Voter Suppression, 1931

Voter Suppression under Prohibition

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Beer was a felony, and Herbert Hoover was sworn to use federal agents to enforce the Women’s Christian Temperance Union’s war on getting high. The Methodist Board of Temperance, Prohibition and Public Morals declared all police shootings justified, with total immunity for the dry killers. The Liberal Party was formed by Pittsburgh Pennsylvania businessmen to run Thomas W. Phillips for governor on a platform to repeal prohibition. Socialist candidates avoided discussing prohibition, calling it a “red herring.” See Socialist Head Hails Cleanup.(link)

The idea was to eliminate a wishy-washy “moist” Republican named Francis Shunk Brown, and nominate Gifford Pinchot–a fanatical dry who even censored beer and hip flask scenes from movies at local theaters. Stage two of the plan was to defeat the hated Pinchot in an up-or-down vote on Prohibition.(link) The second stage called for throwing Liberal Party support to defeat dry bigot Pinchot and elect the proudly wet Democrat John Hemphill. This is the classic third-party chessboard maneuvering the looter kleptocracy fears most.(link)

Phillips’ candidacy eliminated the spineless Brown. There followed a race in which Republican Gifford Pinchot beat Democrat Hemphill by 5% thanks to a last minute patronage agreement with the Pittsburgh soft machine. This maneuver mooted the 366,572 votes, or 15% of the total, cast by Phillips’ Liberal supporters for Hemphill, the only Democrat the Liberal Party endorsed. The same paper elided mention of Phillips, and misnamed the Liberal Party the Liberay Party after the election.(link)

Kleptocracy looters lose 1931

Third party spoiler votes change everything!

That edition also mentioned the “almost forgotten Prohibition party” at the bottom of page 2.(link) One year later Herbert Hoover would be tossed out of office after every bank in the nation closed its doors, with the Dems winning the first of five consecutive elections. The Party of Principle seen its chances and took them to rid the nation of the primary cause of the Great Depression. The other causes, plant leaf prohibition and the individual income tax, are only now nearing repeal thanks to the Libertarian Party’s spoiler vote clout. 

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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The Bill Weld Gambit

No to Involuntary Labor!

Ensuring clinic access is guarding a fundamental right of the individual.

Would Bill Weld betray or help the Libertarian Party by running as a Republican?

The whole reason I volunteer, vote and donate to Libertarian parties is because I want the laws to change. This is about ideas, ethics, freedom… It is not about this or that particular politician. If my every libertarian spoiler vote is worth 10,000 looter votes when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, or 21 votes when it comes to repealing taxes and regulations, or a half-dozen votes in favor of relegalizing plant leaves, that leverage is fine by me. Nixon’s tinkering with the tax codes to subsidize looter parties and penalize honesty was met with whoops of joy from the presstitute corps. The move had attracted parasitical infiltrators to our ranks and literally pays all news outlets to enthusiastically depict the LP in much the way Der Sturmer reported on Judaism. It is no exaggeration to reiterate that the looter parties will do whatever it takes to rig the elections, infiltrate and defame the LP and generally play dirty pool to keep us from getting our candidates elected. After all, they are the ones that are for the initiation of force, fraud and violence.

But our candidates only need a few votes to win–where to win means to change bad laws. Because the Kleptocracy factions are nearly identical, their vote counts differ by very little. With a short platform purged of suicidal planks planted on us by infiltrators and saboteurs, all we need is about 3% of the vote to consistently cover the gap in roughly a third of the elections in These States. Bill Weld helped the LP earn national spoiler vote status by earning more votes than the difference between the Dem and GOP popular vote counts. When Gary Johnson opposed individual rights for women 4 years earlier he got only a third as many votes. The increase in our vote fraction attending the return to our original pro-choice platform should enable the LP to replace one of the looter parties in something like half a century. This is about the current age of the LP. Our looter adversaries are 170 and well into senility.

In order to not lose elections, paychecks and pelf, Republican partisans have to delete prohibition planks and find less repugnant candidates. Bill Weld is a less repugnant candidate. Unlike Randal Paul and Whatzisname Amash, Weld does not advocate sending men with guns to threaten doctors and  force women into involuntary labor. Weld is as pro-choice as the original Libertarian Party platform of 1972! If Weld runs for the nomination, he will end the Republican strategy of finding women-bulliers to impersonate token libertarians in an effort to bring back the Comstock laws banning ALL birth control.

