Left, Right and American

The Left and Right political labels, let’s be honest, are euphemisms that disguise the familiar conflict between Christian National Socialism and Godless Communism. It is oversimplified into a straight line running from “left wing” lay looters to “right wing” looters of a more mystical bent. Both totalitarian factions are absolutely in favor of the Communist Manifesto Income Tax and all manner of other taxes and expropriations. But the euphemisms themselves are of recent coinage and circulation in These States.left-wing14oct1914

Left-Right dichotomy expressions were imported from Europe after Republican prohibitionism (making beer a felony) was defeated thanks to the American Liberal Party, whose repeal plank was co-opted and carried to victory by the Democrats. See for yourself. Here we have a 1914 newspaper account using “left wing” as it referred to the westward phalanx of an army pointed north.leftwing27jan1933The second clipping is the mutated “left wing” expression in a political newspaper article from 1933. Google has posted millions of pages from thousands of selected newspapers in its archives. Anyone can see and verify the changes in meaning of these expressions.

Left and Right really stand for Looter and Religious zealot, linguistically speaking. In Europe, Looters want to nationalize everything into the tragedy of the Commons, whereas Religious zealots by special pleading want exemptions for collectivized Church holdings and perhaps the property of pious wealthy benefactors. To them these differences are as important as the choice between the guillotine and burning at the stake.

After prohibitionist asset forfeiture under the 1913 income tax was used to enforce 1920 prohibition laws nationally, the U.S. economy collapsed. That’s what economies do when the word “willing”–the operative term in the Law of Supply and Demand–is replaced by the legislative fiat of ignorant politicians–especially in a fractional-reserve banking system. Transfer payments from the productive but invisible hands of The Forgotten Man to visible unproductive hands have been observed and recorded as the ruin of nations since Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” defended mercantilism against the physiocrats. Soviet Russia and Democratic East Germany were graphic review lessons–much like George Bush America in 2008.

But collapsing the economy of These States, where The Almighty Dollar stood head and shoulders above The Methodist White Terror and Wizened Christian Temperance Union in the estimation of the people, was an unforgivable crime. Since the Republican party was mainly responsible for the prosecutions and confiscations that turned bustling cities into Hoovervilles, those politicians were thrown out on their asses and the other party–likewise represented by a chattel beast of burden–was empowered to rob and hoodwink the populace.

Socialists, as always, rushed to infiltrate the victorious and powerful and the result was revanche of wet Bryanism on the Dem side. The GOP chose to embrace the Christian National Socialism Herbert Hoover had entrenched in Europe by generously subsidizing Germany through the Moratorium on Brains and Reparations Payments. Mindful of the Liberal Party as intellectual authors of the repeal plank, Republicans took to pronouncing the word “liberal” the way it appears in Hitler speeches and Mein Kampf. The Ladies’ Home Journal described German National Socialists as “the left” in 1933**, but lay Socialists and U.S. Republicans alike latched onto the “Christian” modifier in the Fuehrer’s book and in the NSDAP program. This changed the American Language to make it more like the authoritarian imperialism of Europe–from whose rule the Americas had for centuries struggled for emancipation.

Remember that Left and Right stand at right angles to American come November. You will be asked to choose between American Libertarian Party candidates (NO to German communist taxation, prohibitionist murder, war and looting), German National Socialist Republicans (YES to racial collectivism, holy war militarism, prohibitionist terrorism) and Soviet Socialist Democrats (YES to militarized police, disarmed populace, communist taxation and forfeiture through prohibitionist nationalization). Now’s your chance to try voting Western Hemisphere American rather than old You’re-a-Peon.

** Homemaking under Hitler

Read pro-American compulsory racial-eugenics appeals touting prohibition and collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato (1926), translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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