Fascism infecting Libertarian Media

By Gilbert Shelton, former editor of The Texas Ranger, UTexas at Austin (link)

Ayn Rand declared it immoral to vote against Nixon the baby-bomber. She literally declared it a moral crime to vote for John Hospers, who had critically judged one of her philosophical arguments in a public venue.(link) Up until then it was clear to all and sundry that the Libertarian Party was the party of, by and for laissez-faire admirers of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Robert Heinlein exemplified those Ayn Rand admirers before it was even fashionable. A condition for membership even today is agreement with her Non-Aggression Principle framed in 1947 as Christian National Socialist war criminals pleaded for U.S. support before the trapdoors fell. But Rand’s tantrum, urging voters to instead support the Klan and Nixon’s use of the military to napalm babies in an abandoned French colonial opium regie on the other side of the planet, muddied the waters considerably.(link)

George Wallace supporters are rabidly opposed to birth control. Their allegiance transferred en masse to Nixon after their Savior felt on his hide the initiation of force he himself championed. His flock abandoned the American Independent Party and transferred its 46 electoral votes to the Watergate burglary mastermind.(link)  Those 1968 electoral votes had come from nearly 10 million rednecks famous for racial lynchings, arson, bombings and burning Beatles albums. Former Wallace voters were the core of Nixon’s Moral Majority, then Silent Majority after Agnew retreated behind the 5th Amendment. Vice President Agnew was indicted for failure to pay the Communist Manifesto income tax imported into the Constitution after its first enactment worsened the Panic of 1893. Transferring allegiance from opposing prohibition to supporting the Hoover-Nixon Quaker White Terror was not Ayn Rand’s smartest decision. (link

The IRS Code under which Agnew was indicted contains the Nixon Anti-Libertarian law no conservative ever mentions. This is a law taking money from producers and transferring it to the entrenched political parties comprising the looter Kleptocracy. Its effect was to attract an even denser swarm of communist intellectuals into the Democratic party. That party was still reeling from the Kennedy assassination, the shame Johnson’s cowardly carpet-bombing of civilians in Southeast Asia and the humiliating 1968 convention besieged by SDS and Youth International Party rioters. (link) That lot quickly infected Democrat media. Today’s social media bristle with long-haired YAFers claiming to be “libertarian” while putching a pietistic Republican National Socialist agenda consisting mainly of prophesies and revelations of what the Dems Left “is gonna do.”

Nixon’s never-mentioned Anti-Libertarian Law has been exported to Caudillo de Dios dictatorships in Latin America and most European countries formerly controlled by German National Socialism, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Portuguese, Vichy, caudillo and duce Fascism–and subsequently conquered by Soviet communism. Soviet Communism owned thousands of fusion bombs when Ayn was sabotaging John Hospers’ attempts to offer voters an alternative to communo-fascist variants of socialist altruism.(link)  

Those exported versions of the Nixon law are today as effective as barbed wire when it comes to preventing anyone from choosing libertarianism. Brazil, for instance, subsidizes 16 communist and 16 fascist parties, and forces everyone to vote for one or the other–or spindle the ballot. None of the Above has about 25% of the vote share in many large cities. The Atlas Society of objectivist impersonators has meanwhile joined Landover Baptist Republicans in pushing for laws to bully pregnant women into coathanger abortions. Exportation of prohibition laws demonizing plant leaves and inciting primitive junta dictatorships into economy-wrecking asset-forfeiture raids is what caused the mass exodus of economic refugees currently marching toward America.(link

Right now the Democratic party is saturated with communist ideology, its christian components replaced by girl-bullying islamic mohammedanism. Republicans made it clear that George Wallace’s plans to bully pregnant women are more important than winning elections. Meanwhile, Jo Jorgensen’s campaign was sabotaged with a partly-functioning communist anarchist on the ticket, drastically weakening libertarian spoiler vote clout.(link) Now is a good time to revive the original LP plank on women’s rights–the one copied by the Supreme Court as Roe v Wade.(link) To delay is to invite Army of God fanatics now being shunned out of Republican ranks to infest the LP and permanently end our chances of getting any spoiler votes from women.

