Wasted Votes defeating Boss Trump

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Trump did an interview on Fox mentioning the LP getting 4.5% of the vote in 2016, then claiming us as [get this!] Republicans. But instead of legalizing acid and weed and stopping the individual income tax, he whined that he was “somewhat” libertarian and that we were wasting our votes on an anti-aggression platform. Republicans in Congress (the ones who nominated Bush and Mitt Romney) are more concerned with bullying pregnant girls, shooting youths and robbing assets over plant leaves. The real question is, can Trump survive the superstitious cowardice of the Republican Party?

Here is the part elided from the Youtube version: 

They always talk about Jill Stein. Jill Stein took, what? Half a percent? Well, I have a Libertarian—I’m somewhat libertarian I have to be honest with you, Rand Paul will tell you that — I have a Libertarian candidate on last time that got, what? Four and a half or so percent?  Those are all Republican voters. They’re wasting their vote, because — they have to vote for us. –Trump

“Us” Paleface? 

The Libertarian Party platform takes 30 minutes to read at LP.org–or listen to as a podcast. Here it is in Brazilian Portuguese: (link)

Legacy representative democracy means entrenched politicians who vote for Prohibition Party planks (shooting kids over plants, bullying pregnant girls), Communist & Econazi Party planks (more taxes and regulations, disarm and surrender, no nukes, ban electric power). Our law-changing spoiler votes change looter priorities by defeating the coercive creeps.(link) Let them try to deploy murderers and abet robbers and prohibitionists after they lose that hand in the till.(link)

God’s Own Prohibitionists prefer Drug Czarism to winning, Their efforts go into laws shooting kids and dogs, and setting up cartel dictatorships abroad to rob and murder the citizens of banana republics–like the Reagan-Bush-Biden Law.(link) These are things the Kleptocracy copied from our competitors–the Prohibition Party that wrecked the economy (link) and the Fabian communist parties that slowly rot the economy while collaborating with foreign dictatorships.(link)

The Libertarian platform has been clear for 48 years.(link) Assistant Drug Czar Biden is likewise a child-shooting, dog-killing, asset forfeiture prohibitionist beholden to communist China. Biden’s Red China has recently executed several Canadians for “drugs.”(link) This is the same Red China from which the deadly plague has wafted worldwide since late 2019. Biden’s China exports plagues and narcotics and inflicts the death penalty for 68 crimes, 44 of which are victimless. Good government gradually elbows aside entrenched, outdated and dangerous monarchies and kleptocracies incapable of grasping reality and legalizing freedom. 

Political replacement curve

Fisher-Pry replacement curve on semi-log graph. Out with monarchy, czars and socialism, in with democracy

This same curve fitting technique shows how the Libertarian vote share is inexorably increasing at an accelerating rate.

Hockey stick for Libertarians!

Libertarian vote share after Bush asset-forfeiture crash

If you support the force-initiating looter kleptocracy, know that Libertarian spoiler votes will continue beat the bloody snot out of your candidates’ campaigns until you copy our planks. The American Liberal Party made the same offer in 1931.(link) Herbert Hoover wanted the Republican party to adopt a repeal plank in 1932. Instead, National Socialist Republicans lost five elections in a row–and a war. 

She's with Us!

She’s with Us!

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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