Fiscal Conservative?

bushmonkeyGeorge W Bush was the last Republican president. He issued Executive Orders such as…
13279: …Consistent with the Free Exercise Clause and the Free Speech Clause of the Constitution, faith-based organizations should be eligible to compete for Federal financial assistance used to support social service programs and to participate fully in the social service programs supported with Federal financial assistance without impairing their independence, autonomy, expression, or religious character. (…)
Specified agency heads shall, in coordination with the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI), review and evaluate existing policies that have implications for faith-based and community organizations in order to assess the consistency of such policies with the fundamental principles and policymaking criteria articulated in section 2 of this order.

So who are we talking about in this Executive Order, issued amid total financial collapse?

Sec. 8. Functions of Heads of Departments Concerned and Additional Functions of the Director of National Intelligence.

(a) To the extent permitted by law, the DNI and the heads of departments concerned shall provide such information and assistance as the PIAB and the IOB may need to perform functions under this order.

(b) The heads of departments concerned shall:

(i) ensure that the DNI receives:

(A) copies of reports submitted to the IOB pursuant to section 1.7(d) of Executive Order 12333, or a corresponding provision of any successor order; and

(B) such information and assistance as the DNI may need to perform functions under this order; and

(ii) designate the offices within their respective organizations that shall submit reports to the IOB required by Executive Order and inform the DNI and the IOB of such designations; and

(iii) ensure that departments concerned comply with instructions issued by the DNI under subsection 7(a)(ii) of this order.

(c) The head of a department concerned who does not implement a recommendation to that head of department from the PIAB under subsection 4(b) of this order or from the IOB under subsections 6(c) or 6(d) of this order shall promptly report through the DNI to the Board that made the recommendation, or to the President, the reasons for not implementing the recommendation.

(d) The DNI shall ensure that the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency performs the functions with respect to the Central Intelligence Agency under this order that a head of a department concerned performs with respect to organizations within the intelligence community that are part of that department.

Sec. 9. References and Transition. (a) References in Executive Orders other than this order, or in any other presidential guidance, to the “President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board” shall be deemed to be references to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board established by this order.

(b) Individuals who are members of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board under Executive Order 12863 of September 13, 1993, as amended, immediately prior to the signing of this order shall be members of the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board immediately upon the signing of this order, to serve as such consistent with this order until the date that is 15 months following the date of this order.

(c) Individuals who are members of the Intelligence Oversight Board under Executive Order 12863 immediately prior to the signing of this order shall be members of the Intelligence Oversight Board under this order, to serve as such consistent with this order until the date that is 15 months following the date of this order.

(d) The individual serving as Executive Director of the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board immediately prior to the signing of this order shall serve as the Executive Director of the PIAB until such person resigns, dies, or is removed, or upon appointment of a successor under this order and shall serve as the Executive Director of the IOB until an Executive Director of the IOB is appointed or designated under this order.

Um… wasn’t Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate, a fiscally responsible elected official for two terms as governor of New Mexico?

Do you ever need translations of political directives, bills, laws, dockets, platforms, indictments and decisions?

Prophesying Hobgoblins

R. Crumb, cartoonist, 1977

This is your brain on TeeVee

HL Mencken observed that looter politicians trot out an endless stream of hobgoblins to frighten the rubes into wanting a State of Fear. People who watch teevee, instead of reading, grab my sleeve to warn me about Clinton’s secret ambitions or Trump’s subconscious plans. When I ask how they found out, off they go after other sleeves to clutch–or demand instantly verifiable proof that their pathetic fears are false. The more mystical the voter, the more susceptible to frightened gibberish and unfalsifiable ravings.

Favorites include: Hillary will in the future appoint judges who will strike down the Second Amendment. The possibility that the Senate might refuse to confirm anti-Constitutional judges, never crosses their minds. Illiterate to a man, the terrified are completely unaware of what it takes to strike down a Constitutional Amendment, so “what’s to stop her” sounds like a question, but is really a cry of fear that a GIRL might be elected and the GOP lose some more jobs. The President, as Elihu Root explained to Herbert Hoover in December of 1929, has no power whatsoever to interfere in Constitutional amendments:

The Constitution does not contemplate any relation of the President to its amendment.  You can veto any other form of legislative action but you do not have that power in relation to Constitutional amendments.  That distinction was made for the definite purpose of holding alterations of the Constitution away from the President, who is solely an enforcement officer in this relation.