Republicans are now about to be handed the Drug Czar Biden and Kamala Harris Antifa leadership they so richly deserve. After all, did they not in October threaten women voters with a zealot appointed to the Court specifically to overturn the Roe v Wade decision? That Roe v Wade decision was copied from the Libertarian Platform the year Ayn Rand told voters to vote for Nixon instead of John Hospers.(link


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Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Anarchist Candidate Results

Hank Phillips to Libertarian Party, August 7, 2020: “Letting idiots like the Mises Caucus, Spike and Das Boothead wreck the party is NOT the answer. Neither is whining.

Hank Phillips, August 14, 2020: “Yep. We could have let Jo choose a sane, competent and non-communist running mate to give the Kleptocracy cause to shudder in its jackboots. But noooooooooo. The senile Mises to Pieces caucus had to saddle us with that f*cking nitwit! This is your doing. The State and county LPs are doing great work in spite of your backstabbing. Now the identical communo-fascist factions are fielding decrepit geezers on platforms of prohibitionism and asset forfeiture. And why not? It’s not like they have US to worry about anymore.

August 18: Message received…. but whoever stuck you with Spike the commmunist anarchist precluded my adding financial contributions of the sort I sent Gary’s Campaign. 
September 2: Unfortunately, I will not send money to the national campaign until after Spike is Raptured to that great communist anarchist concentration camp in the Sky or falls under the wheels of a speeding bus.  But do lemme know if that happens. 
Jo, your message should stress that LP votes pack persistent law-changing clout that puts pressure on the entrenched looters to repeal bad laws. Furthermore, that spoiler vote pressure is leveraged, so that the folks suckered or frightened into voting for coercion dilute the effective power of their votes—their wasted votes. This is explained in detail in “the case for voting Libertarian” …Steve, If Spike the communist anarchist weren’t on the ticket, you’d already have what you want. I’m supporting other LP campaigns. Ain’t competition grand?
September 10: Army of God infiltrators pressured the platform committee to remove the Roe v Wade language that was in the 1972 and 1976 platforms and replace it with the cowardly straddle that drives women voters away. As long as there is drug prohibition vetted by medical profession cartel licensees, women surprised by unwanted pregnancy cannot after taxes afford even the simplest procedures. Restore the plank and worried women will again give a damn whether the LP lives or dies—and express that with donations.
September 17: After Thomas Knapp suckered the platform committee into sabotaging the 2016 platform, every terrified conservative on Youtube and other media hollers “open borders” to prove Jo is an anarchist communist infiltrator. This is unfair when the real anarchist communist infiltrators are Knapp, Vermin and his Boy Wonder Cohen. I do not know how to fix that.
September 24 to Dan Fishman: My dues are only due again in 7 weeks and I have been contributing to the Dallas County LP as the only one I’m really proud of. 
September 29: There ya go. Rub that communist anarchist infiltrator into everyone’s faces until the LP is back down to the percentage the Child Molester planks brought us in 1988-92. To help the LP you should resign and rejoin CPUSA. Brainless n Boothead is copying Wavy Gravy and Pat Poulsen. 

