Smearing Libertarians

bomb-throwing communist anarchist terrorist REPEAT

Constant repetition: anarchists, bomb-hurling anarchists

Republican journalist James Kilpatrick was among the first to gain media subsidies via the Nixon anti-Libertarian law for this piece. Consistent with the Prohibition Party and George Wallace Dixiecrats coalition the GOP was reduced to after the Kennedy assassinations, the kleptocracy’s pet journalist called us anarchists. Meanwhile the GOP platform committee sweated to draft force Amendments to overturn Roe v Wade and change the meaning of the first three words of the 14th Amendment: All persons born…

Here is Kilpatrick with The Gipper, the day after Federal plant leaf prohibitionist policies and H.R. 3226 did for hippies what the Kristallnacht laws did for Jewish shopkeepers. Money “Laundering” as pretext for asset forfeiture was next on Congress’ agenda, as Veterans Administration personnel were being fired in the Just Say No blood purity pogrom.

In less than a month this ramp-up of prohibitionist fanaticism would cause the stock market to drop 108 points in a day, cost investors half a trillion dollars, and usher in another Great Depression.

For more on how the initiation of force wielded by mystical fanaticism wrecked the economy in the Herbert Hoover Administration, order Prohibition and The Crash–Cause and Effect in 1929 in Amazon Kindle format. For the cost of a pint you’ll have undistorted history on a cellphone or tablet in your choice of English or Portuguese.

Prohibition and The Crash, on Amazon Kindle

Words you can dance to

Clarity isn’t oversimplification

5 thoughts on “Smearing Libertarians

  1. See an Antifa infiltrator try to make the LP look bad. Go to Youtube and see Nick Sarwark debate a typical communist infiltrator: “What is the Ideal Strategy for the Libertarian Party? A Soho Forum Debate” on Youtube. This is classical Republican sockpuppet tarbrush strategy of the sort the GOP used to attack Ross Perot. The place was packed with illiterate anarchists and the comments stacked with sockpuppets.


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