Root, it turns out, had himself tried to get the Supreme Court to strike down the Prohibition Amendment and failed. So the possibility remains that The Almighty Dollar will miraculously cause two-thirds of the Senate to confirm anti-Constitutional judges. Mammon could then cause them to refuse to enforce an Amendment–if the price were right. This, thanks to the Democratic and Republican parties, had actually happened ten years earlier, in Schenck v. US. The First, Fifth and Thirteenth Amendments were summarily but temporarily nullified by the looter-appointed Supreme Court in a case where the accused passed out copies of the Anti-Slavery Amendment to men waiting in line to be drafted into WWI.

The court used the “shouting fire in a crowded theater” excuse to send the pamphleteer to prison for handing & mailing out a piece of paper urging the Bill of Rights.
Mammon entered the picture when neutral American banks and industry, emboldened by the Federal Reserve Act three years earlier, began loaning money and selling goods on credit to British and French belligerents in the 1914 War, while Russia fought beside them. A LOT of money, materials and foodstuffs went “Over There.”

After the communist revolution took Russia out of the war, Germany might have won. These States would have lost the money they had fronted Britain and France. Mammon and the Court therefore decreed the First, Fifth and Thirteenth Amendments were not important compared to those war loans outstanding. But those Amendments are still there in case the Court needs to club someone over the head with them at some future date, perhaps with less money on the table.

The moral of the story is that it would take LOTS of money to quash the Second Amendment.  But crime is way down, and ALL recent Supreme Court decisions have favored Open Carry, less regulation, shorter forms, and with weed becoming legal, yesterday’s “felons” will be just plain folks again.

The only amendment ever repealed was the Prohibition Amendment, by ratification of the 21st Amendment, which struck it down but assigned the States the power to make light beer a felony and murder entire families–with federal assistance–to enforce all related laws. This process began in 1933 after Herbert Hoover’s asset-forfeiture strategy brought on the Crash and depression had wrecked the economy. Two-thirds of the states won the race to ratify begun in March, but it took till December, with tens of billions of dollars and long jail sentences for millionaires in the balance. Twenty-four years would pass before the Republicans ever elected another President.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties insist on federal prohibition and the communist manifesto income tax–things that cause militarized police to jail and shoot our kids, and destroy the economy, causing depressions, repossessions and unemployment. More to the point, no self-respecting American woman of childbearing age wants anything to do with the kind of man who would use government force to compel her to act against her will and better judgment. George Waffen Bush destroyed the economy to please faith-based, ku-klux, mystical fanatics and his party deserves to be abolished and replaced. The honest and constructive way to man up and make things better in 2016 is to vote Libertarian or just stay home, like Scott Adams.

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Politics as She Is

socialism21jun1901 Bridgeport Herald

Socialism, flowering in Germany, 13 yrs before WWI

Socialism as preached in the 1890s was supposed to bring utopia. Instead, beginning in 1919 it brought Communist dictatorships, mass starvation and the return of slavery. As of 1933 it added extermination of non-Christians of Semitic extraction, more mechanized industrial warfare, and finally hydrogen bomb brinkmanship. In every case, there came collapse into poverty to rival America’s Hoovervilles of the 1930s. Even today the phenomenon can be seen in Venezuela, North Korea, and pockets of Africa.

From the darkest hour of the struggle between Christian National Socialism and Collectivist International Socialism there emerged a third political party dedicated to the restoration of individual rights through the abandonment of physical aggression. It was a new dawn! For 45 years now the Libertarian party has struggled to repeal Nixon’s political subsidies–subsidies that purchase ballots for the Kleptocracy of naked aggression. The Kleptocracy makes young men into agents of murder and sacrifices the individual rights of women on the altar of anti-rational teratogeny.  In 1892 its philosophical schism was represented in literature by the Accumulation and tenements swarming with dreamers of an imaginary Altruria.

The Kleptocracy competes for votes against a libertarian party that appeals to freedom, reason and voluntary cooperation–appeals first put into words by a woman (during the Nuremberg trials and executions of Christian Socialists) and represented by an incoercible Porcupine (NOT chattel of burden). Yet the Kleptocracy is slowly giving up ground. It has to have its judges, governors and state legislatures strike down bad laws or lose salaried positions financed by money ripped away from the productive. Small wonder “both” parties are upset!

