Why ranked voting?

Racial collectivist spoiler votes dismembered the Solid South

All major changes in America since 1840 have come from the platforms of small parties. Sometimes these parties themselves became Soft Machines in their own right or remakes of earlier Soft Machines whose names became associated with excessive corrupt venality and parasitism. Big Government Federalists collapsed and reformed first as Whigs, then as Red Republicans. Smaller parties, typically formed around a particular issue, in every case end up winning either by swallowing a legacy half of The Kleptocracy or by causing it to incorporate them and their platform as its own–as occurred when Nixon Republicans incorporated George Wallace Dixiecrats (complete with watered-down racial collectivism and prohibitionism) over the course of the 1968 and 1972 elections.

During those same elections the laissez-faire youth movement, with its Human Rights and Buffalo Party factions, was gradually submerged by Democrats pushing the sort of unionized socialist, socialist labor and communist parties that had multiplied sevenfold after FDR beat Herbert Hoover. Republicans absorbed the Prohibition Party and KKK in 1928 and 1932, enacting confiscatory policies that wrecked the banking system, then the entire economy. The Great Depression increased Communist Party membership till it practically swamped the FDR Administration. Activists concerned with repeal of cruel laws were submerged by established looter parties advocating a planned economy no less coercive than that of the Republican-Prohibition coalition of the Progressive Era and Roaring Twenties.

Dixiecrats divided the Dems after the JFK assassination and Vietnam debacle

The only real change has been the Nixon Anti-Libertarian Law of 1971, using the IRS to subsidize anti-libertarian party campaigns no matter how lamentable or deadly their aims. Now, suddenly, lobbyists for a gauntlet-style election process that lines up candidates and ranks them by the amount of hatred or adoration they elicit in extremely complicated processes intended to replace runoffs after close elections.

Speculative math aside, my question is: when was the last time a libertarian candidate won a ranked/gauntlet election? 

If never is the answer, I’d love to know how LP candidates did percentage-wise compared to earlier non-gauntlet elections in the same precincts.

The recent drop in Libertarian spoiler votes occurred in exactly the same electoral environment as our 328% gain in 2016–with rival Kleptocracy factions shrieking election fraud when defeated. The only difference were the anarchist plank to invite more terrorists and welfare state failures across the border, and the anarchist plank intended to replace execution of mass murderers with vigilante violence. Both of these planks–plus an ignorant anti-libertarian nihilist candidate on the top ticket–served to alienate 2/3 of the voters who eagerly supported the Libertarian Party in 2016.

Ranked gauntlet voting will not restore the popularity of a Libertarian Party given over entirely to communist, anarchist and nihilist orators. In fact, its adoption in internal LP elections resulted in appalling losses of lamentable national candidates even when state and local candidates fared well after having themselves been selected the way that worked for the two centuries preceding Nixon’s election subsidies law.

So what evidence from reality shows gauntlet voting has ever helped further reduction of the initiation of force?

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Opposition party spokesman Styx

Exploiting the wishful self-deception of frustrated National Socialists has evidently become an attractive enough source of income to attract hepcats willing to stoop for easy pickings. The message is the usual litany of tu quoque and turgid accusations against lengthy rolls of dramatis personae. In other words, the usual serving of Nationalsocialist hot buttons with pauper foreigners instead of communists and wealthy mixed-economy parasites instead of stock-exchange Jewry. Appeals to Jesus are not as frequent as Hitler’s and the fascist penchant for pointing guns at women’s clinics is sidestepped and suppressed at every opportunity. By miscopying several tangential libertarian talking points, people like Tarl and Alex Jones color their performances with enough faux-libertarian mimicry to reassure Republican and Army of God dupes that they have a better understanding of freedom and coercion than libertarians–let alone godless atheist objectivists.