This is exactly what we “unreconstructed” Libertarians want. Let’s us infiltrate them for some changes!

Simultaneous interpreting for Brazilian and American audiences… and a book on economics, beer and dope…

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Do tariffs wreck economies?

Many words and mucho looting

Number of pages in the tariff law

Historians, economists, investors–people in the thrall of government control over the economy–urge us to believe the 1929 Crash was a leper’s bell reaction to the approaching Tariff Act of 1930. But comparison with the previous prohibition-era tariff of 1922 reveals huge differences in search, seizure and asset forfeiture powers for Coast Guard and Customs. There were large increases in tariffs on the corn wet mills made into sugar and the sugar bootleggers converted into moonshine, but not much else.

Sugar and corn tariff of 1922:

PAR. 501. Sugars, tank bottoms, sirups of cane juice, melada, concentrated melada, concrete and concentrated molasses, testing by the polariscope not above seventy-five sugar degrees, and all mixtures containing sugar and water, testing by the polariscope above fifty sugar degrees and not above seventy-five sugar degrees, 1&24/100 cents per pound, and for each additional sugar degree shown by the polariscopic test, forty-six one-thousandths of 1 cent per pound additional, and fractions of a degree in proportion. …

PAR. 724. Corn or maize, including cracked corn, 15 cents per bushel of fifty-six pounds; corn grits, meal, and flour, and similar products, 30 cents per one hundred pounds.

Sugar and corn tariff of 1930:

PAR. 501. Sugars, tank bottoms, sirups of cane juice, melada, concentrated melada, concrete and concentrated molasses, testing by the polariscope not above seventy-five sugar degrees, and all mixtures containing sugar and water, testing by the polariscope above fifty sugar degrees and not above seventy-five sugar degrees, 1.7125 cents per pound, and for each additional sugar degree shown by the polariscopic test, three hundred and seventy-five ten-thousandths of 1 cent per pound additional, and fractions of a degree in proportion. …

PAR. 724. Corn or maize, including cracked corn, 25 cents per bushel of fifty-six pounds; corn grits, meal, and flour, and similar products, 50 cents per one hundred pounds.

Tariffs on opium and coca leaf products did not change. 

Europeans, amid the wreckage of another of their opium wars, liquidated stocks when the US pressured Austria and Germany into passing laws against some drugs, including heroin and hemp. European stock markets peaked at about the time the Fifth Amendment was gutted so that bootlegger money could be seized under the income tax. The French stock market peaked in February, 1929, when the Naarden scandal was in the newspapers.

US stock markets followed suit when prosecutor Mabel Willebrandt–whom HL Mencken called “Prohibition’s Portia”–explained these facts about the Fifth Amendment and asset forfeiture confiscation of liquor and drug money in a syndicated column in August and September of 1929. Comprehension dawned as the First Lady of Law gave legal details of how government enforcement transformed wealth into poverty. Those same puritanical prohibition and looter laws caused money to flee banks and brokerages and the economy collapsed.

The Kleptocracy to this day attributes the crash to exaggerated reaction to the tariff, thereby distracting economists and historians from the prohibitionist measures that actually wrecked the economy. Those economy-wrecking measures prompted formation of the Liberal Party for repeal. When writing on economics, it is good practice to separate these variables. The tariff is blamed in order to avoid mentioning something more embarrassing: the sanctimonious asset-forfeiture looting that wrecked the economy and caused the Great Depression–and again in 1987 and again in 2007. Protective tariffs are ungood, but certainly not as dangerous as the communist manifesto income tax injected into the Constitution as “a replacement.”

Conservative mystics also pretend that the protective tariff did NOT cause the Civil War, when they know perfectly well that it did, just as it caused the Nullification Crisis. They then turn around and believe just as fervently that such armed extortion is “good for the economy” in the same way making beer a felony was salutary. Today a bad but impotent tariff of Abominations is blamed for the entire Crash and Depression following use of new tax laws to enforce new prohibition laws. Conservatives worship a mythical dead body invented 150 years after the fact and clothed in imaginary sermons preaching altruism and wielding whips against those who use money.

Surely one does not expect reasoned consistency from these ideologies, but rather, apologias holding their pseudoscientific policies harmless from all blame and liability for ensuing disasters. Ask yourself: have not the noble experiments of 1987 and 2007 given the lie to this superstitious evasion?