So what does the Kleptocracy want? Neither half of it ever mentions the word freedom (except to mean coercion). What unproductive hands want, as in Adam Smith’s day, is to be paid someone else’s money for doing practically nothing. Their ranks are crawling with idle job-seekers and financed by parasites angling to trip up a competitor. George Washington Plunkitt said it plainly:

“Take me, for instance. When Low came in, some of my men lost public jobs, but I fixed them all right. I don’t know how many jobs I got for them on the surface and elevated railroads–several hundred.
“I placed a lot more on public works done by contractors, and no Tammany man goes hungry in my district. Plunkitt’s O.K. on an application for a job is never turned down, for they all know that Plunkitt and Tammany don’t stay out long. See!
“Let me tell you, too, that I got jobs from Republicans in office–Federal and otherwise. When Tammany’s on top I do good turns for the Republicans. When they’re on top they don’t forget me.
“Me and the Republicans are enemies just one day in the year–election day. Then we fight tooth and nail The rest of the time it’s live and let live with us.”

But live and let live is a Libertarian Party motto. Only Libertarian Party candidates agree to act and produce the quiet, confident votes cast against the initiation of force–even surrounded by a choppy sea of angry looters. But that lone voice, as demonstrated by the Solomon Asch experiment, suffices to increase honesty, bolster independent judgment and act as a gumption barrier protecting individual honesty from social pressure exerted by the false dichotomy manufactured by the Kleptocracy.

If you can’t register in time to vote, why not make a donation to your Friendly, Neighborhood Libertarian Party? The National accepts donations online. Your contribution will be worth 30 times as much as if cast for either gang in the Kleptocracy.


Suppose they gave a war…

suffrage1909Suppose they gave a war on women’s rights and nobody came? The Republican party is trying to stage the experiment. Their platform shrieks for 6% of its 36,000-word platform in carpet-biting rage against pregnant women having the same rights as all other individuals.  Since neither Kleptocracy candidate sees fit to point to its own platform, a few samples from the 2016 GOP platform may illustrate the point. 

We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.”

The Amendment guarantees rights for “All Persons born…” not “All Ova fertilized…” To them, that’s a problem.

We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage.


Overpopulation, starvation, war… this is good?

But they have no problem with licensing, subsidizing and protecting doctors who prostitute the medical profession to give the patina of science to prohibitionist ravings, while pushing the cost of medical care out of everyone’s reach. Birth control is both a survival and a law-and-order issue. Forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to completion results in a new crime wave nearly two decades after the prohibition. Repealing abortion laws entirely, as in Canada, results in a drop in actual crime with victims in a similar timeframe (to say nothing of the connection between overpopulation and starvation). Then there is good old coercive prohibitionist asset forfeiture:

In order to encourage women who face an unplanned pregnancy to choose life, we support legislation that requires financial responsibility for the child be equally borne by both the mother and father upon conception until the child reaches adulthood.

In other words God’s Own Prohibitionists want to use the violence of law to force women to reproduce to suit mystical fanatics. But that’s OK because they also want to force careless men (or underage boys) to pay child support or go to jail, even if neither biological parent wants to become a parent.

moral1901lectureRepublicans have the chutzpah to talk of women fleeing abuse, and friends, there really is such a thing. Women are rallying to the banner of a female candidate not at all interested in coercing them to please coercive brutes. Bookies over at Paddypower are charging 6 to 1 odds of people voting for the Dems, and laying nearly similar odds that The Antichoice will continue to lose as itstopamnesty did in 2000 (but stole the election by vote fraud), 2008, and 2012. The abuse women voters are fleeing is clearly abuse at the hands of ignorant bigots WITHIN THESE STATES, as in 1932. Foreigners are also singled out for abuse, and any cities whose police refuse to join the witchhunt are branded Enemies of the Republican Staat! What kind of party advertises with images of barbed-wire fences for confining humans? 

It is true that aside from “letting” women have rights guaranteed by the Constitution and repeatedly upheld by Kleptocracy Courts, the Dems are simply another looter prohibitionist party that wants kids shot or jailed by militarized police over hemp seeds. Both Kleptocracy parties also vow to continue to use asset-forfeiture extortion, treat foreigners like criminals, meddle with deadly force in mystical tribal conflicts on the other side of the planet and use the communist manifesto income tax to further impoverish Americans at gunpoint. The difference between those two political parties is one of degree, not kind, and is only perceptibly significant on that one issue. The GO-Pee still have the support of the Wizened Christian Totalitarian Union, but that’s about it as far as women are concerned…

No thanks, “both” Kleptocracy parties. I’ll stick with the and accept no substitutsky!