A side effect of these cheap imitations is that the semiliterate communist and cultured looter intelligentzia both have an easier time convincing THEIR dupes that libertarians are girl-bullying, Comstockist, book-burning, ku-klux lynch mobsters of the sort that voted in Bush & Bush2, yet failed to saddle us with McCain and Harridan or Mitt and Whutzisface. Real libertarians, these prophets assert, vote to send men to point guns at doctors and nurses at women’s clinics and to kick in the door and shoot dogs, kids and other occupants who might otherwise use the wrong kind of plant leaf. Why? Because all the things they predicted Clinton and Obama wanted to do, the other half of the force-initiating Kleptocracy are about to do–if God’s Own Prohibitionists don’t win–are much worse. Fascism’s a lesser evil, hence a Greater Good, got that? It doesn’t matter that Obama didn’t boil missionary children the way Republican National Socialists prophesied. None of the things Hitler said about Jews ever happened either, but the NSDAP went from a Gary-Johnson-like 3% to nearly half the total vote. Enough to jail their opponents and justify nuking those same duped voters had they not killed themselves in the nick of time

To make the theatrics more convincing, Comstockist republicans and communist anarchists have quietly infiltrated the Libertarian Party since 1980.(link) This is easily seen by comparing the original 1972 and 1976 platforms with current editions. Easily seen, that is, if you can find an authentic Libertarian Party platform. Here’s the April 2021 search result on a Kleptocracy site: (link) This is in keeping with the publication of National Party Platforms in 1972, listing every Kleptocracy, communist, socialist and prohibition platform since 1840, but NOT the 1972 Libertarian platform which the U. of Illinois Press disparaged and elided from its published compilation. An exhaustive inner search turns up this version NOT findable via Google: (1972 link)

Words in the Libertarian Party Platform

1980s platforms were soon swelled and contaminated with “Children’s Rights” (Child Prostitution, Molesting) planks that have not yet been deleted entirely.(link) Instead, voters are told to pretend they aren’t there. In 1992, after George Holy War Bush demanded the death sentence for some plant leaves and was ousted for senility, the LP platform was a rambling 12,435 words amounting to an hour and 20 minutes of boredom. A resumption of glossolalian tendencies in 2004 brought an apposite reaction and in 2008 the platform was again terse, even if unattractive to the female half of the electorate. Women were twice attracted to the party that wrote the Roe v Wade decision and handed it to the Supreme Court. So if clowns, anarchists, fascists, con artists and impostors are able to impersonate and infiltrate the LP–even mine it for enemy votes and donations like so many brood parasites, we have only our own Platform Committee to blame.(link)

The communist anarchist interpretation of the objectivist Non-Aggression Principle is non-sequitured into a demand that infected cattle, terrorists, foreign comandos and peasants fleeing Republican-exported economic collapse must enter uninspected into These Sovereign States.(link) That suggestion was entered into the platform as soon as The Kleptocracy realized that our 4 million spoiler votes had shifted way more than enough votes to change the outcome.(link) All Tarl and Alex have to do is fulminate against such treasonous gibberish and The Kleptocracy is free to kick in doors, confiscate your car and home for no reason and nobody will say a word. Another new plank calls for keeping the government out of the death sentence, presumably so good faith Army of God vigilantes can have a free hand killing individuals and not even face a hanging.

The brutal murder of any number of handcuffed black gentlemen is waved away by waving a throwdown coroner’s report saying the victim was actually walking-dead before the First Responder™ crushed his throat–settled science. Self-deception enables Tarl to imagine anyone actually believes the throwdown report. Women who watched news of Robert Dear murdering people at a Planned Parenthood wouldn’t vote differently if the fabrication were exposed and admitted in writing. Republicans (Trump, Judge Amy, Linseed Graham Cracker, Ted Hakencreuz and Congressharridan Greene-Teeth) want people like Robert Dear to coerce them with loaded guns on behalf of Their Invisible Friend. THAT settled the issue and also settled the outcome of the election. Inventing invisible vote fraud is the self-deception of bullies that just got their butts whipped by a bunch of girls, nothing more. Tarl and Alex helped elect Biden and also to undermine long-term support for peaceful non-aggression. They must be proud.


Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Lysander Spooner’s oath

It seems like it has to be fiction, right? Wrong! (link)

Spooner wrote: Go to A….. B……, and say to him that “the government” has need of money to meet the expenses of protecting him and his property.  If he presumes to say that he has never contracted with us to protect him, and that he wants none of our protection, say to him that that is our business, and not his; that we choose to protect him, whether he desires us to do so or not; and that we demand pay, too, for protecting him.  If he dares to inquire who the individuals are, who have thus taken upon themselves the title of “the government,” and who assume to protect him, and demand payment of him, without his having ever made any contract with them, say to him that that, too, is our business, and not his; that we do not choose to make ourselves individually known to him; that we have secretly (by secret ballot) appointed you our agent to give him notice of our demands, and, if he complies with them, to give him, in our name, a receipt that will protect him against any similar demand for the present year. 

The original law passed by Republicans reads:  “I, A.B., do swear, or affirm, (as the case may be,) that I will, to the best of my knowledge, skill and judgment, diligently and faithfully execute the office and duties of assessor for, (naming the assessment district,) without favor or partiality, and that I will do equal right and justice in every case in which I shall act as assessor.” And a certificate of such oath or affirmation shall be delivered to the collector of the district for which such assessor or assistant assessor shall be appointed. And every assessor or assistant assessor acting in the said office without having taken the said oath or affirmation shall forfeit and pay $100, one moiety thereof to the use of the United States, and the other moiety thereof to him who shall first sue for the same; to be recovered, with costs of suit, in any court having competent jurisdiction.

Section 12. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall establish regulations suitable and necessary for carrying this act into effect; which regulation shall be binding on each assessor and his assistance in the performance of the duties enjoined by or under this act, and shall also frame instructions for the said assessors and their assistance; pursuant to which instructions the said assessors shall, on the first day of March next, direct and cause the several assistant assessor’s in the district to inquire after and concerning all lands, lots of ground, with their improvements, buildings, and dwelling houses, made liable to taxation under this act by reference as well as to any lists of assessment or collection taken under the laws of the respective States, as to any other records or documents, and by all other lawful ways and means, and to value and enumerate the said objects of taxation in the manner prescribed by this act, and in conformity with the regulations and instructions above-mentioned.…

The second part or the original law reads:

Section 52. And be it further enacted, that should any of the people of any of the States or Territories of the United States, or the District of Columbia be in actual rebellion against the authority of the government of the United States at the time this act goes into operation, so that the laws of the United States cannot be executed therein, it shall be the duty of the president, and he is hereby authorized, to proceed to execute the provisions of this act within the limits of such State or Territory, or District of Columbia, so soon as the authority of the United States therein is reestablished, and to collect the sums which would have been due from the persons residing or holding property or stocks therein, with the interest due, at the rate of 6% (him thereon until paid in the manner and under the regulations prescribed in the foregoing in the foregoing sections of this act. 

This Spooner translated from vague, political legalese to the vernacular:

If he refuses to comply, seize and sell enough of his property to pay not only our demands, but all your own expenses and trouble beside.  If he resists the seizure of his property, call upon the bystanders to help you (doubtless some of them will prove to be members of our band).  If, in defending his property, he should kill any of our band who are assisting you, capture him at all hazards; charge him (in one of our courts) with murder, convict him, and hang him.  If he should call upon his neighbors, or any others who, like him, may be disposed to resist our demands, and they should come in large numbers to his assistance, cry out that they are all rebels and traitors; that “our country” is in danger; call upon the commander of our hired murderers; tell him to quell the rebellion and “save the country,” cost what it may.  Tell him to kill all who resist, though they should be hundreds of thousands, and thus strike terror into all others similarly disposed.  See that the work of murder is thoroughly done; that we may have no further trouble of this kind hereafter.  When these traitors shall have thus been taught our strength and our determination, they will be good loyal citizens for many years, and pay their taxes without a why or a wherefore.  

These were the exigencies of the war to preserve the Customs Union so that a Protective Tariff could smother competition from European or Canadian makers of plows, scythes, hoes, chains, knives, rope, bridles, bits and farm implements in general and allow Yankee manufacturers to set prices without fear of being undercut. Slavery had nothing to do with it except to preserve the backward colonial hub of the metropole-colony engine for enriching the nouveau Metropole of New England. The first Tariff of Abominations brought the threat of secession and federal coercion. The Morrill Tariff of 1860 made it reality and sparked the War Between The States.


Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

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Two Emancipation Proclamations

You no doubt recall the unfortunate Lord Dunmore, bullied by Patrick Henry then surprised by outright revolt of colonists. Dunmore issued the first Emancipation proclamation as a contingent quid-pro-quo. All a slave had to do was bear arms against the insurgents and for King and Country to become a freedman for life under British rule. Now, would you argue from that precedent that the Revolutionary war was fought by abolitionists the like of Benjamin Franklin, solely in order to strike off the come-alongs fastened as man’cles to limbs by th’ crool hand iv England? 

Yet the recycling of a tailored version of Dunmore’s proclamation was issued by Lincoln, after which the Union gained not a square inch of ground until Westerners eager for a slice of Protective Tariff windfalls to finance Improvements sailed down the Mississippi and Marched to The Sea. Lincoln’s post-deadline emancipation eliminated the colony part of the Metropole-Colony mechanism of Mercantilism, causing Yankee traders to lose all interest in prosecuting the war. Why invest in war if there’s no more brass ring?

The key to the mystery is the Nullification Crisis. A protective tariff enacted by promising Western States money for internal improvements was promptly dubbed the Tariff of Abominations by southerners. The Southern plantations were all that remained of the rump economic engine of mercantilism after the Revolutionary war. Before the revolt, England bought from and sold to the American colonies at prices that pleased His Majesty. The Acts of Navigation, which promised violent retaliation against foreign interlopers, were replaced by a for-revenue tariff to pay for a small navy and federal government expenses. As far as the Southern colonial-style States were concerned, the protective tariff amounted to bringing back the Acts of Navigation, handing yankee manufacturers a similar monopoly on farm implements sold to plantation owners. They reacted by passing laws prohibiting collection of the tariff, an President Jackson was obliged to explain how that left him no choice but to hang as many legislators as it took to repeal those ordinances.

Slavery was what made colonial cotton and tobacco plantations such a profitable possession. After Lincoln was elected, the heavily protective Morrill Tariff introduced by Morrill of Vermont amounted to another Tariff of Abominations, was replaced by another, similar bill by John Sherman of Ohio, brother of William Tecumseh Sherman, which was voted in on May 10, 1860–six days before Lincoln was even nominated. Texans seized federal armories, forts and a revenue vessel even before Lincoln’s inauguration, and the War between The States soon raged.

Interestingly enough, British and French opium sellers were at that time bombarding China to overcome residual prohibition of such imports. Declarations of sovereign immunity in the Civil War precluded a repeat of the British liquidation of American State bonds to expatriate the money and finance another opium war. That second Opium War was complicated by an ongoing religious civil war within China–with a chemically-induced form of slavery one of the issues at stake. Some Americans participated as mercenaries in that Chinese war. In fact, both Congressmen pushing the divisive tariff represented States bordering British Canada.

Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, like Lord Dunmore’s, came in two parts. But since no confederate States were willing to surrender by the deadline in order to keep slavery on their plantations, Lincoln declared all slaves freed after 01JAN1863. Southerners reacted just as they had to Dunsmore’s proclamation, and refused to surrender until John Sherman’s brother William’s army destroyed and devoured practically everything on its march to Savannah, where the tariff was collected in gold as it always had been since before the Nullification crisis.

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Political System Logistics

CHANGE is sistemic, not about personalities

U.S. Transport Infrastructure, The growth in length of each infrastructure is expressed as a percentage of its final ceiling. The absolute levels of these ceilings in miles are different. The Libertarian Party is 49. These sorts of changes often take 55 years.

First they ignore you, then they call you anarchist child molesting baby-killer traffickers, then they copy and infiltrate to subvert your platform and history, and then you win! 

Change was what Americans voted for after the Bush Jr asset-forfeiture Crash. They got instead a slightly darker mixed-economy statist coupled to one of the white death-sentence prohibitionist fanatics responsible for the asset-forfeiture Crash and Depression that began in 1987. Armed with pseudoscience, alarmists fanned out to confiscate homes, industries, vehicles, bank accounts here and abroad.

