YES, Non-Aggression Principle!

auschwitzA genuine libertarian has signed a nonaggression pact drafted by Ayn Rand on April 17, 1947. Without that you cannot pay dues to join the party or contribute to its expenses. As elsewhere in nature, predators and competitors camouflaged through mimesis seek to infiltrate, corrupt and sabotage the party’s efforts to repeal coercive and deadly legislation and secure individual rights. The NAP says: “I certify that I oppose the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals.”

H.L. Mencken translated Jefferson’s declaration into plain English that likewise brought out the non-aggression implicit in its construction, but despaired of making it work just as he doubted ethical principles could be objectively framed. His loss was made good by one of the young admirers he cared for not a whit.

In “A Treatise on Right and Wrong” Mencken took to task all forms of organized mysticism, superstition and flimflam artistry, down to their basic premises and claims of Revelation as a source of factual knowledge and basis for punishment. Of Herbert Hoover Mencken reported that “he took to good works in 1914, and was presently hailed everywhere as a champion altruist.” Altruism was preached by Auguste Compte, Immanuel Kant, Goethe and Hegel, taken up and defended by Moseley, Mussolini, Franco, Adolf Hitler and Josef Goebbels & Co. The photo above is the entry to the Auschwitz camp at which selfishness–believed to be a Jewish trait–was to be purged from the “blood” pool of mankind. The NSDAP was really big on pools of blood.

Germans believed in Mendelian breeding for moral “instinct” three decades before research on the Influenza epidemic of WWI was to lead to the Double Helix–discovered by non-superstitious scientists. After Germany’s Christian National Socialist government was overrun by the equally altruistic and mystical Communist army, ringleaders were rounded up and tried for their policies and practices of altruism-through-genocide. History records this as the Nuremberg Trials, where the first simultaneous interpreters were put to work with headphones and microphones.

While working on Atlas Shrugged during the Nuremberg Trials, a young writer of Jewish extraction calmly noted that the initiation of force–sending men with guns out to coerce and bayonet people–was the practical manifestation of the “unproductive hands” described by Adam Smith as the parasitical force that ruins and impoverishes great nations, but always for the most genuine and sincerely altruistic motives. The Non-Aggression Pact was explained to me as also having a secondary effect: not even the most brazen of looter propagandists could brand as terrorists people who “oppose the initiation of force.”(link)

The Non-Aggression Pact thus has three functions: 1. It affirms the principle of rights and freedom. 2. It disarms actual looters who would gladly coerce us so they may loot and enslave the population bereft of the opportunity to vote against them. 3. It honestly states what we are about. We are the party that does NOT want men with guns to kick in your door the way the Republican, Communist, Democrat, Prohibition, Nazi, Fascist, Tea and Green parties do.

It therefore follows that every infiltrator from those ideologies wants us to abandon the one thing that we hold in common as the unifying principle, and instead take up the ethical values and methods that led directly to the Holocaust, to Auschwitz, to the slogan over its gate that George Orwell so crisply translated as: Freedom Is Slavery.

The Republican, Prohibition and Tea want the initiation of force to kill doctors, overturn Roe v. Wade, rewrite the 14th Amendment, shoot and jail victimless hippies and bomb them Mohammedans and commie atheists. The Communists, Econazis and Democrats want “deniers” property confiscated at gunpoint for “Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz” (People, not Profits) and a return to the altruist values defended by Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev.  Things have come to such a pass that National Socialists today proudly call themselves by their proper name, while other altruist-collectivist socialists seek to distance themselves with the Russian slang “Nazi.”

Looters borrow “Liberal” from the wet, American anti-dictatorial party established in 1930 to repeal National Prohibition and Blue Laws and are making it a synonym of its antonym!  “Anarchist” communists, who want “libertarian” arson and murder made legal, seek to attack the NAP by [get this!] claiming a fictional movie character advocated shooting first and letting God sort them out. This is the example they want governments to continue to follow. Pedants of similar stripe ignore the NAP’s author and context, yet balk at reciting the presumed virtues of altruism or evils of individual rights. All rely on prophesy, never the evidence of what socialism has actually wrought everywhere its writ has run.

There will always be spies and saboteurs, parasites and fifth-columnists denigrating individuality and praising death-camp altruism. For the exact same reason there will always be looters and other criminals. Just as pickpockets try to infiltrate the honest, looters seek to subvert honesty in competing political parties.  Dictatorships despise honest competition.

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