The Cross of Scold

devolution0716The People’s Party got nearly 9% of the vote–six times the spread between winner and loser–in 1892. This frightened the Donkey and Elephant parties into making all individuals into beasts of burden under the income tax–a tax that was in neither of their platforms. Then came the surprising discovery that importation of communist manifesto planks into Federal legislation meant economic collapse.

In the year 2016 the situation is not much different. Mystics still demand that the violence of law be used against their neighbors–especially women. The mascots of the two entrenched Kleptocracy parties are those same beasts of burden, Jackass and Pachyderm. The election struggle is presented by their media as a contest between “idle holders of idle capital” and “the struggling masses,” a tableau framed by William Jennings Bryan and recently exhumed by Bernie Sanders.

Even the background issue of individual rights has barely changed. Women–who in 1892 fought for the power to vote, and in 1932 used that power to rescue the nation from economic collapse from the income tax and prohibition,  are today beset by male fanatics intent on again denying them individual rights in violation of the Constitution. But after a century and a quarter, in the middle of another Great Depression caused by prohibitionist asset-forfeiture, there is a third set of pieces on the chessboard–the Libertarian Party.

When the Supreme Court enforced individual rights for African-Americans, bigoted collectivists promptly appealed to violence to restore the status quo ante.  The Court again moved to enforce individual rights–this time for women. But in the Roe v. Wade decision the Supreme Court acted to protect the Republican and Democratic parties, that had nominated and confirmed its members, from competition–namely, the pro-choice Libertarian Party. The Roe v. Wade decision was handed down two months after the Libertarian Party ran the first woman candidate for vice-president, Tonie Nathan, alongside John Hospers on a pro-choice platform. Many court cases, most recently involving the right of individuals to marry whomever they please, have been decided with nervous glances in the direction of the LP.

Pressured by the game-changing power of small-party spoiler votes in the wake of the Y2k election, the Kleptocracy has begun fragmenting. The slave-Elephant’s mahouts are calving off Apocalyptic hate groups dedicated to the coercion of women (and also spouting occasional libertarian-sounding positions). As in Germany in 1933, they are organizing another Holy War pitting Christianity against foreigners and persons of Semitic provenance. The Jackass-of-burden party spalls econazi End-Times Cassandra cults led by parasitical ex-scientists and predatory politicians. Those worthies fasten like lampreys onto the taxing and regulatory power of industrial society and are hailed by the subsidized media as prophets.  These mutated offspring have now turned on their spawners. Three separate factions, the GOP, “Constitution” and Tea parties, compete for the power to force women to reproduce against their will. Three others vie with equal ferocity for the destruction of industrial civilization and a return to communist-style dictatorship.

If the Republican Party–dominated entirely by prohibitionists since 1928–were able to break free, it would have done so between 1932 and 1950. Instead it scolds us with 2266 words of a Bryanesque “Cross of Scold” speech around which the rest of the GOP platform–including preservation of the individual income tax and all manner of asset-forfeiture looting–is daubed like mud into wattle. The gist of it is that the Constitution is wrong and men with guns–people like the cop-killing Planned Parenthood shooter–need to be sent after physicians to show them uppity Jezebels who is boss.

Porcupine libertarians are, of course, targeted by infiltrators from both variants of coercive collectivism, but the taint has not adhered at all well. Visit the Twenty-First Century alternative to Ottoman-style prohibitionism and East-German totalitarianism at

The Tea Party Effect

teapartyThird parties have historically been harmful. The exception was the Liberal Party of 1930, which jolted the Democrats into plunking down for repeal of the prohibition laws that destroyed the economy and caused the Great Depression. The principle, however, is the same: a small but single-minded party pressing a platform the entrenched parties in a mixed economy struggle to evade, gets enough spoiler votes to make the difference between winner and loser here and there. This causes one of the two entrenched parties, eager for spoils, to change its platform or otherwise pass laws to steal that small party’s thunder.

The most striking recent examples have been the Green Party’s determination (if we politely ignore Tennessee voting against its Green Goracle) of the Y2k election outcome. Then there was the quasi-Mohammedan Tea Party (same thing as the Prohibition Party, Constitution Party, American Party, Lyndon LaRouche party, John Birch Society and Ku Klux Klan) that affected the campaigns leading up to that same George Bush election. Unlike the DemoGOP Kleptocracy, with its 35,000-word spewings, one Tea Party faction takes fewer than 100 words arranged into a 15 Commandments to expound the triumph of superstition over reason within its ranks. The First Commandment is a tautology. Commandment 2 is obscurantist obfuscation. The rest are exhortations and declarative opinions, the most revealing of which is item 5: Gun ownership is sacred.
Ayn Rand pointed out decades ago that conservatives rely primarily on the argument from faith, and the argument from tradition (superstition is good, old is good) as a basis for determining what kinds of things a government ought to do. Their application of Olde Tyme Religion to the physical restraint of men conflicts with the First and 14th Amendments (the free=uncoerced exercise thereof, All persons born, not ova fertilized).

