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This is HankPhillips.com I translate contracts, engineering material and financial & political stuff. I also interpret executives, heads of state and people under arrest. This page is a project to facilitate the circulation of ethical and political ideas across the barbed-wire entanglements of language barriers. If you are a libertarian translator, write me. If you are a translation or interpreting client you can use this PayPal link to send me some earnest money or a retainer. You may send checks to J Henry Phillips, 12407 North Mopac Expressway #250-184, Austin, Texas  78758

I have some libertarian credentials. Here is a scolding letter from John Hospers, our first presidential candidate to earn an electoral vote and prime organizer of the Libertarian Defense Caucus (the LDC). Back then there was a surplus of unemployable “former” communists eager to infiltrate and dismember the Libertarian Party. Hospers worried that perfection might be the enemy of progress and thought I ought not to so antagonize the impostors.

It is telling that the looters go to the trouble. It shows they have done their homework.   They know about the Solomon Asch experiment and are aware of the law-changing clout of spoiler votes as revealed by the history of U.S. elections.


I have another Hospers letter from 1986. Like most folks back before spoiler votes were understood, Dr Hospers believed membership numbers were the important thing and regarded anarchist infiltration with equanimity. (Hospers1986)

I also worked for Dr Petr Beckmann when I joined the LDC. Beckmann was a volunteer scientist alongside physicist Arthur C. Clarke using radar to help damaged British bombers with wounded crew members land in England after night bombing of targets in Christian National Socialist Germany (See the novel Glide Path, ). Petr, EE and PhD mathematician, wrote textbooks, including The Health Hazards of NOT Going Nuclear after escaping International Socialism. I was his mail clerk for a time at The Golem Press, and have never admired anyone so much throughout his life.

Petr was on editorial boards at Reason Magazine and The Intellectual Activist during the death throes of many communo-fascist socialist régimes. Convinced those boards were compromised by cowards and whack jobs, he resigned from both and urged me to focus on the Libertarian Party as the best hope for the future. Here is a letter from those trying times:


Working as a volunteer assembling yard signs with the Travis County Libertarian Party it seemed we were accomplishing little. But today the LP and its candidates are attacked rather than ignored by the looter media, and there is no better endorsement of an honest organization committed to non-aggression (something quite different from helpless pacifism) in the nuclear era. The realization that every spoiler vote captured by the LP packs approximately 15 times the law-changing clout of a vote wasted on the entrenched looter kleptocracy is why I publish Libertariantranslator and Expatriotas (amigra.us). Libertarian candidates can rewrite the laws without the erosion of integrity that so afflicts holders of political office.

Sou Henriquephillips.com  Traduzo contratos, matéria de engenharia e assuntos políticos e financeiros. Também sou intérprete para presidentes, executivos e pessoas algemadas. (Aliás, hoje em dia são os mesmos!) Esta página e meu outro blog no http://www.faloingles.com ou http://www.amigra.us visam facilitar a circulação de valores éticos e idéias políticas, vazando as barreiras linguísticas de arame farpado. Quem é libertário ou que precise de traduções ou intérprete, que escreva.

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