September 30: Show me Spikey Pinhead resigned, replaced by an actual libertarian candidate. Until then, local parties only for me, the Mises Caucus Anarchistas for you. (…) But the LP sure had a good thing going before those open borders, uninspected entry anarchists infiltrated the platform committee via misdirection approval voting. Putting one on the top ticket to ruin Jo’s campaign was the height of idiocy. How can we look people in the eye and say the LP is not as stupid as the looter parties who at least had sense enough to not put a communist anarchist up for VP. Even the voters who wanted jihadists and infected cattle swarming across the border draw the line at amok anarchist communists. 
October 16: It getting Jo votes really mattered to you, Jeremy the communist infiltrator would NOT be on the ticket. 
October 19: I’ll be donating some more to the Dallas LP, count on it. I am glad Spike hasn’t completely ruined Jo’s campaign. Then again, my calculations call for her to get 13% on the logistics curve, which allowing for population growth (world pop has DOUBLED since we and the pill halved the second derivative) is 27 million votes. 
October 20, reply to LP Canada: Dear Coreen, 1. I am in Brazil and cannot collect signatures for Canada 2. Your people told me it’s illegal for me to send money, and I haven’t much in any case. 
Oct 30 to Joe Bishop-Henchman: Dear Sleepy Joe, You STILL don’t get it. You imagine we are an employment service for politicians, rather than a freedom shield that keeps bad laws from killing people and wrecking the economy. UNEMPLOYED politicians—the ba*stards voters are able to turn out thanks to our spoiler votes—are the ones who will convince the Looter National Committees to change platform planks and repeal cruel laws. Winning is getting enough spoiler votes to make looters lose and change their lawsWinning is increasing freedom, NOT political jobs for the boys. We WIN most elections. Getting Libertarians elected is good, and will hasten the process, but how many Prohibition Party politicians are in office right now? All kinds of substances are illegal. When was the last time you saw a Socialist Party officeholder? All kinds of taxes are still collected and regulations extorted. Their principles survived the parties that acted as vectors. They have NOBODY in office, yet their victory—getting their planks enacted as law—persists. 
November 3 election day in Travis County, Spike “Beethead” Cohen dragged Jo Jorgensen’s vote total to the LOWEST for any of the Libertarians on the ballot. 

Having a communist anarchist running mate put Jo Jorgensen in LAST place

Oh, and that was when we STILL HAD Libertarians on ballots in 50 States! 

ONE communist anarchist candidate cost us ballot access in 20 states!


Monteiro Lobato wrote a pro-American book bristling with eugenics and endorsements of Prohibition in 1926. Here is the science fiction story of the U.S. presidential election of the year 2228, translated into English by J Henry Phillips. (link)

For more on how Republican prohibitionism crushed the U.S. economy and brought on the Great Depression, why not download Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929? The book is live in two languages on Amazon Kindle and you can read it on a cellphone for the cost of a craft pint at a pub.

cause and effect

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Tarl’s Trump Commercial

Tarl is the only intelligent commentator in favor of wasting a vote on Trump’s Republican party.

And here is Trump himself giving reasons why–if you value the U.S. economy–you should vote for Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen and not any of the geriatric entrenched prohibitionist kleptocracy candidates. Southern Command is a branch of the U.S. military charged with invading, robbing, kidnapping and murdering foreign citizens and elected politicians in pseudoscientific zealotry to prohibit plant leaves in other people’s territories. (link)

Kill! kill! kill! and we was both jumpin up and down hollering

Trump rally for support in armed invasion of neighboring countries to suppress plant leaves with OUR money and lives (link)

For the benefit of Democratic Party readersGeriatric: relating to old people, especially with regard to their health care. Cf a geriatric hospital. Prohibitionist: the action of forbidding something, especially by law Cf Joe Biden, Mandatory Minimums, Bush Dynasty, Herbert Hoover, Crash, Depression

For the benefit of Republican Party readers: Entrenched: firmly established and difficult or unlikely to change; ingrained: an entrenched resistance to change. Kleptocracy: a cabal that uses political power to steal its country’s resources.

Hockey stick for Libertarians!

Libertarian vote share after Bush asset-forfeiture crash

For the benefit of any who believe in wasting their potentially law-changing spoiler vote to instead legitimize coercion at the hands of an entrenched looter politician: Winning: gaining, resulting in, or relating to victory in a contest or competition; changing bad laws–NOT the act of electing some grinning politician to rob murder and enslave you a minute slower than some equally ruthless murderer.  