The most typical proponent of faith-based values has been the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter, precisely the type of individual George Waffen Bush wanted as a spokesman for the Bill of Rights. After all, he issued two Executive Orders packing the federal government with cross-burning fanatics. Any rational person will defend Second Amendment rights as individual rights that make political and economic sense, not antique voodoo totems. Nobody has to vote for the Libertarian Party, but that choice makes a lot of sense.

The whole point of voting Libertarian is that we can’t possibly LOSE! We are voting to repeal prohibition, get the communist manifesto out of the Constitution and enforce the individual rights of everyone–even pregnant women!
Bookies using actuarial math bet their own money 6 to 1 that The Antichoice will LOSE (not elect its gross candidate) and 5 to 1 that the Pro-choice looters will win (lose non-reproductive rights, and elect a Grrrl). There is a huge surplus of Democrat probability, and no remote danger of hordes of Dems defecting and “letting” the Gee-Oh-Pee keep bullying girls and shooting hippies and blacks. The Gee-Oh-Pee is pushing the same greedy superstitious prohibitionism that caused its morons to lose, and if History is any guide, will continue to defend the 1928 Prohibition Platform and Comstock laws until dissolved and replaced. Bigots have several antiabortion parties, and fiscal conservatives (if there is such a thing), can vote Libertarian. A libertarian vote packs at least six times (and possibly 30 times) the law-changing clout of a vote for the looter Kleptocracy.  The math is simple fractions and proportions.

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Herbert Hooverville Economics, 2007

In God We Trust--Our Brothers' Keepers

Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover, 1960

The Republicans lost the presidential election even before 2007 by ramping up the faith-based asset-forfeiture looting “intended” to enforce prohibition laws creating victimless crimes. Herbert Hoover enforced nearly identical laws using policies and Executive Orders with exactly the same intentions and exactly the same results.

After Hoover’s GOP destroyed the nation’s equity and shut down every bank before FDR’s Inauguration Day, two decades would pass before religious hatemongers got another chance to crush the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and 10th Amendments through the coercive enactment of superstitious nonsense.
But enact they did once the Prohibition-Republican coalition again gained the bully pulpit. The Pledge of Allegiance was originally written by Christian National Socialist Francis Bellamy back when the Populist Party was getting nearly 9% of the vote. Francis, a preacher, was brother to Edward Bellamy, whose recasting of communist theology into such novels as Looking Backward (full text) and Equality (full text) re-exported looter dogma back to Europe in American packaging, with Christian homilies added. The original godless Pledge of Allegiance was written before income tax laws imported from the communist manifesto stuck and clung in America. To Bellamy’s pledge, Republicans added “under God”

Equality (the book) is seldom mentionedespecially in conservative circles–for with its clerical trappings it later served handily as support for the National Socialist Workers Party platform just as A Traveler From Altruria (full text) promoted socialism during the Panic of 1893–and even provided a sociological foundation  for  Soviet Socialism. Eisenhower, the Germanic General to whom Germany had surrendered, was unwittingly the entering wedge for a resurgence of precisely the sort of shotgun marriage of faith to the forcible restraint of men that had produced the Ottoman Empire, the Soviet Empire, Nationalsocialist Germany, and finally the Military-Industrial Complex dictating all that Americans may eat, drink, think and do.

McCarthyism and the John Birch Society politically revived Nixon, whose Moral Majority made slaughter and imprisonment the icons in America they’d previously been in Germany until May, 1945, and whose revival of prohibitionism guaranteed a repeat of the Hoovervilles depression of the 1930s. The Liberal Party repeal platform of 1930 was adopted by the Democratic Party to escape defeat by spoiler votes and end the depression. This chain of events is repeating itself today.


Repeal the Depression Party, 1933

Many State governors such as Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have understood since 1929 that prohibitionist looting by unproductive hands ruins a nation’s economy. Hence the current wave of libertarian-enabled repeal campaigns in the several States in the wake of the George Bush asset-forfeiture Crash and Depression.

Both entrenched parties cling to prohibitionism and asset-forfeiture looting, and will until your vote tells them to change by making them lose–even if to each other–for being less libertarian.

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