If in need of economic, financial or legal translations from Spanish and Portuguese to English or English into Portuguese, look me up.
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The LIB for Liberal gambit

Randal Paul–Son of Ron and survivor of the Bernie Sanders Volunteer Killing Fields gunfight–is tolerated by God’s Own Prohibitionists as handy bait and a false flag lure for libertarian defection; he is a useful Libertarian impersonator.

Randal’s function is to lure wavering mystics away from the LP and into the rights-destroying  mob he himself reinforced with his vote for Anointed General Beauregard Sessions, the new Prohibition Czar. The strategy is a variant on the 1932 tactic of suddenly calling communist looters “liberals.” To visualize how odd this is, here is how liberal is defined in the dictionary on my Apple computer:

(in a political context) favoring maximum individual liberty in political and social reform: a liberal democratic state.

Need I remind the reader that freedom (in a political context) means freedom from coercion? Anyone can search Google News Archives and see that Liberal meant something akin to Libertarian before the summer of 1932. The stratagem arose in the Corn-Sugar Belt as the Prohibition Party and God’s Own Prohibitionists knelt before the guillotine of the November elections. The Liberal Party in its 1931 platform gave mystical bigots short shrift:

The Liberal Party aims at the dissolution of the Ku Klux Klan, because that society, suppressing the social and political rights of Jews, Catholics, and Negroes, is a foul vulture that is eating the heart out of the body politic; and when it was in its greatest power it continued to enroll new thousands in its membership through the encouragement which Mr. Ford gave to its propaganda with his senseless campaign of libel against the Jews.

Henry Ford and the Klan were pillars of prohibition enforcement, completely immune to rational thought or objective facts. Actual Liberals were organized by Carnegie Institute regulars, captains of industry, railroad presidents, college teachers, steamship officials, bankers, merchants, authors, journalists, publishers, labor leaders, and statesmen in the Steel Belt, not corn farmers, distillers or glucose magnates.

Drys want men with guns to shoot people over alcohol, and conservatives are drys against repeal or relegalization. Wets–mostly meaning liberals–wanted nobody with a gun banning the production, sale and transportation of beer, wine, sauerkraut or liquor in 1932, or hemp, LSD, peyote or mushrooms today. By 1932, wet was the freak flag of liberals against the initiation of force. Mrs Pauline Sabin explained how the former slur became a mark of distinction.

Liberals sought repeal of Republican and Mohammedan Sharia prohibition and blue laws the mystical autocracy had imported from the Mohammedan Middle East. The Liberal Party platform of 1931 explicitly repudiated communism. The rest of their platform could have been written by low-tariff, prohibition repeal liberals in Ontario. Their pre-election propaganda in America, however, was stinging.

The Liberal Party wet plank had already been added to the Democratic platform, and the Dems then won five (05) elections in a row. Today’s mystical prohibitionists hope to trick illiterate voters into thinking “commies” when they see the LIB on the ballots. Make no mistake; the Libertarian party platform is the antithesis of imported communism or Germany’s religious nationalsocialist dictatorship. People who speak of left and right really want communism or nazionalsocialismus. Libertarians seek to protect the constitution from the tendentious initiation of force no government can afford to indulge in this 72nd year of the nuclear era.

Are you surprised to learn that a libertarian-style party existed and wrote the plank for repeal of the Prohibition Amendment? Interpreters have to think outside the box to mediate between languages and cultures.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Jefferson, independência que dá para entender

Henry Louis Mencken, autor de “The American Language”, achou que o governo desprezava os direitos dos cidadãos porque o cidadão não entendia mais o inglês do Século XVIII. O que diria o membro do povão de uma frase como esta: “Convocou os corpos legislativos a lugares nada usuais, inconvenientes e distantes dos cartórios em que se guardavam seus registros públicos, com o único fito de arrancar-lhes, pela fadiga, o assentimento às medidas que lhe conviessem.”?

No tempo do Fico, até com isso a gente dava um jeito:
“Consideramos estas verdades por si mesmo evidentes, que todos os homens são criados iguais, sendo-lhes conferidos pelo seu Criador certos Direitos inalienáveis, entre os quais se contam a Vida, a Liberdade e a busca da Felicidade. Que para garantir estes Direitos, são instituídos Governos entre os Homens, derivando os seus justos poderes do consentimento dos governados. “

Mencken então traduziu a Declaração para o vernáculo americano em defesa da liberdade e dos direitos da pessoa humana, em 1921. O que segue serviu como inspiração para a formação do primeiro Partido Libertário.

