Libertarian Defense Caucus, 1982

Libertarians resist assimilation by looters

LP for Disarmament?
On November 8, 1981, the Libertarian National Committee adopted two resolutions – one resolving to dismantle US ICBMs, withdraw nuclear arms from NATO, and calling for a freeze on all nuclear weapons activity; and a second resolving to denounce the AWACS sale to Saudi Arabia – has reported in the November-December 1981 issue of LIBERTARIAN PARTY NEWS.
The author of the resolution was Sheldon Richman, who proposed disarmament planks at the 1981 Denver LP convention. A poll taken at the convention showed that libertarians strongly opposed disarmament. (…)

Commentary, by Egan O’Connor (the following was originally presented as a letter to CALIBER, the publication of the California LP, in response to an article by Jeffrey Rogers Hummel. The opinion expressed here does not necessarily reflect the views of the LDC.–MJD) (good article omitted to avoid copyright claims… pp 3, 4)

Disinformation Bureau
RE: “Derailing the Anti-Soviet Locomotive” by Sheldon Richman, INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY, January, 1982 (publication of the Society for Individual Liberty) This critique of Richman’s weak B.S. is omitted lest anyone retaliate with copyright claims… It closes with “Mr Richman has conspicuously advocated nuclear disarmament, but a poll taken at the Denver convention indicated that this position was disapproved by the membership by a 2-to-1 majority.” (FRONTLINES, February 1982 …)

Editorial ~ Perspective
As Editor, I welcome you to the first issue of the Libertarian Defense Caucus newsletter, named AMERICAN DEFENSE in honor of the firm principle of a free society; self-preservation from foreign aggressors. I think it is incumbent on me to explain the objectives of this publication and give some indication of the themes that will be expressed here in future issues.
(1) As a newsletter, we will try to keep you, the reader, abreast of current developments respecting the fortunes, and activities of the LDC–as well as reporting on the evolution of Libertarian Party policy on the subject of national defense.
(2) As a publication of the LDC, we will offer a forum for the expression of outspoken, unorthodox, and controversial libertarian viewpoints on defense and how It may most effectively be obtained for this country. Ms. O’Connor’s article on page 2 is an excellent opening comment.
(3) Because many libertarians lack knowledge of defense matters, and because misconceptions abound within the movement and the Party, the newsletter will present regular articles that provide important information on matters relating to relating to defense, The “Disinformation Bureau” will highlight recent statements or arguments that contain false or prejudicial claims about defense, and will offer background factual material for the reader’s impartial judgement.
(4) To facilitate the purposes of the LDC as an LP caucus, the newsletter will feature articles that analyse the LP platform planks concerning defense policy and foreign policy. Recommendations for platform revisions or corrections will be offered for the readers’ consideration.
(5) Most libertarians favor a strong national defense–yet the Party seems to endorse a policy of virtual disarmament. This situation has come about because the libertarians who favor a strong defense have lost their voices through doubt and intimidation. They have been made to feel ashamed of their convictions by those liber­tarians who, like the Bolsheviks of old, are trying to represent their minority opinion as being the “majority” viewpoint. We of the LDC intend to reverse this process and give voice to the true feelings of the LP membership, whereby they may speak out proudly in favor of defending their land, and the people that they love, and the Constitution that has given us greater freedom than history has ever before recorded. This newsletter will attempt to be the ve­hicle of communication among pro-defense libertarians, that we may all know and be confirmed in our belief that those who love liberty will agree with us.
As Editor, I will do my best to honor fact above prejudice, to be fair in the face of strong disagreement, and to address the readership with candor and clear prose I promise to render my product according to the highest standard I can envision. In return, I expect from you, the reader, a critical eye and the willingness to point out correction when it in due.
In closing, I warn you to be prepared for bitter accusations that, by supporting a strong defense, you are betraying libertarianism. Take heart in the knowledge that freedom is worth fighting for . — Michael J. Dunn

This sampling is from the Libertarian Defense Caucus I joined in 1981 while living in Boulder and working for Petr Beckmann’s Access to Energy and The Golem Press. There was no Internet. A modem was a newfangled gadget Professor Beckmann brought into the mailing room to connect us with his house on Star Route. While explaining how it worked he fooked it up to wall current. With a flash and a spark the thing ejected a mushroom cloud a yard high, the exact shape of the one that rose over Hiroshima 4 years and 4 months after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

I am trying to reestablish contact with other LDC members. The LP is again infiltrated by communist anarchists (there is no other kind). At a glance you can see how voters react to the 2018 planks inviting infected terrorists to enter the U.S. uninspected and advocating vigilante lynchings and tax-supported room and board for confessed and convicted murderers.

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