Smart money fled banks and brokerages, the money supply contracted sharply and American soldiers were sent to Panama to kidnap their president, raid their banks, and meddle in regional gang wars between black market factions created by prohibition laws! Your retirement fund evaporated and jobs became scarce. This was repeated in 2008, again wrecking the economy and evicting Republicans from office. Soon after, with Bill Clinton’s wife Hillary at State and Biden as VP, the Dems revealed themselves nearly as dangerous.

Memory hole this

Looter media and Congressional “witnesses” never mentioned this overlapping of significant Crash events.

The Bush asset-forfeiture Crash was followed by the Obama-Biden prohibition-related Flash Crashes of May 8, 2010 (Colombian bank accounts confiscated) and March 18, 2015 (release of State Dept. International Narcotics Control Strategy Report Vol. II, Money Laundering and Financial Crimes). The State Department keeps changing the name and moving the links. Right now it is still up, albeit possibly altered.(link)

Deceive, legislate, infiltrate, bribe, loot, rinse, repeat

The March 2015 Flash Crash coincided with release of this bragging itemization of predatory initiation of force

For an idea of the pungency of the language despite expert massaging with euphemism, minimization, understatement, surgical elision and package-dealing these samples are illustrative: 

12. “System for Identifying and Forfeiting Assets”: The jurisdiction has established a legally authorized system for the tracing, freezing, seizure, and forfeiture of assets identified as relating to or generated by money laundering activities.

13. “Arrangements for Asset Sharing”: By law, regulation, or bilateral agreement, the jurisdiction permits sharing of seized assets with foreign jurisdictions that assisted in the conduct of the underlying investigation. No known legal impediments to sharing assets with other jurisdictions exist in current law.

Investigators regularly make large cash seizures of Canadian and U.S. currency and seize assets purchased with cash, such as real property, vehicles, personal property (jewelry, furniture, and appliances), collectibles (antiques, coins, stamps), and other assets. Bulk cash smuggling is widespread.

Throughout the documendacity, robbing folks guilty of violating nobody’s rights is fobbed off as necessary to combat terrorism. But the most flagrant acts of terrorism, such as the 9/11 attacks, were orchestrated by mohammedans involved jointly with the U.S. in Cold War Afghanistan. This business of sending narcs and goons outside our borders to foment superstitious aggression has gone bad enough already. Imagine for a moment the sort of modern weapons you and I would unhesitatingly use against foreign aggressors sent to These States from abroad to impose pseudoscience-backed coercion and robbery.

As FDR remarked in a tariff speech on the campaign trail in 1932:  “The villainy we taught them they practiced on us.” Meanwhile the dwindling Prohibition Party cried out it was the salvation of the 18th Amendment. In Germany, revived thanks to Hoover’s Moratorium on Brains,(link) Hitler shrieked against the death sentence given five National Socialists for the murder of a Communist. Does this remind you of anywhere? Do YOURSELF a favor for a change. Vote for Jo Jorgensen in November, and be the winner when your spoiler vote plus 12 million others messes up the election outcome for the tax-happy prohibitionist Kleptocracy. Next time, in 2024, their platforms will be WAY different. 

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Prohibitionism destroys the banking system

Almost everywhere in the world people sip a cold one in biergartens, backyards, sidewalk cafés–but Wizened Christian Temperance Union Amerika, under laws left over from Andrew Volstead’s Minnesota and the Anti-Saloon League–ain’t one of them places. Fortunately Americans have a choice. You can choose not to vote–people in Australia and Brazil have no such option. You can also choose to vote for Libertarian freedom instead of the mangy, sclerotic soft machines that want men with guns to shoot young people over plant leaves and confiscate their property. 

The pro-slavery and protectionist parties that dragged us into a civil war over tariff policies are still in business. Indeed, the Communist Manifesto, written even as they girded for violence, is still a thing to a huge dictatorship that “accidentally” poisons the planet with germ warfare weapons from time to time. The communist party is over 170 years old, and the Dems and GOP even older. 