SEMPRE que as coisas ficam tão emboladas que o povo de determinado país tem que cortar os laços que o ligavam a outro, e ficar na sua, sem pedir licença a ninguém, exceto quiçá o Todo-Poderoso, é correto esclarecer porque fizeram isso, para que tudo mundo possa ver que não estão aprontando nem armando nada.
O que temos a dizer é o seguinte: primeiro, tanto tu como eu valemos o mesmo que qualquer outro, aliás, quem sabe até mais; segundo, que ninguém tem direito a burlar nenhum dos nossos direitos; terceiro, que cada um tem o direito de viver, de ir e vir como quiser, e de se divertir do jeito que bem entender, desde que não interfira com outra pessoa.
Que o governo que não garante esses direitos não presta para nada; e mais, que as pessoas deviam escolher o tipo de governo que querem, sem que ninguém de fora se intrometa no assunto. E se o governo não fizer assim, cabe ao povo o direito de botá-lo na rua e instalar outro que cuidará dos seus interesses.
É claro que isso não implica em montar revolta todo dia mode aqueles bobocas da América do Sul, ou sempre que algum político ficar à toa, sem cargo. Mais vale acomodar um pouquinho de corrupção, etc., do que ficar toda hora montando revoluções mode aqueles ladinos, e qualquer um que não seja anarquista, ou desses comunas da vida, diria o mesmo.
Mas quando as coisas ficam tão ruins que o cidadão quase que não tem mais direito nenhum, faltando pouco para ser chamado de escravo, aí todos deviam unir as forças e botar os sem-vergonhas na rua, e instalar outros cuja roubalheira não dê tanto na vista, e marcar cerrado em cima destes.
Taí a situação que o povo dessas Colônias encara, que já está de saco cheio, e vai dar um basta nisso.
O governo desse Rei atual, George III, nunca prestou desde a largada, e sempre que peão reclama, lá vêm os meganhas dele, impondo tudo goela-abaixo.
Veja só algumas das agressões que ele armou:

  • Entrou vetando na Legislatura as leis que todos favoreciam e que quase ninguém achava ruins.
  • Não permitia a aprovação de nenhuma lei a menos que antes passasse pelo cunho dele, e logo metia no bolso, fazendo de morto, e não estava nem aí para as reclamações da gente.
  • E quando o pessoal trabalhava direitinho, pedindo a ele que aprovasse um projeto de lei sobre esse ou aquele assunto, ele forçava a barra: ou eles fechavam a Legislatura, deixando ele legislar sozinho, ou não podiam ter essa lei.
  • Ele forçou a Câmara a se reunir em vilarejos lá nas cucuias, de modo que quase ninguém conseguia chegar lá e a liderança ficava em casa, deixando ele fazer tudo como quisesse.
  • Ele mandou a Legislatura às favas, e dispensava os deputados sempre que ousassem criticá-lo ou falar grosso com ele.
  • Depois de abolir a Legislatura, ele não permitiu que mais ninguém fosse eleito, de modo que não havia quém tocasse as coisas, e aí qualquer um entrava ali e fazia o que quisesse.
  • Procurou afugentar as pessoas que queriam se mudar pra cá, e colocou tanto obstáculo no caminho do italiano ou judeu, pra tirar os papéis, que era melhor largar mão disso e ficar em casa mesmo. E se conseguia entrar, não lhe permitia posse nem de uma gleba, de modo que nem vinha mais pra cá ou voltava pra sua terra.
  • Ele atrapalhou os tribunais, e não contratou juízes o suficiente para dar conta do trabalho, e a pessoa desesperava de tanto aguardar a chamada da sua causa que abandonava a reclamação, voltava pra casa e nunca ganhava o que lhe deviam.
  • Fez gato e sapato dos juízes, despedindo-os sempre que faziam algo que ele não gostasse, ou ele atrasava os seus salários, de modo que eram obrigados a obedecer ou não recebiam.
  • Ele inventou uma pá de cargos pra dar emprego pra tudo quanto é vadio que ninguém conhece, e o povo, coitado, é obrigado a pagar a despesa quer tenha condições ou não.
  • Sem guerra nenhuma, manteve aboletado no país um exército vadio, por mais que o povo reclamasse disso.
  • Deixou o exército tocar tudo a seu bel-prazer, e num ‘tava nem aí pra quem não vestia uniforme.

