their standard reaction is to claim that clarity is oversimplification and there are no either-or choices in real life.

Not for dim bulbs!

Is this difficult?

Such facile dismissal prompted a rebuttal by replacing the flip switches with dimmer switches. This carries the analogy out to more decimal places without giving up the basic conceptual information either version of the model allows you to visualize. So why four possibilities instead of a flip switch and a single light bulb? or just a horizontal line?

If you start with the premise that life is valuable, therefore aggression is wrong, a bar magnet suffices as illustrative visual aid. Objectivists (link) and libertarians flock like iron filings to the pole labeled Voluntary while altruists (fascists, communists, anarchists, socialists) gather at the end labeled Coercive. Agorists see Voluntary as Right, but altruists regard that pole as Wrong after rejecting the life premise.

Undecided voters with neutralized minds or values are imagined to clump near the center of the horizontal line (hence the centrist label). Christians and Mohammedans view the magnet differently. They flock to the Church pole, and imagine themselves squared off against sinners assembled at the Saloon end.

The Nolan Chart was not designed to delight ethical purists nor attract iron filings, but to illustrate to voters the advantages of consistency. Religious conservatives din voters’ ears with horrible prophesies of Race Suicide (in order to rob pregnant women of individual rights). Contrariwise, socialist orators predict appalling Starvation if a rich speculator is allowed to corner the market on food or energy. So the second axis was added to help voters visualize where inconsistency leads.

Even a concept as simple as Private Property can be attacked by lunatics. Officious mystical conservatives will attach to “Private” evidence of a shameful conspiracy to violate a sex taboo, or to experiment with plant leaves. Their socialist comrades single out “Property” as the baaad word, since it is what likens them to thieves. The truth is that such imbeciles are allowed to vote, so the Nolan Chart accommodates the fact by listing the outcome of unprincipled people armed with the suffrage voting the way altruist zealots urge them to vote.

If there were no coercive zealots urging use of ballots to crush economic freedom, scientific inquiry or consensual adulthood, there would be no need for a Nolan chart. A simple line from Good through Muddled to Bad would suffice. Ignoring muddled fools, however, is the formula for failure in politics. Soviet communism and christian National Socialism are examples of failure in politics–you want more?

Why not delve into what sort of voting caused the 1929 Crash? Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 does exactly that, matching newspaper accounts against stock market reactions and competing theories. It is live on Amazon Kindle for the price of a pint.

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Nixon’s anti-Libertarian Law

nixon1960aHere is how President Richard Nixon, after decreeing wage and price controls over the US economy destroyed by the Democratic and Republican parties’ undeclared war against “Godless Communism” in Vietnam, resorted to taxation and political subsidies in an effort to destroy the Libertarian Party. The following law was passed by the Republicans and Democrats and signed by Nixon on December 10, 1971.

It begins with TITLE VII–TAX INCENTIVES FOR CONTRIBUTIONS TO CANDIDATES FOR PUBLIC OFFICE (You may read the full law online and see just who benefits from the tax subsidy). The more important part is:



The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new subtitle:
“Subtitle H – Financing of Presidential Election Campaigns (…)
“For purposes of this chapter –
“(1) The term ‘authorized committee’ means, with respect to the candidates of a political party for President and Vice President of the United States, any political committee which is authorized in writing by such candidates to incur expenses to further the election of such candidates. Such authorization shall be addressed to the chairman of such political committee, and a copy of such authorization shall be filed by such candidates with the Comptroller General. Any withdrawal of any authorization shall also be in writing and shall be addressed and filed in the same manner as the authorization.
“(2) The term ‘candidate’ means, with respect to any presidential election, an individual who (A) has been nominated for election to the office of President of the United States or the office of Vice President of the United States by a major party, or (B) has qualified to have his name on the election ballot (or to have the names of electors pledged to him on the election ballot) as the candidate of a political party for election to either such office in 10 or more States. For purposes of paragraphs (6) and (7) of this section and purposes of section 9004 (a) (2), the term ‘candidate’ means, with respect to any preceding presidential election, an individual who received popular votes for the office of president in such election.
“(3) The term ‘Comptroller General’ means the Comptroller General of the United States.
“(4) The term ‘eligible candidates’ means the candidates of a political party for President and Vice President of the United States who have met all applicable conditions for eligibility to receive payments under this chapter set forth in section 9003.
“(5) The term ‘fund’ means the Presidential Election Campaign Fund established by section 9006 (a).
“(6) The term ‘major party’ means, with respect to any presidential election, a political party whose candidate for the office of president in the preceding presidential election received, as the candidate of such party, 25% or more of the total number of popular votes received by all candidates for such office.
“(7) The term ‘minor party’ means, with respect to any presidential election, a political party whose candidate for the office of President in the preceding presidential election received, as the candidate of such party, 25% or more of the total number of popular votes received by all candidates for such office.
“(7) The term ‘minor party’ means, with respect to any presidential election, a political party whose candidate for the office of president in the preceding presidential election received, as the candidate of such party, 5% or more but less than 25% of the total number of popular votes received by all candidates for such office.
“(8) The term ‘new party’ means, with respect to any presidential election, a political party which is neither a major party nor a minor party.
“(9) The term ‘political committee’ means any committee, association, or organization (whether or not incorporated) which accepts contributions or makes expenditures for the purpose of influencing, or attempting to influence, the nomination or election of one or more individuals to Federal, State, or local elective public office. (…)

