Liberal Party of America, 1931

LIBERALPARTYCOVERA proto-Libertarian Party was organized in 1930

This first approach to a Libertarian Party was organized in 1930 to repeal prohibition, the 18th Amendment and block intrusive religious laws–blue laws, Sunday closing laws, baseball bans on Sundays. It is hard for anyone today to imagine we had something like Sharia law during Prohibition in America. Once this Liberal Party published its 1931 platform, the Democratic Party had little choice but to adopt a prohibition repeal plank. Otherwise, frustrated beer drinkers would vote their conscience and those lost spoiler votes would cost the Democrats the 1932 election.

The Liberal Party was non-protectionist, non-militaristic, anti-war, forgiving of war debts, opposed to communism and the dole, church/state separatist, favored normal election of senators, legal no-fault divorce, wanted removal of censorship and curbs on employment and abolition of useless federal bureaus. Its existence and positive influence, like the causal connection between Prohibition and the Depression are a well-kept secret.

So, why do the Republican, Prohibition, Consta-to-shun and Tea parties hate “liberals” as much as German National Socialists hated liberals in 1932? Here are a few tidbits…

At a meeting held in New York City on February 4, 1930, which was attended by about one hundred representative men from every section of the United States, a proposal was made to create a national political organization to be called the Liberal Party. (…) The discussion developed the general agreement that America is being held tight in a strangling grip by powerful groups of men and women, narrow and fanatical of mind, who had constituted themselves an ecclesiastical union, guided by a fatuous intention of making our people virtuous, according to the peculiar tenets and creeds of each group, by legislative enactments… 

Would people have moral courage enough to break away from the lifelong ties of political fealty? Above all, would the young men and the young women of the nation behold the light and promise of a new day, and would they give their allegiance and support to a movement which aimed to restore to them the vanished liberties which their fathers had established?


Does that fanatical strangling grip of 85 years ago remind you of anyone?  Here we are 44 years after the Libertarian Party formed to press for many of the same policy changes, and so far only 3% of the voters have gathered the courage to cast law-changing spoiler votes. Granted, this mid-term election result is a 300% increase over the sort of totals we got before the Asset Forfeiture Crash of 2008, and in a way it makes sense.

National markets collapsed in 1929 in expectation of Herbert Hoover’s Republican Administration wrecking the economy by ramping up prohibitionist asset forfeiture. By 1932 the situation was intolerable and the nation’s honest media made it clear that prohibition and the income tax were the jaws of the pliers crushing the nation’s economy.

The Liberal Party made the historic first move and one of the entrenched looter parties followed their lead. The dactyl that made beer a felony was broken off but replaced by prohibition of other enjoyable drugs, and the income tax propodus remained to cause economic recessions in 1937-38, 1988-92, and the recent 2007-09 asset-forfeiture recession.

After 1929 it took Americans three years to come to their senses and vote for repeal. In the nine years since the 2007 ramp-up in asset forfeiture several states have moved to repeal prohibition and need more libertarian spoiler votes to bolster and reinforce this sound policy. Votes for any other party send the wrong message and are wasted.

Are you surprised to learn how the repeal of prohibition began? Buy my book, Prohibition and The Crash, for a month-by-month examination of how President Hoover’s enforcement of the Jones Five and Ten Law crushed the U.S. economy.


Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle

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