1920 same as 2020

Record labels: Militarism, “Free” Trade, Government Ownership, Expansion (link)

The Nixon election subsidies law suppressing access to the Libertarian party has again trapped America in a circular repetition of history.(link) The same thing happened in Germany after that country’s pathetic defeat in World War I. See if this 1920 newspaper account sounds strangely familiar…

DEMOCRATIZING GERMANY. Most of the news coming from Germany nowadays, of whatever nature, seems to arouse little interest. The American public is rather “fed up” on Germany. Here, however, is a bit of news worth noticing.
The Berlin Board of Education is said to have started a thorough cleaning up of the school libraries, removing whatever books are found “contradictory to the new spirit of the times.”

What books, then, are being removed? “All books of a shamanistic, imperialistic, militaristic, nationalistic, monarchistic, and anti-Semitic nature.”

Surely, here is proof that Germany is getting somewhere. The foundation of the old German militarism was laid in the public schools. Every schoolboy has it didn’t into his ears that Germany was “the Fatherland, surrounded by foes.” Intense, narrow nationalism, hatred of other races, love of military display, worship of armed strength, the divine origin of German autocracy, all of these were taught as educational gospel. Now, if the news is true, they are all banned.

The springs of national thought and feeling are no longer to be poisoned. There is to be room and opportunity for the development of real democracy, a truer outlook on life and a more sane and generous appreciation of other races. Source: Berkeley daily Gazette January 23, 1920 – page four.

* * *

Both America and Germany were at the time trapped by political Kleptocracies empowered by the notion that there is something good about altruism and the sacrificing of freedom on the altar of duty and the initiation of deadly force. Less than 20 years of altruist prohibitionism, censorship, predatory communistic taxation, and bans on speech, movies, books and bawdiness were all it took for Krupp cannons to in 1939 again splatter destruction all over Europe and drag These United States into yet another foreign war–this one ended by nuclear weapons.

Only in 1947, with journalists again tut-tutting about German tendencies and tenured professors hand-wringing about how morality was trailing behind science did anyone dare to question the inherent goodness of altruism and suggest that the initiation of force was no longer worth the consequences.(link)

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Brazilian Sci-fi from 1926 featuring the usual beautiful daughter of a scientist touting prohibition and racial collectivism in America’s Black President 2228 by Monteiro Lobato, translated by J Henry Phillips (link)

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