Girl-bullying anarcho-fascism

Infiltrators, Trojans, provocateurs, impersonators

The Libertarian Party started competing with a model platform that gained us vote share at 12% a year for 8 years.(link) This scared the living lice off the Looter Kleptocracy, which outnumbered us 500 to one and had billions of dollars in pelf, boodle and Nixon funding with which to put us out of the running. They did the exact same thing they were good at: sending in spies, infiltrators and saboteurs to “help us improve” our platform, just like government spies hounded many original libertarians in Haight-Ashbury.(link)

The most recent attacks, after our 4 million votes flipped 13 states again packed our meetings with anarco-communists and anarco-fascists. The result was a return to the 1% level of vote share those same infiltrators have kept us at since 1980. Here in his own words is what the poster child for girl-bullying anarcho-fascism had to say after Trumpista Anschluss turned the LP into a party run by religious bigots.

The guy claims his name is Dave and that the Austrians want to “repeal the entire progressive era”–rather than repeal laws that send thugs with guns to bully the harmless. Interviewer Nick asked him about planks the Austrians have deleted, from Constitutionally defending borders against invasion to defense of individual rights of women even when pregnant. Here is what the poster child for the Mises Caucus said about immigration:

Dave: Um, um, I don’t, I don’t particularly have a big problem with the current, uh, position on immigration which I think something says kind of like we’re against unreasonable restrictions or something like that, I don’t know.

[Dave obviously never read the platform, like the other anarchist who ruined Jo’s campaign had never read the platform before or after the immigration plank was ruined by anarchist meddling to invite invasions in 2018]. (link) Dave then rambled on about abortion.

Dave: There’s a few issues, I handful of issues, um, um, immigration, abortion, where there are, it is, there is a divide amongst libertarians. I don’t know that the party necessarily needs to take a strong position one way or the other on those issues.

[The Libertarian platform of 1972 took a strong stand that women retained individual rights and protection from outside aggression even when pregnant. That plank was copied by the Supreme Court into Roe V Wade shortly after the November votes were counted, in January, 1973.] (link)

Dave: Now the abortion plank, on the other hand, might actually really be a dealbreaker for a lot of people. If the fact that we condemn bigotry is in the platform, is actually a dealbreaker for someone, I’m okay with that.

Dave: If you are pro-life, and the position is that abortion is murder… The pro-life position certainly is that it’s murder. If it is murder, to say that the government has no… no… Even if you, at a certain point, it’s murder, to say that the government has no role in that is, that is a pro-choice position. The the idea of saying, you can have whatever feeling you want about abortion, but it should be legal, that’s the pro-choice position. So the question is should we have a pro-choice plank in our platform, when libertarians are very divided on that issue, I would say no.

The interviewer then asked If life begins at the moment of conception, what is the role of government in protecting the life of the unborn?

Dave: Well, look, I’m an anCap. I don’t think there is any role for government ever doing anything. But if you’re saying “what is the role of protecting innocent life from being murdered?” I would say anyone capable of doing it has a moral right to do that.

[The Austrian Von Mises anarchist insurgents faction recently insisted on adding a plank demanding that the death sentence NOT be administered by government. Whether that means privatized executions is not explained. But Colorado clinic shooter Robert Dear and a dozen or so religious fanatics have murdered and wounded doctors, policemen and bystanders while exercising their moral right to enforce their feelings and beliefs by deadly aggression.] (link) (link) But let Dave tell it…

Dave: Um, I mean, look, the, practically speaking, in in today’s America, it would, the, uh, our federal government is the most tyrannical force in the world, um, yeah, probably it’d be much better off being left to the states, being left to localities for them to make their own decisions– there are places in the world where abortion is illegal and they do not have this kind of, like, abortion Gestapo nightmare situation that pro-choicers create. Um, I don’t , nuh, you know, murder being illegal does create a black market for murderers, um, but it’s still better than murder being legal.

[Remember, this guy wants to run for President of the United States of the most tyrannical force in the world without reading the LP platform or the Constitution. Ask yourself how many votes the LP will get in Kansas, California or Virginia once women voters are aware of this verbiage. The function of the Libertarian party is to run candidates for office on a viable platform. The spoiler votes we earn allow voters to decide to make the worst party lose without endorsing communist or fascist variants of socialism. That pressure causes the repeal of coercive and violent laws that violate individual rights. Remember the draft?](link) Nick asked Dave what is the function of the Libertarian party?

Dave: Well, um, I think the function of the Libertarian party, um, the national level, is to spread our message and kind of plant a flag for the American people to say that there is an alternative, to this kind of binary, to this left-right Democrat-Republican binary, and here’s the other option, and that’s…

[The “pro-life” guy then rambles on and on without suggesting the repeal of a single deadly, violent, destructive law the Republicans and Democrats pass and enforce by threat of deadly force. Listen to it yourself…]

One anarchist reversed our 328% vote gain, costing us 8 years and ballot access. Want more?


Good reading: The Black Tuna Diaries (link) A tale of HL Mencken heroes battling the forces of Nixon’s Army of Norbert the Narcs


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