Deu trela pros corruptos, só Deus sabe de onde, deixando que dessem palpite em tudo, e ainda que aprontassem o seguinte:

  • Obrigam o pobre povo a fazer pensão para uma tropa sem serventia nenhuma, e que não querem ver vadiando em sua casa.
  • E quando os soldados matam o cidadão, arrumam tudo para que escapem ilesos do crime.
  • Bedelham nos nossos negócios.
  • Cobram imposto da gente sem querer saber se a gente achava que o objeto daqueles impostos seria do nosso interesse custear na marra ou não.
  • E quanto o sujeito era preso e pedia julgamento por júri, não deixavam que fosse julgado pelos seus semelhantes.
    Tocam peão que não tem culpa de nada pra fora do país, acusando-o em tribunal lá longe pelo que teriam feito aqui.
  • Nos países fronteiriços, esse rei deu apoio a governos canalhas e ainda quis que se alastrassem, de modo a fincar raízes por cá também, ou tornar o nosso governo tão canalha quanto o deles.

Ele nunca deu bola pra Constituição, e sim tratou de abolir as leis que todos achavam satisfatórios e aos quais quase ninguém se opunha, procurando sempre mexer com o governo de modo a poder fazer o que desse na telha.
Ele botou pra correr os nossos legisladores e ainda deu a entender que sabia fazer tudo melhor sozinho. Agora lava as mão de nós e ainda se dá ao trabalho de declarar a guerra contra a gente, de forma que a ele não devemos mais nada, e ele não manda mais na gente não.

  • Incendiou as cidades, matou as pessoas cachorramente a tiros, e infernizou as nossas atividades no mar.
  • Contratou regimentos inteiros de holandeses, etc., para guerrear contra a gente, dizendo a eles que podiam tirar de nós o que queriam, e atiçou pra cima da gente esses estrangeiros.
  • Agarrou dos navios os nossos marinheiros, obrigando-lhes a empunhar armas e lutar contra a gente, por mais que se relutassem contra isso.
    Fomentou insurreição entre os índios, dando-lhes armas e munições e mandando sentar lenha, e estes mataram homens, mulheres e crianças sem ver a diferença.

Toda vez que lançou mão dessas coisas, a gente se empenhou pra levantar uma oposição, mas toda vez que a gente se mexeu pra acordar o povo, ele tornou a repetir as mesmas façanhas. Quando o homem sempre age com tamanha brutalidade, salta aos olhos que esse aí não tem fineza e não merece o poder pra mandar em povo nenhum que ainda tem direitos; merece, sim, um chute no traseiro. E quando a gente prestou queixa pros ingleses, eles não deram satisfação. Quase que todo dia avisamos a eles que os políticos de lá faziam coisas com a gente que não tinham nenhum direito de fazer.

Tornamos a lembrá-los quem éramos nós, e o que a gente fazia por cá, e porque viemos pra cá. Pedimos a eles pra tratar direito da gente, e avisamos que se continuasse assim nós íamos ter que tomar uma atitude qualquer sobre as coisas e que eles talvez não iriam gostar. Mas quanto mais a gente explicava, menos eles ligavam para o que a gente dizia.

Já se não nos apoiam, é porque estão contra a gente, e estamos prontos e dispostos a cair de pancada em cima deles, ou até fazer as pazes quando tudo terminar e sentar a poeira.

Portanto fica resolvido que nós, os representantes do povo dos Estados Unidos da América, reunidos no Congresso, declaramos o seguinte: Que os Estados Unidos, que outrora eram as Colônias Unidas, hoje são um país livre, como deviam ser, e que escorraçamos o rei inglês e não queremos mais nada com ele, e os ingleses não mandam mais na gente; e ainda que, na condição de país livre, podemos fazer tudo o que os países livres fazem, sobretudo declarar guerra, celebrar a paz, assinar tratados, formar empresa, e afins. E nos juramos em apoio a essa proposta com a mão na Bíblia, cada um e todos nós, e prometemos persistir nisso, custe o que custar, na vitória ou na derrota, quer consigamos fazer vingar ou mesmo levando a pior, não importando se agindo assim a gente perder tudo ou mesmo seja enforcado pelo ato.


Monteiro Lobato wrote a pro-American book bristling with eugenics and endorsements of Prohibition in 1926. Here is the science fiction story of the U.S. presidential election of the year 2228, translated into English by J Henry Phillips. (link)

For more on how Republican prohibitionism crushed the U.S. economy and brought on the Great Depression, why not download Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929? The book is live in two languages on Amazon Kindle and you can read it on a cellphone for the cost of a craft pint at a pub.

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