Travis County Tax Con

If you receive a “Government Here to Help You” letter 
from the Travis County tax assessor, it’s a trap. 

Travis County Texas homeowners should beware the Travis Central Appraisal District bearing gifts. Their form letter tells you that because you are a (choose one or more) Disabled Vet, Over 65, Homestead resident (…) they have altruistically taken it upon themselves to help you by adding an exemption to limit the taxes they tear out of your hide.(link) The letter brags that: 

As is permitted by the Property Tax Code… the Over 65 exemption has been automatically added…

This looks like bureaucrats trying to help you out, right? You breathe a sigh of relief and toss it aside, right? WRONG! ERRONEOUS! DANGER! These 11 bureaucrats and their minions are defrauding the elderly in hopes of bleeding off your Social Security paybacks. 

If your property is rented out and they juggle the paperwork to list you as claiming an over 65 exemption, this makes YOU guilty of trying to defraud THEM. Unless, of course, you realize that the extra legalese requires you to notice that they are setting you up for extortion. You would then call and wait on hold to plead with a bureaucrat and fill out a Request To Cancel Exemption form to try to undo the damage. Usually, it’s too late. The passive voice verbiage at the bottom snaps the trap on your checkbook: 

If the Chief Appraiser discovers that an exemption that is not required to be claimed annually has been erroneously allowed in any of the five preceding years, the chief appraiser shall add the property or appraised value that was erroneously exempted for each year to the appraisal roll as provided by Section 25.21 of this code for other property that escapes taxation. 

See that? They take it upon themselves to frame you for trying to gyp them out of “their” money, then send men with guns to confiscate the home unless you fork over an extra five thousand dollars or so right away quicklike.  So how does this affect the renters, who may have elected the politicians who appointed the looters springing the trap? 

Government frames, entraps and robs homeowner
so where is that money going to come from?

One would hope renters will have sense enough to vote against all bond issuance proposals and for all Libertarian candidates. Republican and Democrat candidates are all alike. The proof of this is that there is typically only a tiny percentage of the vote difference between them.

Voting Libertarian exploits the narrowness of difference as leverage to make their parties import Libertarian policies. If GOP candidate Eichmann loses to DEM candidate Lenin, you can bet that by next election the “I Like Eich” crowd will have a more hippie-friendly platform promising real tax reduction. 

NOW do you see how libertarian votes cause looter kleptocracy parties to change their platforms and laws? Make your vote MATTER for a change!

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