Word Count Professional–BUYER BEWARE!

How do you report a mislabelled product and obtain a refund from iTunes?

 That is the crux of my question. The App Store offered a mislabeled app, which I deleted and reported immediately, along with a notice that I expect a refund.

Instead I got a notice of bunko artistry, mislabelled “receipt” for a product labelled “Word Count Professional” by one “domenico castellana”

The product does not count the words in a group of documents–which is what real word count apps do. Instead, it offers to count words in some highlighted segment–something every word processor already does. How much money would you pay for an app that changes a font color? That is another thing every word processor already does, and nobody would pay a penny for such nonsense unless duped by misleading advertising.

True, the blurb “describing” the app is full of grammatical errors, but that hardly qualifies as a fair warning that the thing is useless for the intended purpose of any thing labeled “word count” software. Nor does Apple or iTunes offer to make good. Instead they provide a link to a website all in Italian–except for the product labels. There the offending product is listed right below “Tattoo & Piercing Manager.”

I am prepared to exclude all iTunes products from my Paypal payment authorizations if that’s what it takes to neutralize what impresses me as a fraud delivery vehicle. A refund, however, woudl be more apropos. Let’s see how many other victim complaints are needed before the mislabeled piece of junk is no longer listed to the detriment of Apple’s reputation. The perps are already feeling the heat inasmuch as they now urge potential victims to download a demo before tossing money down a rathole.

Send a note if you have had a similar experience.

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Avoiding Mac Sierra OS

Remember when Microsoft released Vista? When was the last time you saw them brag about that?

Apple’s Sierra is as miserable a turkey as Vista or Windows 8 or 10. But there is a way to avoid the pitfall.
Regular Mac users can upgrade from the cat family OSes (Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, etc) to Yosemite by going to Purchased items in the Apple Store. I discovered this only after Sierra ruined my system, and am studying methods for rolling back the install and starting fresh with Yosemite.  (Yosemite includes functional multi-language speech-to-text dictation features).

Expect to see about as many people looking to roll back to El Capitan or Yosemite as there were trying to remove Vista and install Windows XP.  These are the sorts of releases that make people appreciate Linux…