Communist dictatorships collapsed in the 1990s, but were not replaced by libertarian societies. Instead, there was a reversion to superstitious mercantilist mixed economies featuring less chattel slavery and colonial rule, but otherwise fairly authoritarian. The media and academia are so heavily infiltrated that it is impossible today to find a chart showing how the fraction of humanity under communist rule has varied in recent decades. Go ahead, try it, and get back to me if you do. 

spoiling for a fight

The number of libertarian voters struggling to replace kleptocracy machine candidates over time is easy to find. Ways are found to keep them out of office, but even that is breaking down under the increase in libertarian voter support. Yet before 1972 there was total hopelessness. War enslaved men into involuntary combat, and prohibitionism brought wars and banking collapses.

Money deposited with banks and brokerages is low-hanging fruit to looter governments. When seized on some pretext, owners of unseized money withdraw it from the fractional-reserve banking system. The economy collapses, communism and looting in general increase, and the media are charged with explaining the whole thing as the result of “too much” freedom or “not enough” coercive regulation–which amounts to the same thing. 

After the Nixon Anti-Libertarian Law passed, news media understood that pretending the crashes had nothing to do with hatchet-wielding Treasury, tax and prohibition agents was a lucrative source of cash. And so it is today. Yet every individual can make a huge difference by the simple act of casting a vote for Libertarian freedom and against the senile politicians of the GOP and Dem soft machines.

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

Three dollars on Amazon Kindle

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Australians pity Biden

Australians have no skin in the coming American Kleptocracy election. They can witness the farce with libertarian equanimity and aloofness. Even after Communist China’s “accidental” release of a biological weapon to wreck the non-communist economy and save their Democratic puppet partisans, Boss Trump is clearly less incompetent. Joe “Mandatory Minimums” Biden is the Drug Czarist we can thank for the Flash Crashes of the Drug Czarist Obama-Boticcelli prohibition empire.(link) Biden’s own son was outed by a mandatory drug test, but having the cops shoot your offspring is all in a day’s work, and NOT nepotism.(link)

Voting for libertarian candidates as been my policy since Republicans and Democrats demanded the death sentence for plant leaves and such. I voted against Trump’s prohibitionist party just as I have the past 10 elections. Biden’s party also wants men with guns to kick in your door at 5 AM, kill everything that moves and confiscate everything else through asset forfeiture. These things running loose in the china-shop that is a fractional-reserve banking system are exactly what caused the Crash and Great Depression.(link) The George Waffen Bush asset-forfeiture crash and depression is as good an example as any.(link)

I totally understand how a party doomed to lose picks it’s own most irritating loser to push in front of the steamroller. Republicans did that to Willkie, Landon, Goldwater, Romney and McCain. Dems did it to Eagleton, Gore, and now Biden all the while hollering “now’s your chance.” At 77, Biden is obviously as incompetent today as he was cruel and ignorant while causing the 1987 Crash.(link)

Lies to explain away forfeiture Crash

The May 6 2010 Flash crash was caused by FATF asset-forfeiture bank account confiscations

Libertarians and Australians see this clearly and objectively. When the existence of a Libertarian party eager to repeal ALL victimless nonsense laws was still a secret, I even voted for Carter. Today I am doubly thankful for county and State LPs–and even what’s left of our besieged national party–for sparing me the temptation of ever casting another vote for the looter Kleptocracy. 

spoiling for a fight

Libertarian vote increases at all levels since 1972

Spare a thought for these myriad shocks to the US (and world) economies. Consider the safety and financial future of the younger generation as you prepare to vote.


My explanation of how prohibition triggered the Crash and Great Depression is in English and Portuguese on Amazon Kindle

If you need translations for an international lawsuit or immigration papers, visit my websites. My other blog is www.amigra.us

Minneapolis, July 1934

Communist rioters = ANTIFA

Antifa 1934; see original (link)

The Tuscaloosa News p. 1 STATE’S TROOPS PATROL STREETS IN MINNEAPOLIS–City Placed under Military Rule as Governor Fears Further Disorders–CITIZENS UNAFFECTED BY CONTROL FOR MOST PART–Radicals Again Blamed for Strike as New Peace Plan is Drafted— MINNEAPOLIS, July 27 (AP) Employers rejected the suggestion that they can reconsider the refusal of peace terms advanced by federal mediators in the truck drivers strike as federal authorities turned inquisitive eyes on two suspected Communists linked by police with the strike. 