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

Brazilian blog

simultaneous interpreting, legal and financial

Understanding anarchism

History is littered with evidence enough to conclude that anarchism is yet another communo-fascist variant of altruistic socialism based on the initiation of force. At least history was what convinced me–that and the way “former” communists came out of the woodwork to infiltrate libertarian activities in 1980. The pattern was the same as in the 1960s and ’70s. Looters in those days infiltrated hippie activities the way they infiltrated labor unions in the teens and twenties and cult religions in the 1880s through the noughts. Bad laws resulted.

Most of the reasons necessitating formation of the Libertarian Party resulted from this infectious penetration-through-mimeses of social movements by predators convinced the world owes them a living. By the method of spoiler votes they added to American jurisprudence the force laws the LP has been successfully repealing by the same method these past 46 years.

The above news article dated 05OCT1905 relates that

…Anthony W. Olseon, age 25 of Youngstown, Ohio… shot and fatally wounded Hugh Hamilton… in front of Merchants Hotel, in Water street. Oleson fired four shots into Hamilton’s body, after which he caused quite a disturbance in the surrounding streets. He was finally placed under arrest. The cause of the shooting is not known. The police found a number of socialist pamphlets and a Washington, DC railroad ticket on Oleson’s person.

Police then speculated

… that Oleson is the same person who tried to reach President Roosevelt Monday afternoon, October 5, 1903. Superintendent Wallace thinks that the Oleson now in the Central Station is a former resident of Minneapolis and that on the date mentioned he entered the lobby of the White House armed with a revolver and knife.
When discovered by secret servicemen the suspect put up a fierce fight, Officer Olstell being wounded. Investigation on October 6, 1903, developed that the man was an anarchist and that he was known as Peter Eliott and Peter Oleson. He was committed to an insane asylum and escaped, being next heard of in Ohio.
The Youngstown, Ohio police wired that they believe Oleson could throw considerable light on the murder of a woman supposed to be Oleson’s wife, which occurred in Youngstown some months ago. Oleson answers the description of the man wanted  by the Ohio officials. He is a machinist.

Ask yourself if Oleson is someone you would vote for in order to reduce the initiation of force. If the answer is no, then why not help the LP purge itself of harmful, voter-alienating impostors? Cross-dressing to infiltrate our party for the specific purpose of bullying women or sanctifying Antifa-style communism had become a major industry. Our purpose is to shift policy, laws and the police away from coercion and toward freedom. Our purpose is to increase freedom by democratic means. Freedom is the absence of the initiation of force, so much so that it in the universe of political discourse it could be represented as 1-f, where f is the initiation of force.

Every libertarian vote decreases the violence of law. This is verifiable. Every vote in favor of Fabian communism in 1892 brought on the economy-destroying income tax. The banking system collapsed, union goons fired on men applying for jobs. A rabble of Altrurian looters marched on Washington to demand money in a scene that would not occur again until “brothers’ keeper” Herbert Hoover again wrecked the economy in Christianity’s War on the Demon Rum.

Violent racial collectivism formed a party behind George Wallace. In 1968, when there was no Libertarian Party, Dixiecrat National Socialists collected thrice the votes cast for communist socialists in 1892. Wallace’s campaign put Nixon in office and sent “a message to Washington” that rewound the South back into the ku-klux Reconstruction era. Violence blossomed like napalm until the LP made it possible to vote for peace and freedom and send THAT message to DC.

While waiting for the next in this series of historical accounts demonstrating that anarchism is still the murdering communism sane people know it to be, why not delve into what caused the 1929 Crash? Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 does exactly that, matching newspaper accounts against stock market reactions and competing theories. It is live on Amazon Kindle for the price of a pint.

Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle in 2 languages

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Third party votes change laws




Every election year Republican Svengalis come hunting Libertarian Trilbys to convert to the Immutable Platform cast in stone  by God’s Own Prohibitionists. This is  what happened in 1887. The episode is reported in the words of John Sherman, Congressman, Senator, Secretary of both State and Treasury and brother to Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman. Eventually, it is the Major Party platform that changes because integrity wins out over equivocation.  People willing to kill you to take your money are also willing to lie–the easier to to rob you with, my voter!

transitional“The only danger he (Governor Foraker) encountered was in the active movement of the Prohibition party. This party ran a separate ticket, the votes of which, it was feared, would mainly come from the Republican party. In a speech I made at Oberlin, on the 4th of November, I made an appeal to our Prohibition friends to support the Republican ticket. I said: “There are but two great parties in this country, one or the other of which is to be put in power. You have a perfect right to vote for the smaller Prohibition party, and thus throw away your vote, but you know very well that either a Republican or a Democratic legislature will be elected, and that there will not be a single Prohibition candidate elected. Will it not be better to choose between these two parties and give your assistance to the one that has done the most for the success of your principles?”

Observe that the prohibitionists wanted the laws to change. They did not care a whit about which politician is grinning from the podium. Yet Sherman immediately offered them a false choice between a grinning Republican and a supposedly wasted vote. Sherman then dangled the real bait. 

“We think the Republican party is still entitled, as in the past, to your hearty support. Among other of its enactments there is the ‘Dow law,’ looked upon you with suspicion, yet it has done more for temperance than your ‘prohibition laws’ at present could have done. That law enables you to exclude the sale of liquor in more than 400 Ohio towns. It was passed by a Republican legislature. By it more than 3,000 saloons have been driven out of existence. “Then you have the repeated declaration of the Republican party, a party that never deceived the people with false promises, that they will do anything else that is necessary, or all that is possible by law, to check the evils that flow from intoxicating drinks.” (It took the GOP another thirty years to completely wreck the economy through prohibition enforcement in 1930. That drove plenty of people out of business, and did it again in 2007.)

“Is there not a choice between that party and the Democratic party, which has always been the slave of the liquor party, and whose opposition to the enforcement of the Dow law cost the state $2,000,000? The Democratic party, if put in power, will repeal that law and will do nothing for prohibition that you will accept.” (To frighten fanatics, threaten them with the horrors of freedom!)

“They say they want license, but they know it can never be brought about without a change in the constitution. They want the liquor traffic to go unrestrained. It does seem to me that with all the intelligence of this community it is the duty of all its candid men, who are watching the tendencies of these two parties in this country, not to throw their votes away.” (Again, the Republican platform contained what the prohibition voters did not want, yet proffer it as a future possiblity, and point to the Hobgoblin as the only alternative to surrendering their integrity.)

“It is much better to do our work by degrees, working slowly in the right direction, than to attempt to do it prematurely by wholesale, and fail. More men have been broken up by attempting too much than by ‘going slow.'” (Softlee, softlee, catchee monkey–old Chinese proverb)

“Your powerful moral influence, if kept within the Republican party, will do more good, a thousandfold, than you can do losing your vote by casting it for a ticket that cannot be elected. Next year will present one of the most interesting spectacles in our history. The Republican party will gather its hosts of progressive and patriotic citizens into one grand party at its national convention, and I trust that when that good time comes our Prohibition friends and neighbors who stand aloof from us will come back and join the old fold and rally around the old flag of our country, the stars and stripes, and help us to march on to a grand and glorious victory.”
(Sherman 1895 p. 770–of the single-volume edition) 

The prohibitionists of course did not fall for it, but other voters reelected the candidate–who was defeated the subsequent year. Prohibitionists cast their votes for what they really wanted–a change in the laws. To the Republican, his ticket meant his party’s hand in the till. The Prohibition Party did not want a hand in the till. They wanted men with guns to take to the streets and arrest people for beer and liquor. The Major Party seduction relies on the fallacy of equivocation to trick the voters into betraying their own values and sacrificing them instead to what the Major Party wants. By preferring their own misguided lust for the power to coerce others, the prohibitionists injected next to the Bill of Rights an amendment transforming the Constitution into a religious fetish for the initiation of deadly force against peaceful individuals.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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