Republican racial slaves

Roosevelt v. Race Suicide, 1902, 1907

Republicans struggle to forget Teddy Roosevelt’s 1902 and 1907 letters on the dangers of race suicide. To jog the memory of libertarians, here is the story. Teddy despised libertarianism. This he makes clear in a 1902 letter critical of a woman’s article. This sets the tone:

“An easy, good-natured kindliness, and a desire to be “independent”—that is, to live one’s life purely according to one’s own desires—are in no sense substitutes for the fundamental virtues, for the practice of the strong, racial qualities without which there can be no strong races—….  But the man or woman who deliberately avoids marriage, and has a heart so cold as to know no passion and a brain so shallow and selfish as to dislike having children, is in effect a criminal against the race, and should be an object of contemptuous abhorrence by all healthy people.” (link) [Hitler was thirteen-and-a-half at the time the U.S. President denounced unreproductive women as criminals]

“Teedy” followed these thoughts with a second letter 5 years later, angrily scolding a magazine editor for allowing a statement contradicting Rooseveltian eugenic theory to see light. T.R. harrumphed:

Our people could still exist under all kinds of iniquities in government; under a debased currency, under official corruption, under the rule of a socialistic proletariat, or a wealthy oligarchy. All these things would be bad for us, but the country would still exist. But it could not continue to exist if it paid heed to the expressed or implied teachings of such articles as this. These teachings furnish excuses for every unnatural prevention of child-bearing, for every form of gross and shallow selfishness of the kind that is really the deepest reflection on, the deepest discredit to, American social life. …
… all schemes about having “doctors in public schools,” about kindergartens, civic associations, women’s clubs, and training families up in this way or that are preposterous nonsense if there are to be no families to train; and that it is a simple mathematical proposition that, where the average family that has children at all has only three, the race at once diminishes in numbers, and if the tendency is not checked will vanish completely, – in other words, there will be race suicide. (link)

At the time, the Comstock laws banning ALL forms of birth control were in full and brutal force.(link) In Austria, Adolf Hitler was turning 18. Is it possible that Theodore Roosevelt, like Edward Bellamy, helped shape the boy’s attitudes regarding women’s duties to The Race? Hitler loved Wild West stories, and could easily have perused a translation of T.R.’s The Winning of the West (1896), which asserted, to Ayn Rand’s later dismay, that:

“… the most ultimately righteous of all wars is a war with savages… it is of incalculable importance that America, Australia and Siberia should pass out of the hands of their red, black, and yellow aboriginal owners, and become the heritage of the dominant world races.” This was when Hitler was seven. This stuff was tremendously popular as tensions rose between Balkan opium producers and Austria’s Big Pharma. Hitler’s own Catholic Church was keenly interested in race suicide preoccupations, as was Mussolini’s government.

Austrian pharma war!
Austria was girded for a drug war (link)

Next: Hitler exhorts Nazi Womanhood against faltering in the struggle to preserve the German Folkish Race.


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