“(a) IN GENERAL – in order to be eligible to receive any payments under section 9006, the candidates of a political party in a presidential election shall, in writing –
“(1) agree to obtain and furnish to the Comptroller General such evidence as he may request of the qualified campaign expenses with respect to which payment is sought,
“(2) agree to keep and furnish to the Comptroller General such records, books, and other information as he may request,
“(3) agree to an audit and examination by the Comptroller General under section 9007 and to pay any amounts required to be paid under such section, and
[page 565] “(4) agree to furnish statements of qualified campaign expenses and proposed qualified campaign expenses required under section 9008. (…)
“(a) IN GENERAL. – Subject to the provisions of this chapter –
“(1) The eligible candidates of a major party in a presidential election shall be entitled to payments under section 9006 equal in the aggregate to $0.15 multiplied by the total number of residents within the United States who have attained the age of 18, as determined by the Bureau of the Census, as of the first day of June of the year preceding the year of the presidential election.
“(2) (A) The eligible candidates of a minor party in a presidential election shall be entitled to payments under section 9006 equal in the aggregate to an amount which bears the same ratio to the amount computed under paragraph (1) for a major party as the number of popular votes received by the candidate for President of the minor party, as such candidate, in the preceding presidential election bears to the average number of popular votes received by the candidates for president of the major parties in the preceding presidential election. (…) STATUTE 85 PAGE 497.PDF

Following this unnecessary legislative incentive for the media to completely ignore the LP–unnecessary because TV oligopsony had chosen only two of 17 candidates for the Nixon-Kennedy debate–the law created, in CHAPTER 96, the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CAMPAIGN FUND ADVISORY BOARD, to which, by definition, only Democratic and Republican politicians (plus three placeholder shills) may be appointed. Observe that only the decrepit GOP and Dems, defenders of communism and chattel slavery respectively in their youth, qualify as “major” parties. The secret ballot in the hands of the looter party oligopsony effectively guaranteed, with this law subsidizing the fossils and penalizing new directions, that vote fraud would give spavined political soft machines absolute political power and nullify the salutary effect of  small-party spoiler votes–the source of all political change, for good or ill.

For comparison, the Communist Manifesto was published in English in 1850 in The Red Republican. Its Plank 2, a progressive income tax, was enacted by presidential fiat 12 years later, for about 10 years. Word of its impending revival caused the Panic of 1893 and the Supreme Court struck the tax down down in 1895 to stop general financial collapse. The Communist Manifesto tax was then injected into the Constitution, and its first implementation in 1914 coincided with the closing of all US stock exchanges for months.  Time elapsed from fool idea to full disaster was 64 years.

The Libertarian Party’s non-aggression principle first appeared in a 1947 letter from Ayn Rand. It framed the basis for the Libertarian party 24 years later. Nixon’s importation of Italian Fascism’s wage and price controls catalyzed the formation of the party. The “Presidential Election Campaign Fund Act,” created for the sole purpose of strangling in the crib any nascent political evolution toward freedom, passed one day before the LP was born. Mr. David Nolan founded the Libertarian Party with a group of colleagues in his home in Denver, Colorado, on December 11, 1971.

Time elapsed to-date is 44 years, but today we have the Internet and “ballot selfies” to break the stranglehold of unverifiable election fraud and political machine corruption. In another 20 years it should be possible to broadcast the non-agression principle that we “do not advocate the initiation of force to achieve social or political goals,” in all languages, abolish the income tax on individuals, and thus eliminate the major driver of sudden financial instability, warfare, and ruinous economic collapse.

Learn how republican Herbert Hoover used the IRS to swat beer, and crushed the U.S. economy instead. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929, is live at Amazon Kindle for the price of a pint.


Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle in 2 languages

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