Big Tent, Big Dent in the ballot count

unitedfront1936The United Front was the 1930s version of the Big Tent, and made George Orwell fume in frustration at the futility of herding so many uncooperative cats. Its inevitable outcome arrived when looter comrades applauded Germany as Christian National Socialists joined Soviet International Socialists in carving up Czechoslovakia and Poland with bayonets. Only when Hitler invaded actual Communist territory did the Socialist Brotherhood break down and, through doublethink, throw its reality control into reverse to oppose “fascism.” 

Orwell revisited the concept in “1984,” the backdrop for which novel he developed after having been sent to survey defeated National Socialist Germany not long after the surrender. His English colleagues were criticized thus:

Actually, as Winston well knew, it was only four years since Oceania had been at war with Eastasia and in alliance with Eurasia. But that was merely a piece of furtive knowledge which he happened to possess because his memory was not satisfactorily under control. Officially the change of partners had never happened.

The pattern repeats itself as birth-forcing prohibitionists seek to infiltrate the Libertarian Party, in a campaign to absorb us into the soft machine that is progressively destroying individual rights (beginning with female individuals). To accomplish this, several disguises have been fashioned, among them the Tea Party and the Constitution Party.

The Tea Party is a mutated tentacle of the Prohibition Party–the same one that amended the Constitution to turn These States into a guerrilla combat zone. That Altruistic Experiment, together with asset forfeiture under the Communist Manifesto income tax, totally collapsed the economy. The Tea Party’s main planks–identical to those of the Constitution Party–are to send men with guns to stop people from enjoying plants and chemicals, and to force pregnant women to reproduce against their will.

But the Tea Party was actually an invention of Libertarian Merry Pranksters in Austin, Texas, decades before the GOP began impersonating us. Mystical fanatics have lately co-opted the name as a stalking horse, the better to infiltrate and subvert the Libertarian Party, and clone us into murdering prohibitionists ready for absorption into God’s Only Party.

All such efforts are doomed to failure because the LP is protected by a non-aggression principle whereby members renounce the very initiation of force that springs from the foundation of all violent, predatory, looter ideologies. For simple visualization, imagine a Deuterium atom. Its nucleus consists of one proton and one neutron. All looter ideologies, at their core, revolve around the twin evils of altruism and mysticism and cannot possibly be anything but violent and parasitical–anything else is to them unthinkable.

The world’s current problems are traceable to those two bad ideas. Take a look at the Islamic State and the Christian State that the Tea Party advocates in its platform (copied in part from the NSDAP). Each is a mirror image of the other in terms of fundamentals. Mohammedanism simply discarded a few contradictions when it fissioned off as a decay product of the main branch of Christian mysticism.

None of these violent theocracies bears any resemblance to the libertarian ideal of missing no opportunity to replace the initiation of force with some other solution. We vote for solutions that either dispense entirely with armed aggression or minimize same. This does not make us pacifists. It only acknowledges that enemies of freedom are, by definition, aggressors. We no more envy aggressors than we envy the radioactive glass that is the eventual end-product of all such endeavors.

Sound farfetched? Ask the Japanese…

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