Austrian Anschluss 2, May 2022

Adolf Hitler, 1913, Mother Mary with the Holy Child Jesus...

Adolf Hitler painted a ginger Holy Mother Mary holding an orange-haired Baby Jesus in 1913, after Race Suicide fanatic Theodore Roosevelt backed the Socialist income tax and split the Republican party with his Progressive Party candidacy. A hundred years later, this prophecy finds its movement…

September 2013: The Alternative für Germany political party, dedicated to nativist, Christian, heavily-mixed-economy principles of depriving women of individual rights upon suspicion of pregnancy, and conscription of youth to involuntary military servitude, is almost broke, much like its American precursor, the girl-bullying right-wing Tea Party. Its bills are paid by a billionaire heir to the former Nazi von Finck fortune through devious routes.

February 2016: The Alternative für Germany party gets a boost. A copycat of Ted Turner’s “Who Is John Galt?” billboards–dotted across 1967 America–put up anonymous billboards urging Germans to vote for the AfD. The Association for the Preservation of the Rule of Law and Citizen Freedoms (as “freedoms” are understood in Germany) was pointed to but disowned by the Party. The Financial Action Task Force developed an interest in “beneficial owners” at this time.

February 2017: “Missing since 1945 – Adolf please report! Germany needs you!” the caption reads, with a likeness of Adolf Hitler. Elena Roon, a Russian-German, sent this and other pictures in an internal chat group. Roon was one of two candidates standing for the Bundestag for the AfD in Nuremberg. (link) U.S. libertarians were baited into demanding importation of terrorists in reaction to AfD complaints against excess Saracen rapists, gunmen and knife-muggers–this when a girl-bullying orange-haired Donald Trump was the freshly-minted US President. By September the AfD was the major winner in Germany’s elections, and its third-largest party, funded by some shrouded éminence grise. The virgin birth had taken nine months since the Trump/GOP Annunciation and immaculate conception.

November 2018: Der Spiegel publishes “The Billionaire and the AFD.” (link) Heir to the banks destabilized by Herbert Hoover’s Moratorium on Brains as bait for the Narcotics Limitation Convention, which in 1931 sharply curbed Germany’s income from drugs, had followed ancestral footsteps by funding belligerent, slaver, xenophobic, pronatalist, heavily-mixed-economy Christian fanatics–as in 1932. The AfD was immediately embroiled in investigations of how gold–chiseled from Jewish teeth and lifted from Nazi vaults of Aryanized banks–had bought the German election. In the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution v: AfD arm-wrestling that ensued, other billionaire Nazi heirs endowed Universities to whitewash, explain away and buy off the press. That didn’t work.

April 2019: The AfD was fined half a million dollars for campaign irregularities and turned its attention to exposing pseudoscientific data manipulation underlying the global warming scares. But this shift from girl-bullying fascism to scientific realism came too late. Magda Goebbels had been married to German industrialist Gunther Quandt before jilting him for the Nazi propaganda minister. She later poisoned most of her children in collective Christian National Socialist suicide in the Hitlerbunker in the spring of 1945. The surviving heir, a POW at the time, passed the family fortune to Susanne and Stefan, and the mess was now splattered across newsprint embarrassing to AfD-friendly BMW magnates. Gunmen resumed murdering Jews. Freidrich S. von Hayek and the German Mises Institute were in the news and under the microscope of Germany’s intelligence BfV in 2021. Nearly 130 tonnes of cocaine–once a traditional and respected German product–were seized at Antwerp. By the first week of March, 2022, the AfD had been defeated by German intelligence. So… what was Plan B? An Austrian Ludwig von Mises Institut Deutschland Konferenz was scheduled to commemorate AfD successes in East Germany. Meanwhile a replacement LP convention was scheduled for redneck Reno, Nevada, NOT the home of the 1973 Roe v Wade LP victory, Austin Texas.

26MAY2022: Mises Caucus takes over Libertarian Party, deplatforms objections to bigotry and rights for women, packs convention with girl-bullying mystics and pushes life-begins-at-erection comedian impersonator “Dave Smith” as future presidential candidate nominee. Smith flatly believes armed vigilantes should force pregnant women into the involuntary servitude and labor of reproduction, and that government laws should help this noble effort. This by his own statements in interview with Nick The Jacket of Reason Magazine.(link) Michael Heise recently gave a smug interview about what Hitler’s spiritual heirs have in store for the LP, and it is NOT to publish a sensible platform, run candidates and use spoiler votes to cause the Kleptocracy to continue repealing bad laws. It’s really bad.

Good Reading: Nazi Billionaires. (link)


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