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Eurobums, Again?!

Europeans were quick to borrow in 1914-19, but slow to repay 1931

Ukraine was invaded by a Monarcho-Socialist neighbor under orders of an elected politician who made himself dictator-for-life. But Hitler has been dead for 78 years, and here we are again pouring money into a State whose 1991 Constitution is framed in vague and glittering generalities.(link) It’s “right to life” plank is not the dictatorial enslavement of actual persons already born our own Constitution allows in Texas. Its socialized medicine and handout provisions aren’t all that different, at a glance, from those of our own Kleptocracy. Ukrainians love taxes, but the Autonomous Republic of Crimea appears not to have requited that love.

Ukrainian women have the same rights as men–a condition not yet attained in These States, but the meaning of “rights” in both places seldom survives the question “at whose expense?” The Ukraine constitution imports foreign treaties as law, just as our own does. True, the USA never ratified the Treaty of Versailles. But These States helped foist prohibition laws and reparations onto Europe, and did sponsor the Hague antiopium convention that triggered the opium-farming Balkans into wars that escalated into WW1.(link) The Hoover Administration pushing overregulation and prohibition on the rest of the world with the June, 1931 Limitation Convention certainly made matters worse–and caused a German dictator to gain power.(link)

Europe has wallowed in war since the invention of mystical altruism, a habit less popular under the U.S. Constitution (if we ignore Sherman’s doing Native Americans the way he did Georgia Confederates). Still, the lure of bank interest on loans to arm Europe beckons anew. But why not inquire into what Europeans call rights? Unlike other Europeans, Ukrainians have a right to free speech–until someone calls that a crime. But the only arms they can keep and bear are on the flag they get to wave–with little effect on Russian invaders. Our Second Amendment says our militia can keep and bear nuclear weapons. Ukrainians do have free speech, and even freedom from having religion forced on them (Texas and Alabama take note). Let’s skip the Third but note that they do require search warrants over there, the way our Fourth and Fifth Amendments used to do, and they even have jury trials and a limitation on the State’s power to lock people up. Like many Americans, Ukrainian authorities seem unaware of out Ninth and Tenth Amendments, and offer to coerce people on “ecological” grounds.

The glaring gap is the lack of a Second Amendment. If Ukraine had even tactical nuclear weapons able to reach, say, the width of Texas or length of California, no Monarchic Fuhrer would dare invade them. Now that the temptation of weakness has had its usual effect, they can’t join NATO’s nuclear umbrella until hostilities cease. Whose fault is that?

If the USA were to practice free trade instead of prohibitionism, and keep our Second Amendment unentangled by foreigners, instead of subsidies we could sell them neutron bombs at a premium for cash. Once Ukraine decides freedom is worth keeping and bearing arms, the Russian people can then decide whether a predatory and aggressive National Socialist Reich is a thing worth keeping.


Empire of the Summer Moon is a book by Sam Gwynne about the decline and fall of the Comanche anarchist nation. Without the physics and math of an industrial economy, Comancheria was unable to repel the troops sent westward to turn them and the buffalo into fertilizer.(link)

Good reading: The Anarchy: The East India Company, Corporate Violence, and the Pillage of an Empire
by William Dalrymple. (link) Without the physics and math of an industrial economy with a Bill of Rights…

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