Derangement Syndrome, 1945

Nazi pundits spouted prophesies of that the Allies “would surely do” if Germany lost (link)

January was five months before Germany surrendered, and ordinary Germans listening to Goebbels’ FAUX News were responding pretty much like regular Republicans in June, five months before the 2020 election. Tucker, Tarl Styx, Shapiro, Reason Commentariat infiltrators… everywhere there were pundits who had no clue what happened last year, but “knew” by Revelation what surely would happen if anyone voted for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen and thereby caused Sleepy Joe Biden and Kamala the Dem to win. See if you are reminded of anyone as you read the symptoms described in this Scottish newspaper account. 

Future of Reich – GOEBBELS’  LIES UNREFUTED – From Our Special Correspondent David Woodward – ARDENNES FRONT, Friday. The examination of a representative cross-section of the German prisoners taken by the Americans in the Ardennes fighting shows clearly that the ordinary German–apart from the fanatical Nazi–is being given his main incentive to continue fighting by the fearful tale circulated by Goebbels, and not contradicted by the Allies, of the fate which is in store for him in the event of a United Nations victory.
The most gruesome accounts of Allied plans for the destruction of Germany and of the Germans find ready credence among German soldiers.

They are naturally prone to judge the horrors of defeat at the hands of the Allied armies by the horrors they themselves have inflicted on their vanquished enemies in Poland, Russia, and elsewhere, while Allied propaganda, for lack of raw materials, which could only be supplied by authoritative statements from the “Big Three” cannot refute even the wildest assertion of Goebbels liars, who are lying for their lives at the present moment.

A Life’s Work
Even the most moderate and reasonable of the run of German prisoners is convinced that the Allies, in addition to occupying and disarming Germany for years, proposed to ship millions of German prisoners of war to work for the rest of their lives in the reconstruction of the USSR.

They are convinced, too, that provinces which have always been part of the fabric of the Reich, and industrial areas upon which the Germans have depended for their high standard of living, are going to be taken from their control and kept away from it in any future which a man living can foresee.
It would seem from the examination that prisoners of war go far beyond this and expect the destruction of German industry, the wholesale slaughter of Germans, and the sterilization en masse of this and the next generation.

The declaration by the Allied leaders of the terms which they propose to impose on Germany, however severe, would make Germany’s postwar punishment seem mild in comparison with the expectations which Goebbels has fostered among his audience. Whether such a declaration will emanate from the forthcoming Churchill-Roosevelt-Stalin meeting, remains to be seen. From the point of view of supplying ammunition for our psychological warfare campaign it is urgently needed.
The U.S. Supreme Court had ruled in 1927 that eugenic sterilization was not at all a violation of the Constitution–any more than conscription violated the 13th Amendment.(link) Germans were made keenly aware of this long before the Nuremberg trials, and felt the ruling justified their own eugenic genocide and classified-secret sterilization campaigns to make the world safe for christian socialist altruism.(link)

Americans (and some Latin American citizens) duped by the Republican National Socialist propaganda machine suffer hallucinations no less menacing, by their lights, than those experienced by fascist citizens in 1945. Republican ethicists and lawmakers sincerely believe that sending men with guns to shoot brown people over plant leaves–and forcing women to reproduce at gunpoint–are legitimate exercises of government powers to coerce. German National Socialists defined anyone displeased with Adolf Hitler as at best mentally deranged.

Republican National Socialists in These States define anyone displeased with their leader as suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Anyone guilty of believing that women have individual rights is likewise defined in conservative Republican ideology as a “baby killer.” But now that their Fuehrer lost the election, none of those Republicans care to talk about how they imagined women would simply sit still and let Dixiecrat rednecks and addled televangelists force them into involuntary labor. 

Germans in 1933 were fully aware of concentration camps as detention centers for thousands of “selfish” Jews and communists who “weren’t really” altruists. Yet in May and June of 1945 they expressed shock and dismay while being herded through their government’s death camps. Republicans in 2020 were proud of prisons full of non-violent youths who had selected “the wrong kind” of plant leaves. Yet in 2021 all they care to talk about are the wonderful plans they had for deregulation and tax & spending cuts that never happened. Go figure.

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