MINNEAPOLIS, July 27 (AP) Concentration of National Guard troops in downtown Minneapolis because of the truck drivers’ strike, was increased by the moving in of an especially trained “shock” troop Battalion today.

  Quietness pervaded the city as the Third Battalion of the 206th Infantry entered the downtown district with a heavy complement of arms, including gas guns, field machine guns, and automatic rifles. The men, most of them veterans with war experience were specially trained in dispersing crowds.

  Military rule of the city, decreed yesterday by Gov. Floyd B Olson, this morning brought guardsmen to every corner of the heart of the downtown district. They acted on instructions to prevent parking within a 76-block area except to discharge passengers, and to forbid the gathering of crowds. They wore steel helmets and carried rifles with fixed bayonets.

1200 in City

  The total strength of the guard within the city approximated 1200. Some 2800 more men still remain at city limits, ready for call. Whether this reserve force would be demobilized and sent home, depended on developments in the next few days. Sixty-eight persons were injured, most of them wounded and one fatally, by police shotguns a week ago today when pickets attempted to halt a loaded truck.
Armed guardsmen patrolled the downtown district as federal mediators, the Rev. Francis Haas and E.H. Dunnigan, prepared a new peace plan they expected to complete today and the employers’ advisory committee again publicly blamed Communists for the strike. All efforts to settle the controversy so far have failed.

Citizens Not Affected

  For the most part, citizens were unaffected by control of the National Guard. Striking drivers, however, were forbidden to congregate out-of-doors in large numbers without written consent of Adjutant General E.A. Walsh. This order also applied to all gatherings of 100 persons or more.

  Employers were unable to move commercial vehicles, save trucks bearing necessities, without official permits from the military. Trucks that did not move today, plied the streets without armed police convoys for the first time in almost a week.
  Deliveries of breadstuffs, milk, ice, beer, gasoline were unhampered by guardsmen. This did not (Continued on Page 2)LINK

STATE’S TROOPS PATROL STREETS – (Continued from Page 1)
include deliveries of pie, cake and pastry, for which permits were required. Automobile parking in the downtown area was forbidden from 5 AM today until termination of the military rule.

  A few hours before the troops got underway, both sides failed to agree on peace terms promulgated by the federal mediators. After the military took control, the employer’s advisory committee issued a public statement condemning communism.

Communist Boast

  Quoting “the Militant,” organ of the Communist League of America, as boasting “our comrades played a leading role in the preparation and conduct of the great strike in Minneapolis which electrified the entire labor movement,” the employers concluded:

   “Communists are daily throwing additional Minneapolis workers out of employment by obstructing delivery of supplies. Communists are defying civil authorities. The strike in Minneapolis is not a strike of union labor for redress of any wrongs. It is a Communist uprising aimed at gaining control of our government by force – using labor organizations as the means. (…) Compare with today (link)

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT had inherited the Banking Panics and Great Depression from Herbert Hoover’s enforcement of the March, 1929 Increased Penalties Act.(link) Like the Harding crash of 1920, that larger economic trainwreck caused citizens to line up to join the Communist party–its membership growing by a factor of 9 from 1929 to 1939.(link)  

Prohibition Crashes increase Communism

Communist membership 1934 prohibition crash hockey stick (link) Cf National Membership by Year

Meanwhile in Germany, where the Herbert Hoover’s 1931 Moratorium on Brains made it possible for National Socialism to win elections, rearm Germany and meddle in European politics…

Christian Socialists thick as thieves

Just like Nixon helped the Kleptocracy with the 1971 Anti-Libertarian Law–only it backfired…

Front page of same newspaper: HEIMWEHR WORKS FRANTICALLY FOR DEFENSE OF CITY – Anarchy Prevails over Whole Sections of Country; Battles Rage – SOLDIERS DRAWN AROUND GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS – 500 Men Believed Killed in Fighting; Nazis Attempt Drive from Bavaria – BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, July 27 (AP). An Unconfirmed Report That Italian Troops Have Already Crossed the Austrian Border near Villach caused grave concern in government circles tonight. (…) 

Strange how History rhymes, no? (link)


Libertarian vote share hockey stick, 2016…

Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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Germ warfare and China

Germ War Genocide prophet

Socialist lecturer 1907

The current viral pandemic looks a little like the bacteriological war designed by an American communist. The story dates back to the battered, bowed and bloodied Quing Dynasty, a few years before the 1911 revolution.(link) It was written before the Celestials were invaded by Japan, then later degenerated into a socialist dictatorship. The American communist was Jack London, author of Alaskan Wolf and Dog stories of the gold rush days, stories our parents were pleased to see us devour in childhood. London was an admirer of all variants of “the German philosophy” and bore bitter hatred for merciless, remorseless laissez faire. Nothing less than the initiation of deadly force made any sense to that socialist orator and author.

Comrade Jack London revealed to a surprised America that “The Japanese is not an individualist.” This in The Yellow Peril, written back when racial collectivism was completely fashionable–at least among the pukka sahib.(link) Our eugenicist Republican President had opined that American women were duty-bound to reproduce. To think otherwise, according to Theodore Roosevelt, was “race suicide.” (link)  

The Unparalleled Invasion was written shortly after The Yellow Peril. In it “all countries” attack a relatively peaceful China with germ warfare agents. The story was written as sci-fi predicting the distant future year 1976. So if the Chinese controlled the World Health Organization and took over FATF to wreck the banking system as a bioweapons attack kicked in, they got the idea from America’s own Wild Dog looter.(link) Go to gutenberg.org and find Jack London’s The Strength of The Strong, where the story starts on page 60.(link)

Jack London prediction realized

1932 cartoon matches Jack London’s 1904 predictions

Jack London was one with the prohibitionist communists urging passage of the income tax, prohibition and proletarian Senate election Amendments. Objectivists may feel a sense of schadenfreude to learn that the author of “Love of Life,” supposedly committed suicide in 1916; his half-brother Louis London was said by police to have shot himself in suicide in January of 1965. (link

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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Same old same old...

Fascist socialism versus less religious socialism

Here we have a perfect example of history rhyming. The article could pass for something published in today’s fake news press in the State of Washington or Oregon. The story is in the future tense. One gang of violent altruists promises to “ferret out” agitators no less altruistic and violent. Details are not explicit, but interwar papers were full of violent confrontations between these two camps of socialist thought, both of which agree on the desirability and effectiveness of the initiation of force.(link

So what progress have we made since 1923? Eugenic prohibitionism no longer shoots people over beer unless they are behind the wheel. Many plant leaves could, if again left alone, offer an alternative to alcohol now relied on as a source of excise tax money that buys votes for political parties. Roving bands of communists (relabeled as anarchists) today seek smaller bands of more pious socialists to bat and bully, as in 1923.(link

The only real difference is that since 1972 voters have at times been able to cast ballots for the Libertarian Party. Because the LP platform calls for reducing reliance on aggression, emphasizing individual rights instead, those votes pressure kleptocracy parties into making their platform planks less coercive. The net result is repeated defeat of the more violent of two looter candidates. This causes predatory politicians to repeal cruel laws and water down violent platform planks in hopes of poaching away enough libertarian spoiler votes to again point a gun at your head.(link)

The chart below shows communist party membership in the wake of two prohibition-related depressions. Prohibition crashed the economy in 1920, was nullified by buying off and shooting agents (hence the recovery), then returned with flaming fanaticism after the Klan defected and helped elect the Republican party in 1928.(link)

Looting begets Looters

Communist membership rose after Republican prohibitionism causes a recession. Now it’s LP membership that rises whenever looter fanaticism wrecks the economy.

In a larger context, the same policy changes should reduce the reliance by subsidized parties on asset-forfeiture prohibitionism and economy-wrecking confiscation policies. This is because voters are now running to the Libertarian Party. Back in 1923 their only alternative to the entrenched kleptocracy was some sort of communo-socialist party.(link

Find out the juicy details behind the mother of all economic collapses. Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 is available in two languages on Amazon Kindle, each at the cost of a pint of craft beer.

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